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  • jo-ha

    @hank: Can you tell us an estimated date for the release of this update? Is it going to happen in July or is it going to be august?


    Hey @jo-ha !

    At the very beginning of August if everything goes as planned. It’s going to be BIG, stay tuned on our social media channels for more info!

    Take care!


    Big question, Hank, is the Facebook issue going to be fixed? I don’t use Facebook, but I know people that do and it has hurt their game.

    As far as crashing goes, I purchased a second device, iPhone 5s with the latest operating system. 10.3.2. I downloaded the game and started from the very beginning. It is Wi-Fi only, no cellular. So far the game has been reliable. I play the two devices side by side, the older device will crash in the DC or KPC while the new device keeps going steady. The difference between the two is that my primary device is running iOS 8.4.1. Also I am playing at the end of the trail and everything maxed out on the old device while not even to level 100 on the new device. I am not going to upgrade the OS on the old device, but other than these differences they are identical.

    Mechanic Pig

    The bug will be fixed anytime soon now!

    fun person

    After the update the game keeps crashing. Instead of getting better it’s getting worse. I try to play the video it crashes. Played the Arena, it crashed. Also FB friends is gone.



    I do think they fix most problems including crash.

    Joules Beafeater

    I cant even get the game started, just crashes. On android. I can run much more graphically intense games just not this one. Ive tried rebooting, killing all other running processes that arent needed. Tried game boosters. tried uninstall reinstall. Tried cleaning cache. Nothing. Every time crashes to the home screen. Once i saw the start of the game.. looked interesting, got to the part where it shows you the simple attack animation and back to the home screen. Oh well, cant say i didnt try,


    @joules-beafeater: it’s not much of a loss. Starting AB2 now gives you quite a nice experience, much more pleasent than two years ago, but you will also be discouraged very quickly. I wouldn’t start all over with AB2.

    Thomas J. Seidel
    • Every time I get to level 6 on the winning streak my game freezes up On my note 8 plus

    I am tired of wasting spells, and gems, having the game freeze. Stage 7. Outranked by 60+, losing by less than 5,ooo points, try and watch the video for an extra bird, and it freezes. How many streaks do I have to forfeit to get this to stop? Stealing my money. Wasting my time. Glitches should not be happening at this stage of the game. My only option is to restart my iPad. And lose a game that I would have won. Total BS.


    Same happens on my iPad too! Always at the end of a winning streak…


    After today’s/yesterday’s update games started again crashing and quitting to the phone’s home menu. It’s not new problem because it happened earlier few Times in the past. Thankfully it does not breaking my streak, so after crash I can continue my arena game from last streak. Seriously, they even can’t make their game stable, even if they faced that problem already. I’m tired even to make facepalm – every update brings another bugs.


    Still just as bad. Worse!


Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Game crash is getting absurd

Viewing 13 replies - 26 through 38 (of 38 total)
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