Giant Heatwave Glitch?

  • I was trying out Grapple on a level, and I called for Heatwave, who was my buddy. The thing is…HE’S HUGE.

    I’ve seen bots glitch out a bit before, spinning around on the results screen, conflicting animations between characters, but never during gameplay.

    Am I the only one getting this? I’ll see if I can get it to happen again.


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  • I have not yet seen Heatwave as a giant in my game, but I think that the glitch is not just limited to Heatwave’s size. Check out this screenshot of the Barracks. There’s the silhouette of a possible new character, but this silhouette does not correspondingly appear in the Squad menu. I compared Heatwave’s character icon with the silhouette, and they appear to match. Since I have already unlocked Heatwave (years ago), this mystery character silhouette has to be a glitch of some type.

    Mystery Character Silhouette



    That’s a huge glitch. I don’t know how something so big, slipped through the cracks!

    Thanks for reporting this, I’ll make sure the team looks into it.


    Giant Heatwave? Global Warming gone amok!


    Well at least Terence is correctly sized now :)


    It happened to me today, I wanted to play a normal level, I’ve chonen a pig as helper *IDK his name. And he was HUGE. I instantly googled it to see if it’s normal or a glitch. Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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