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  • another huge discount on LCs sale.
    not sure about It being worth, aside speeding up Ancient Weapons enchantment or their own creation.

    any thoughts? are you buying some of them?

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  • Jamairoqui

    It’s tempting. But if all they buy you is the opportunity to fight higher level teams in the arena, is it worth it?

    In my opinion Rovio needs to figure out a way to reward players for advancing their teams. Getting all birds/classes to 80 provides to opportunity to fight teams that are the same level. Getting advanced weapons/off-hand items gives you the same reward. It’s not like you are buying a better, or different gaming experience. It’s just harder. I’m not sure I need more LCs to buy a harder game.

    So maybe there is a flaw in the gameplay strategy. If I’m going to drop $50 or whatever, I want to come out the other side with birds that have near god-like powers. Instead, what I get is birds that are competing against birds of the same ability.


    @jamairoqui They buy you the guarantee that you’ll not be labelled a cheater… may be.


    @toolow @jamairoqui that’s all they but you. No advantage in the game just the hope you won’t be labelled cheat. I am not spending.


    I will buy some lucky coins because I do so anyway, from time to time, to help keep the game running and updating.


    So I was pleasantly surprised by Rovio’s response to my ticket complaint.  The other day I proceeded to buy 750 LCs (as that deal was better than the $9.99 offer with a 50% increase).  The transaction went through, I received the LCs and then all of a sudden the game restarted on me.  When I logged back in I received the infamous “Data synchronization” message and noticed my total LCs were pre-purchase.  I restarted the game several times thereafter but to no avail.  I reached out to Rovio and asked not only for the 750 LCs but also for further compensation due to the inconvenience (I spun it that I was planning on making some GPM rolls but couldn’t).  They graciously compensated me with 200 LCs.  Here’s to hoping that when the 5x chance comes around this month that I can be rewarded.

    It never hurts to ask :)

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Discounted LCs on sale

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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