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  • illusion

    ok, I also send the request :) hope to get in :)

    Makin Bakin

    A little bird told me recently that the secret group has filled up too fast in the last few months. Consequently, new requests to join are taking much longer than in the past. It could be up to a month or more before your request to join may be accepted. Be patient. In the meantime, many “deadbeat” members, those who don’t participate or gift regularly, are being deleted. Many Nesters are already members of the secret group on FB. Likewise, many members of the secret group have joined the Nest. Strategies and videos continue to be shared by members of both groups, especially on Saturdays and Sundays near the end of the current week’s tournament. Stay tuned and join in. The fun is in the participation and sharing, NOT in getting top score! –MB :)


    Hi! Great information Makin Bacon!I’m new to the Nest, but have seen strategy videos with people with thousand of PUs and always wondered how that happened. At one point in this thread, you recommended creating an alias account. Is that still the case? Also, with the group being busy refining down, should we just hold our requests until they are through and look for a post here saying such or should we go ahead and submit? Thank you for all of your help!

    Makin Bakin

    @stephanie-wainer-russell Yes. An alias is highly recommended to protect your privacy here on Nest and especially on Facebook. Create your alias on FB. Some have even created multiple aliases for use as PC-user without PU, PC-user with PU, or mobile user with or without PU. The choice is yours. Go ahead and create your first alias on FB and send a friend request to both John Thompson and his wife, Belonda Thompson. Wait for a response for at least 2-4 weeks before creating any more aliases. :)

    Elisabeth MacIntyre Koen

    Hi, I would love to join the group, I have searched for John Thompson, but there are loads on facebook and I don’t know which one it is.

    Sorry if this sounds silly, but I love Angry Birds and play daily.

    If you can assist I would appreciate it.



    @elisabeth-macintyre-koen – Search for Belinda Thompson (as well as her husband John Thompson). When you see the same picture for them on the others account, you will know you have the correct ones.

    The Grinder

    Please disregard. I found them.


    I was graciously accepted into the group just last week, and already reciprocating hundreds of gifts daily!! Also, theres lots of great game info & everybody is super cool.. Many thanks for sharing such a awesome opportunity :)

    Al Pay

    Hi all, I’ve sent requests to John and Belinda and really would like to join your group. I’m always first in my friends list at AB and looking for new challenges. I really would appreciate it, to join your group and meet new people with the same hobby.

    Ayman Al Turk

    Am new here I just send to Belinda & John FB request & will wait:)


    I’m going to keep reading the forum posts (over 100) but as of right now I can’t identify which John Thompson and which Belinda Thompson. Also I typed the exact group name in the image above and do not get a matching result. Perhaps a private message to let me know which JT – it’s a VERY common name. It’s fun always coming in 1st in my tiny group but I’m at the point where I want powerups without spending. I’m happy to send daily – I do that now and it’s not always reciprocated. It would be a refreshing change!


    Got it – Jailbird!

    Makin Bakin

    @maiasatara Happy New Year! :)


    thank you @dseufert for this post. Just got added to the secret group. can’t wait to be swimming in gifts :P


    Just sent requests to belinda and john cant wait to start recieveing and sendingxx coins and gifts!


    I am so with you. I need more friends so I can get more powerups too. I read the forums and view the walkthroughs all of the time. I am on daily and return gifts daily. I play via facebook, not sure if that is why I have problems.


    I am a daily angry bird player and love the game. I view the walkthroughs when I play the some of the more difficult levels. My problem is getting friends. I play through facebook. Maybe this is why. I only have 40 friends and never have enough powerups. I am not sure if I need to purchase power ups so I can increase my level but am playing mostly without and still in the gold league. :) Please let me know how to join groups or get honest friends. Thank you. Debbie NIcoletti


    Congrats! I hope to join you one day. Until then happy bird hunting! :)


    FR sent to both. Nowwww…… I wait lol

    Patricia Johnston

    Add me as a friend :)


    I’m a bit lost his do I know which John Thompson is the correct one to send a friend request to?


