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  • The crashes and instability is getting really out of hand. I am just trying to replay levels I already finished to improve my score, and half the time the game crashes back to the iOS home screen. Then it costs me a life when I actually beat the level and the score wasn’t recorded.

    Now I watch a video to get another life and … crash to iOS screen. No new life granted.

    I know I shouldn’t be one to complain, but come on. The instability, crashes, lost lives and now the Facebook issue, really? Is Rovio trying to kill this game? Because if that is the goal, I bet it is working.

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  • Douglas Stokes

    I crash to my home screen after attempting a mission…I suspect you need more than 1 gig ram to play(not to be confused with storage)….android 5.0.1 on RCA Voyager II here.   Devs got any ideas?


    No regular crashing on iPad Pro (9.7) or HTC 10…..maybe once every couple of months the game might freeze/crash, but it happens so rarely it’s hard to remember.

    I have read a few posts from others that suggest crashing is getting out of control, but so far I have been very lucky with the 2 devices I mentioned above.


    Hello @captsternn !

    I’m sorry to hear the game is crashing for you and other players. Before every update we do extensive testing of new features and content, but some bugs can be missed because there are so many different configuration the game is played on; Android/iOS, Device Model, Device Software, Timezone, Facebook etc. This is something you see in the comments as well, a lot of people aren’t experiencing any problems at all. We don’t ship updates with known issues, but some issues goes through our tests.

    The best way of handling this is to give us as much information as possible when you encounter these issues. I always forward messages to our programmers, but they can’t do much with the information unless there’s some data/info connected to it.

    So whenever something goes wrong, try to tell us:

    When does it crash/bug?
    What was the last action you did?
    Does it always happen?

    Device Model; i.e Samsung Galaxy s6, iPhone 4s etc.
    Operating System Version; i.e iOS 10.1

    …and if it’s specific to a part of the game it could also be interesting to know i.e Country, Facebook connected? etc.

    Once again I’m really sorry this happens to some of you, I hope things will improve in the future.



    I used to crash back to home screen one in five times. Plus occasional in game crashes. Since the update not a single crash.

    Moto G4, nougat Android 7.0.


    Thank you for responding, Hank. Using an iPhone 5s with 8.4 OS.  The game runs smooth. The crash happens when the mission is over, arena and trail, and when it should be leaving the rooms and showing the rewards, stars earned. It costs me either a life on the trail or a ticket in the arena. But it doesn’t reset the win streak, so there is that.

    It was really rare for me until the last update. Now it happens about 20% of the time. And no Facebook connection because I don’t have an account there.


    @hank I am using iPhone5 64GB version, iOs 10.3.2, Canada EST timezone.

    I only play the DC and KPP (and once in a while the Arena) and ever since the most recent upgrade, the game crashes several times daily, usually when going into a new round.  Today it crashed on DC Stage 3 after winning 1 and 2.

    Then it crashed the next time I tried it again, going into stage 1.

    Yesterday it crashed on final stage of DC stage 3.  Later on it crashed on KPP Stage 1 and then again on Stage 3.

    I played the Arena yesterday and on Wednesday and it crashed 1) after selecting my spell cards and 2) after clicking on “Play” when I was matched with an opponent.

    Needless to say at every one of these crashes, my status/spells/placement was lost.



    I never get crash using pc and bluestacks but i know at some mobile platforms game gets unstable…mobile platform systems are complex and have limited resources compared to a pc.



    iPhone6, 32gb, iOS 10.3.2

    Not so much crashing as freezing. Mostly in the arena at the end of a game. Screen is unresponsive and the only way out is to hard exit. I lose the streak and the points.



    I have an IPhone 7 and don’t have a problem with crashing at all but still waiting to be able to see friends list so I can send gifts and see who is sending me gifts again. I don’t get as many gifts or barely any, except for the kindness of understanding friends, because of this glitch. I have deleted app data on Facebook and deleted game and reinstalled and even though I am connected to Facebook I can’t see friends list. Thanks for any help you can give!



    Hey Flingers!

    Thank you so much for sharing crash information, I’m forwarding everything and hopefully it can be fixed for the future!

    Regarding the Facebook bug I must sadly say that while we have found the problem for it, it’s not as easy for us as to push a button and the fixed version would be uploaded to the App Store/Play Store. There’s a lot of reasons why, but in short we would have to revert our project to an earlier date to add the fix and everything changed since then to our backend (server logic) will also have to change, which will cause a ton of problems for the new engine updates and current work. The submission to Apple and Google alone takes several days for approval. The main reason is however that we are working on a huge new, super exciting feature for the next update and we’ve got a tight schedule to get things done. If it would have been a less stressful time we would for sure have taken the time to fix it, because we know that you want the friends function to work again and we’re very sorry for this happening.

    It will be fixed for the next update and you will have new, REALLY cool things to enjoy then as well!

