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  • Ever since Stella came out I’ve been noticing a very obvious increase in advertisements in the newer Angry Birds games.

    Take for example the new updates for Stella and Star Wars II and. Every time you enter any level in the game or restart one, all of the sudden a huge advert flies into your face, and you can’t exit out of it until seven seconds pass, and when you do exit the video, it gives you a prompt to go to the App Store page to download whatever the ad was advertising, which takes up 95% of the screen, so if you mishap, bye bye birds, hello stupid random game I have zero interest in playing. Heck you don’t get any free bonuses if you watch the adds all the way through!

    The general thing that I’ve been led to believe: Unless it’s advertising for a company’s own project (i.e. Plunder Pirates), “free” apps with in-app purchases (which is what usually every recent AB game in the series falls under) should automatically block out all video and app download prompt advertisements once the user spends at least $4.99 worth of in-app purchases. So if I were to buy the 400 Gold pack in AB Star Wars II, then no more advertisement interruptions would happen from then on on the user’s current save file. I’ve bought that much prior to the update, and I still get advertisements. I would gladly pay any amount of money you throw at me to disable adds permanently.

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  • Superjustinbros

    Shoving the ads in our face every time we try to play or restart a level is bull, they should just put the ads in the notification that pops up when you pause the game if they’re just that concerned with others trying to use AB to lure people into playing their own mediocre freenium games.

    Seriously, I can’t even continue playing AB Star Wars II (which used to be one of my favorites in the series!) until this update added advertisements that you can’t spend money to get rid of. Stella’s advertisements likewise did ruin the experience which was already rather shallow with paywalls and bought extra Birds in levels where you don’t have enough Stars not being permanent, but before the major update they used to be still images that you could exit out of almost immediately. Now, they’re the half-minute long videos with the “Skip in 7 seconds” timer and the second prompt that covers the entire screen.


    @superjustinbros You could try playing in airplane mode/with Wi-Fi off. When there is a game with annoying ads I do that and it almost always gets rid of them.


    Airplane mode. I never see Stella ads.

Home Forums General Discussions Forum General increase in advertisements?

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