    Hello Makin Bakin!
    I just joined the nest yesterday & have been navigating the site, trying to learn more about our feathered friends!
    First, I’d like to thank you & Sam and all the others who make this what it is!
    A little about me.
    I’ve been playing ABF for many years & on each new phone I get (every 3 to 4 years), the very first game app I load is this one!
    I’ve also taken the opportunity to watch the walkthroughs posted by Sal & others, for a very long time.
    I’m not sure why I’m just now “nesting” & feel I’ve deprived myself of the benefits afforded the members of the flock, but I’ve finally cracked my shell & I’m ready for Mama & Papa birds to feed me some worms!
    For a very long time I’ve only had one fb friend as my competition, but recently acquired 2 more & now I’m feeling added pressure.
    I’m currently in Diamond League & trying to maintain my status. Just a little while ago, I reclaimed my rank above my 3 friends. I must say it’s been quite a struggle with this week’s tournament, and they aren’t making it any easier!
    Okay, now that I’ve put you to sleep with my long-winded introduction, I’d like to ask you about your fb group.
    First, is it still active?
    Next, is there any preliminary info I will need to provide for consideration of acceptance into the group?
    Additionally, I’m an open book & if you need to friend me on fb, you’ll be able to see I’m just a mother hen type with lots of aviary love to give.
    I have a strategic question about the adding of so many friends. Does that not make the odds of losing league status even greater?

    I’ll stop chirping now & I’d like to thank you & the others again for this wonderful bird sanctuary!

    Gratefully yours,

    Makin Bakin

    @julesc70 Welcome to the Nest! Both the Nest and our “secret” group on FB are excellent resources and forums to share strategies, pictures, and videos. The difference is that the Nest includes all AB games while our group on FB is only AB Friends. The FB group was started some years ago not to replace the Nest but provide a forum for very advanced players, most of whom use a lot of power ups, and I mean a lot! I go through about 13000 bird coins each week, which is a very small amount compared to many others in the FB group. The competition is fierce! But it’s a lot of fun.

    The FB group also provides a “safe” forum (it is a closed group) in which members become friends with each other and exchange gifts daily. This is how we can accumulate thousands of bird coins for free, fully sanctioned by Rovio who is aware of what we are doing.

    With hundreds of friends on FB, however, you will more than likely fall way back in the pack in terms of scores and ranking among new friends. This shouldn’t affect your league play, though. Rovio randomly selects players who score similarly and places them into groups or “leagues” each week. With so many of our own friends in the group, in a sense we are our own league. Most of us don’t pay much attention to Rovio’s league play.

    You don’t need any special prep to join our FB group. A background check is done on you automatically. This check is to weed out cheaters or hacks or other “riff raff” that we don’t want in the closed group. Follow my instructions on how to join and be patient for a response. It could take a few weeks for a response.

    Once you’re in the group, there are plenty of avid players who will gladly “hold your wing” and help you get started. Share and post your strats and comments. Enjoy the forum and so many new friends. Come back to the Nest regularly, too, and post your scores and share your strats with fellow Nesters.

    The emphasis in either group is not necessarily to get the highest score, but to participate and enjoy the social aspects. It’s a lot of fun to meet new friends in either group who come from all over the entire globe!

    Happy Flinging!
    –MB :)


    Thank you so much @dseufert! I will definitely follow your instructions for entry into the fb group!
    I’ve had some experience when it comes to closed & secret fb groups, so it should be a breeze.
    Also, I’ve become very patient in my old age, so waiting to be added won’t bother me.
    What attracts me to your group is the fact that hackers & cheaters aren’t allowed! In my opinion, that takes the fun out of friendly competition & can compel a person to lose the desire to play. It’ll be nice to meet other players who feel the same way!

    I’ve loaded & played the other Angry Birds games numerous times over the years, but AB Friends has remained my favorite!
    I’m really looking forward to joining & stockpiling those bird coins & powerups!
    Thank you again, Makin’ Bakin!

    Chirp, Chirp!

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