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  • Sonic Dash is celebrating their 100,000,000th download with Angry Birds EPIC. I don’t play Sonic Dash, but it says you can earn tokens to earn Red, Chuck, and Bomb playable characters. I think this means in the Sonic game not the EPIC game, but if anyone knows if there is some sort of cross promotion please post about it.

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  • burungberang

    This is going to be a three-week event, where you get to earn one bird per week. You need to earn 100 of these tokens to earn each bird and you’re given a week (per bird) to do so. Alternatively you can take the freemium path and purchase the birds with premium currency. All birds you obtain will remain available after the event ends.

    Ref: http://www.windowscentral.com/angry-birds-race-sonic-dash-epic-endless-runner-takeover

    This is one of the many imaginable Angry Birds crossovers I’ve had in mind. Perhaps in the future the flock could find their way to Super Smash Bros and even Mario & Sonic at the Olympics.


    From what I know, this promotion is available for Sonic Dash only. ABE had no such update.


    One thing I’m curious though, Angry Birds don’t have legs, how can they run? (They can’t possibly hop, right?)


    lol its funny to make Red “kill” Dr. Eggman and make him say ‘You’ll pay for this!”- I mean- look at Red! he is just so cute and innocent! :)

    Power Pork

    Just unlocked red today…


    Unlocked Bomb yesterday so I have all 3, sucks that matilda & blues aren’t available there, because of it I thought that I missed a week xD and yes, they hop somehow.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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