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  • Hello, I have been looking for this but I haven’t found any good respone.

    My question is:

    does it worth to use 20 coins in one single shot or is better to spend 21 coins in 7 shots?

    I mean, the game says that if you spend 20 coins you get higger posibilities to get an epic item than if you spend 3. The same for the amout of bar filled. BUT what about 7 times 3 coins?

    Summaraizing, I want to know the values:

    – % filled using 3 coins
    – % filled using 20 coins
    – % to get epic item using 3 coins
    – % to get epic item using 20 coins

    many thanks, and if this alrready answered, please tell me where.


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  • Sir Falcon

    -Higher Rainbow Bar Fillage (20% actually for 20 LC, 1% for cheap roll
    -3% chance to get Set item with Ceap
    -20% chance for Expensive



    Therefore is better to use 20 coins till you are near to fill the bar.
    (you will fill your bar by free with the friends free shots)

    – In terms of % is the same:
    cheap –> 3×7 = 21% for 21 coins
    expensive –> 20% for 20 coins

    But for filling is much better, 20% vs 7%

    Remember, once filled the bar use 3 because you always receive an epic item.


    Right now, at least on android, there is a ‘summer sale’. As part of that, they have added a ‘triple chance to win an epic’ feature on the seventh day of the cycle. It obviously makes sense to only spend coins to roll during that 8-10 minute window after completing the stamp card.

    Not sure if that is a permanent change, and only the +1 extra daily coin will go away in a few days.


    I answered most of your question yesterday here
    It is 2% for the cheap roll not 1% and 20% for the expensive roll. You can easily determine the cheap roll by simply counting the spins or counting the number of pig items in your inventory if you don’t recycle them. There are times when you don’t want to use your best weapon so it is good to have alternates. With a certain weapon my lightning bird can do 166 damage which is the maximum you can do that will damage both ninjas that can dodge and others that have ironclad.

    Regarding the % chance of getting a set item I don’t know if the 3% and 20% is correct. I’ve done a little less than 60 cheap spins and received 6 set items. One of those was guaranteed, but I’m getting about 8% using the cheap spin. I might be very lucky, but it seems like I’d be a couple deviations above the norm at that rate.

    DarkHunterRPG posted the following after doing 50 3LC spins and 50 20LC spins in

    So i worked a little bit at it – its on now :)
    Hope you enjoy:

    Amount of Setitems with 3LC: 2 (two) 4% every roll to get a Setitem
    Amount of Setitems with 20LC: 13 (thirteen) 26% every roll to get a Setitem
    (Please correct me, if I count wrong – thanks)

    Please dont hate me for german overlay :P


    I don’t hate you for your German overlay, I hate you for dropping a 20 coin in when the rainbow was full :P ~10 of those 13 were guaranteed epics with the full rainbow, which should have only cost you 30 LC, plus another 170LC for rolls. I know it was just an experiment, so tongue in cheek, lol. So more accurately you got 3 epics from 40 20LC rolls, or ~%7.5 from a non-rainbow full roll + 10 guaranteed.

    Edit: Watching it again, I think you actually got 4 non-“full rainbow” epics, out of ~40 rolls, + 9-10 full epic rolls. So more accurately, a 20LC roll has about a 10% chance (4 epics/40 rolls) of rolling an epic according to your sample, unless I am just missing out on some of the logic.

    Also you had one guaranteed epic on the 3LC rolls, so really it was 1/49, or just over 2%. Fro your sample it certainly seems like 3LC rolls are a better deal (13% for 20LC worth of 3LC rolls(6.66 rolls), versus 10% for 20LC of 20LC rolls(1 roll). Larger sample size might yield different results.

    The current triple chance is REALLY worth it.


    Don’t confuse me with DarkHunterRPG. I’m in the US. I just copied part of what he posted here. If you read the full post, I also suggested using a 3 LC spin once the rainbow was filled and he agreed that would be smarter. The sample sizes aren’t large enough to have a solid idea of the actual percentage is because I got 8% on almost 60 cheap spins not counting the guaranteed one and he got 2% on the cheap spins. I would guess the number for cheap spins is probably 3-4% because some people said they hadn’t gotten any set items using cheap spins.