    Take care


    So that means it’s another 6 weeks until that’s fixed? You cannot be serious…


    there’s noting to be fixed i’ve never get a single crash for pc version…only mobile platforms are supported officially by the game there are tons of phone models not all of them are good.


    What the hell are you talking about??? There might be no crashed on your side – so you assume everyone besides you is to stupid to get the right phone or his game to work properly? Is that what you’re saying?
    There are numerous people complaining about several serious issues and you just claim there is nothing to be fixed, get a better phone?



    yeah what the hell you are talking about? you can’t fix crash issues 100% for everyone learn that first…secondly learn to talk without absurd emotional response…swearing doesn’t make you correct…game is in perfect condition but hardwares are not…in general every game on the earth run differently for each person,you can’t fix that for all users…i say there’s noting to be fixed for pc version that’s on my side for other there should be problems all the time depending on hundreds of factors.


    While last I week I was not very annoyed by crashes, I have the impression, that it’s getting worse…
    Today it already crashed twice. One time was, when I switched to an incoming message and back to angry birds – the screen froze. Now the screen froze again as I opened a common chest. Not the biggest loss, but nevertheless annoying.

    : will those issues, as well as the facebook-issue, be fixed with your new update?
    I don’t think it will be a good decision for you and your fanbase to release additional content before fixing problems with the existing content.

    Andrew Jones

    Can’t log into the game. EVERYTIME I open the game it says connection error and I need to check my internet connection and try again. But I’m connectioned to my wifi and even have my data turned on. And double checked the game in my system settings to have cell data on. It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to play and it’s killing me! Can someone please help me? Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post, I’ve been trying to figure it out but I can’t find where to start my own thread.


    The last time this connection error problem happen to me I had been trying to fix the Facebook no friends in list problem(still have the problem) but I had deleted my link to Facebook by removing Angry Birds 2 from apps allowed to interface with Facebook .  I had to go back to Facebook under settings and apps and add the app page for Angry Birds 2 again.  Not that this helped my original problem except I could get the game to open again.



    Had same problem today, Andrew. Closed the app completely and it started working again. On an iPhone or similar device, get to the home screen, double tap home button, find the app and swipe up. That resets the game. Started working again after that.

    As for starting a new thread, it is at the top of the page on the home screen of the forum. The “Create New Topic” button.

    Hope this helps.


    About halfway through every second new trail level, using spells, crash.

    Edit: Well, it can be a pain, but at least I am not stuck watching videos from the advertisers.



    I used to have the same problem. To log in without any problems I turned off the connection. It did the trick. I could log in and then I turned the connection on again.


    @hank I would like to know if your AB2 engine not support to add new characters? Miss Stella, Hal and Bubble in the flock and I wanna see them there. I also suggest a new side game as Candy Crush on Dreamland. In AB2 could have a parallel story in Golden Island and Stella Flock running new levels. Would be amazing to see them again.


    Hello @hank,

    Since the last update, my game gets sluggish and outright crashes at the KPP.  I have not been able to finish it due to crashing out each time–I might get through the first level or two or not.

    Phone-Samsung Galaxy J36v (SM-J320V)

    OS-Android 6.0.1

    In Eastern US

    Been playing with no issues for months except for an occasional crash/freeze then suddenly lucky to get through DC.  Any insight/help would be appreciated.



    This has been happening a lot of the past couple of weeks for me too, started a thread about it back then, and has gotten pretty much unplayable the past three days.

    Nvidia Shield K1

    Android 7.0

    Western US


    I’m good for one round in the Arena, then halfway through the next round, it slows waaaaaaaay down and eventually crashes back to the home screen. Can’t get through the daily challenges for the same reason. Once it crashes, I lose a life and have to start from the beginning.


    Hank, I hope you read my very detailed Personal Message about the very many difficulties the summer Update/Download has caused on my 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets, both Android 5.0.2.   There has been no improvement and if I am online, I cannot complete any of the Games, receive any of the prizes.  Even changing screens can cause the Game to crash. Occasionally there is a freeze forcing me to close the App, but primarily there are endless crashes.

    Yesterday I was in town in a waiting room and I was not connected to WiFi or Facebook in the Game.  I was, to my great surprise, able to complete the DC and the Trail Games off line, no crashes.  So I am now playing the Games I can off line and can once again play the Game.  The Arena, of course, requires connection, and these Tablets cannot complete the match and reach the scoring graphic to receive my score before a crash occurs.

    I am in the Denver area, Colorado, USA.







    Thank you all!

    I’m forwarding everything I see. We’ve already fixed a bunch of issues for the next update, but it’s hard to know exactly which fix is connected to what crash. Let’s hope it solves most of them!

    We know that some crashes are related to devices with 512mb/1gb memory and we need to optimize more in that area, although improvements have already been made.

    We’re doing the best we can to make the game as stable and enjoyable as we can. Stay tuned for the next update!

    Happy flinging!

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