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  • I noticed as soon as the feather frenzy started, the number of videos offered to turn a second card from the common chests virtually disappeared.  Probably 90% of the time or more it wanted gems right away.  Rarely would I even get feathers, it was always a duck, inflator, snowflake, chili, or 10 pearls.  On occasion I’d get 10 gems, or 100 feathers.

    When I opened a rare chest, it was also spells, with the feathers always on another card.  If I took a gamble because there was 15,000+ feathers card, I’d just end up with another spell.  Heck, had one with 850 pearls, 3 chilies, and two with high number feathers.  I got the blasted chili card.

    In past feather frenzies I managed to level up one or two birds who weren’t already close.  I did level up Stella and Matilda because of the feathers from the hatchling, but both needed less than 1000 feathers to level up, by design.  I always try to hold my birds as close to the next level as possible to level up with the feather frenzy to try and get extra feathers.  Of course, the extra feather cards from the level up were the smallest number.

    Maybe I’m just overly jaded, but it seems that if Rovio can think of a new way to milk $$$ from people, it will.

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    This is Rovio land. Probability laws do not apply.

    Think of common chest math. Gems are always the last item to go, and more often than not, not free.

    Loot boxes have been under serious regulatory scrutiny for a reason.


    Just collect what you get from these chests, they’re pre-determined anyway.  Don’t bother spending gems on opening another ‘option’, it isn’t gems by stealth, it’s there plain to see, do you really need to spend 20, 80 or 900 gems on opening another ‘choice’?

    Same goes for ToF, I play to the first pig.  If it comes early I ask myself whether the items collected so far are worth 20 gems.  If so, I pay 20 gems, open one of the remaining 3 then exit (unless the pig was on level 4,9,14,19 etc. then I’ll open the next.)

    Obviously if on the rare occasions the first pig comes after level 10, then you may want to carry on until the next.  You have to ask yourself constantly if the items you have collected are worth the gems you may have to spend.

    So returning to chests.  If there are no adverts in common chest, are any of the remaining options worth 20 gems?

    Looking at Rare chests, one of the missed items might be 15000 feathers on a rare occasion, but if one of the others is a x2 hat, do you want to spend 80 gems for a x2 hat just in case you get those feathers?  Your choice. Rovio don’t force you to open further options.



    That’s excellent advice. It’s tempting to get caught up in a slot-machine kind of frenzy without evaluating the cost vs benefit.

    At one point I had accumulated about 15,000 gems and decided I could afford to use some of those to go for broke on TOF whenever I was given a good start. I got a couple of jackpot eggs, which was nice, but otherwise I couldn’t tell you what I got for all that, but I now have only 5000 gems.

    I use gems now ONLY for very occasional mulligans on MEBC, to wrap up a sure thing to complete DC or KPP, and on TOF in the manner described by @nas76.


    Regarding completing DC & KPP, you have to ask yourself is it worth it?

    If KPP is in your Daily Quest you get 20 gems for play it.  However if you are not getting the gem letter then it makes absolutely no sense to try to complete DC by spending 60 gems in order to get 20.  The rewards of 400 feathers, some apples, a chilli and a Rare chest is not always worth it; during a Feather Frenzy maybe, which returns us to your original point.

    I decided to stop doing replays in MEBC, the overall effect I thought would be that I may finish one level below the previous season, but I am on course to equal it.  Most gem expenditure goes on completing clan events and ToF during hat events.  Since I’ve been more careful about gem spending, I have enjoyed playing the game more and I don’t worry about reward chasing as it’s really quite futile.


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