    So it seems it’s all the same whichever way you look at it. Except that 20LC roll fills bar faster (if that’s true) in which case it’s a bit better.

    May be it’s all about whether Mr. Punk is feeling lucky.


    Now I’m averaging 10% set items on cheap spins. I got my 7th set item (Ballista) today. I’ve done a total of 58 cheap spins, since one was guaranteed I’ve gotten 6/57 or 10.5% on the free spins.


    I tried doing the 20 coin spin to fill my rainbow bar, it was very disappointing – I still got mostly rubbish. Officially it is supposed to offer a higher probability of a set item, but is still no guarantee that you get one (until the rainbow bar is full). I don’t think it was helpful at all. The other thing to consider – even when the rainbow bar is full and you are guaranteed a set item, it does not guarantee that you will get one that you do not already have, and you can end up with useless duplicates instead of the ones you need.


    They should add a reroll mechanic to the golden pig: 5 friendship gems or something, barring them actually making an intelligent loot master that only offers upgrades.


    There is a re-roll. All you have to do is spend 3 lucky coins. It would be nicer if you could trade or sell items because what you get from recycling is almost nothing. Too bad there isn’t a horadric cube like in Diablo where you can take 3 like items and randomly turn them into 1 similar or better item. It seems like that would be a fair way to make duplicate set items have some value.


    To me it’s better to use 3 coins rolls because the probability to get a set item is roughly the same with 7 cheap rolls than with one expensive, whereas you’ll get 7 items instead of one. Even if none is a set item, you can get plenty of useful gear like that


    My last use of the golden pig:
    (Note: I have waited till the triple probability of obtaining epic object)

    69 coins –> 23 shots –> 5 epic objects –> 21% (21%/3 = 7% for normal shots)

    for a normal shots we have had the next results:
    Sir Falcon –> 3% (¿? shots)
    KillerKea –> 10% (6/60 shots)
    DarkHunterRPG –> 2% (1/49 shots) (result corrected by slaingod)
    kaddeddo –> 7% (1.66/23 shots) (I have divided my 5 objects by 3 due to the triple prob.)

    if we add all shots we have a biggwer sample:
    8.66/132 shots –> 6.5%

    Please post your results in order to increase the sample. Many thanks.


    Used the golden pig during the last triple chance:
    51 coins -> 17 rolls -> 4 Epic items -> 23.5% = 7.8% normal

    I agree with using 3 coins vs 20 coins, as I got many useful gear that were better than what I had before. Unless you already have plenty of good items, then 20 coins could be better for you to get those epic ones.


    I did 70 3 LC spins during the 3x bonus. It took 11 minutes to do 70 spins so you can get 95-100 spins during those 15 minutes if you don’t waste any time while spinning and have enough LC. During those 70 spins I got 10 set items, but 2 were automatic so I really got 8 out of 68 spins. I had zero complete sets before and now I have 2 complete sets (Grand Slam and Nightmare) so for me it was well worth spending the 210 lucky coins instead of saving them for one of the 100+ coin headsets or a master class.

    One thing I noticed during the 3x bonus is that a huge number of my pig items were 3 star. Usually I get 0-2 star items during the free spins so the 3x chance also improves the quality of the items you get in addition to giving a better chance for an epic item.

    I got the following set items:
    Steel Force
    Dragon Tooth x2
    Titan’s Grip
    Lightning Tome x2 (I have 5 of these now)


    Used the golden pig during the last triple chance:
    84 coins -> 28 rolls -> 6 Epic items -> 21.4% = 7.1% normal

    summaracing all:
    12.66/217 shots –> 5.8% normal

    killerkea, you are not very lucky :P


    This time I was the unlucky one :)

    20 rolls–> 2 epics during triple time

    13.33/237 –> 5,5% on normal

    As normally the value is going to be a number without decimals
    All opints to a value of 5%

    And is true, is better to use 3coins shot , as the same epic object, won at higher leves, has better numbers, therefore if you arent max level is better to win normal objects than an old epic.


    @alugia You should notice that the comment before yours was written more than 3 months ago. Also, this is about whether 3 coin rolls or 20 coin rolls were more worth it, not which sets were better or worked with certain combos. Again, since this post is ancient and there are no present issues related to this, there is no need to bring it up again.

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