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  • Seriously…it is the worst strategy. Keep your karts at the lowest level possible to pass challenges. If you are just starting the game, do not worry about track 2 or 3 within a given level until you have passed many, many challenges with your L1 karts. By upgrading before challenges are completed, you will turn difficult challenges into impossible challenges for things such as:

    Finish a race without your kart (not difficult with a L1 kart…impossible with an L4 kart)
    Drift a lot (lower cc karts drift more easily)
    Win or finish with 5 different karts (level ups count…so if you get to these challenges in all 3 races within a track with three L1 karts, you can pass with the three L1s, then level two karts up to L2 and pass the challenges. If you arrive at these challenges with three L4 karts, it is impossible to pass without buying more karts.)

    After clearing 446 challenges but leveling up too fast, I started over on a new game with the strategy to only level up when absolutely necessary. I am at 200 challenges on the first 3 tracks.

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  • nacho18

    Hello:@pba2014. What do you mean : when you started a new game!!! It’s the same ABGO but on the same device or different ; even you mean you started the same game but from the beginning ; from zero . You just downloaded again the same game!!!!


    Yes, downloaded the same game and started from zero.


    Hello : @pba2014 that’s incredible. I thing you :
    – like the game very much.
    – you have so much time. But you have time to Re-start again; an you love it.
    – you are not bore to repeat and play ,so replay and play again
    – play the Challenges and replay them some times it’s really boring.!!! Don’t you.

    I have 3 mobile devices: iPad3; iPhone5 and iPod5 . I do have the game on all 3 but I play mostly on iPad. On the iPod I have only the first Episode and open already the second one.
    I’ll wait until what happens for next update and depends of that to play on iPod ; and have 2 games.
    But let me know your experience playing 2 games and the same at once.!!!


    You can also just buy a second cart and switch between a low level, non upgraded cart and a fully upgraded one for different challenges. No need to start over.


    @lilaliend You said on different Kart for any challenge ..!!!
    There are 3 mission on each Challenge ; for passing any challenge you need to achieve all 3 missions Right :
    So you can use 2, 3, 4 or even 5 karts on one challenge ; obviously using different kart depends of the ” Mission ” . That’s the idea you wanted to say.!!!! Or I am totally wrong.


    Lilaliend, but I refuse to purchase a kart.


    After the latest update which brought the Sub Zero preview track, I was somehow logged out of my Rovio account, so I started playing a fresh game of AB Go, signed in as “Guest”.

    Right off the slingshot, I noticed that Red has unlimited energy as long as you don’t unlock Stella!! Needless to say, I used that ‘no wait time’ to stock up on coins as well as gems from either completing challenges or finding them randomly on the track.

    I was particularly pleased to find out that random gems can be found in time boom! Back when those weren’t found amongst the time boom tracks, it was just another reason I would rather do the challenges for race and fruit splat modes, since even if I didn’t complete all 3 challenge objectives, there was still a chance of finding a random gem … or 2 … or 3!! But now, I find myself trying to win challenges on any of the 3.

    So, I created a new Rovio account to save my fresh game, and spent the next day or two stocking up on coins and gems. I decided not to spend gems on extra special-powers, power-ups, or skipping challenge objectives.

    When I finally got Chuck, I had around 600 gems (coins are no longer useful once you’ve got Chuck).

    I bought the 180 gem kart for Rocky Road (those tracks are the most fun, in my opinion), and bought the power-ups needed to complete challenges like “Use 3 power ups in 1 race” or “Use the king sling 3 times in a row”.

    I just skipped my first challenge objection, which was “Use all power ups 3 times in a row”. After I did the math, that objective alone would have cost me 120 gems!!! I know skipping objectives is bad in the long run since the price of hitting that easy button goes up every time it’s pressed, but this time it was a fair deal!

    None of my carts stats are maxed out. I use karts with different stats for certain jobs. On Speedway, I have a high speed / low handling kart, as well as a low speed / high handling kart. When I have to “nearly miss” a lot of obstacles, I use the low speed / high handling kart so that I’m not going so fast I lose control.

    So I can vouch for PBA2014’s strategy. Never max the stats… At least not on EVERY kart you own, else they’re too similar to be unique tools!

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