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  • Hello dear friends
    I would like to announce that I am retiring from active gaming operations.
    Furthermore, I will produce less videos in the future.
    The reason is the moderate interest in my videos (over 4000).
    In addition, most games are very close to the limit, hardly any strategy, just R&R, more randomness.
    Of course I’m on the site every day, one or the other game is tested once, but nothing more.
    Hundreds of videos are still slumbering on a hard drive, maybe one or the other jewel. They could still be brought.
    Otherwise, I’ll stay true to the nest.


    will continue to be at your disposal

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  • wrw01

    I appreciate all your efforts and videos. They made me a better flinger and provided an alternative strategy on completing each level. Thank you!


    Thank you for all the videos, it’s so much easier to see a difficult strategy played out, rather than reading it.

    Thanks, again


    I’ve started the majority of my posts on The Nest with the following words: “Many thanks to @comex666”. I’m saying it again here, but given your prolific video and strategy output, I’m sure today won’t be the last time I thank you.

    I echo the previous comments 100%. In addition, like @honeybunny, I find videos much more helpful than even the most precisely worded strategy. Given life’s daily obligations, I sincerely doubt I would have the time to devote to Daily Challenges or trying to increase a current score of mine.

    There are a lot of R&R levels, and there are several daily challenge levels that appear we’ve hit the max limit.  However, there have been several times this year when one or more Flingers stage a puppy parade on a level that had been undefeated on 2-3 previous challenges. So, I usually give it a go for as many tries as time allows

    Were it not for your, and other’s videos, I doubt I would spend as much time trying. No one here would accuse me of being a master flinger, but I’ve beat a fair number of challenges over the years. Many Nesters have aided me with attaining that achievement, but your videos showed me what to do. For me, seeing is the most helpful, but for many videos your comments were important too (timing to release, full or half power, etc.)

    I’m glad you will still be around, but I understand you will be less active. Wishing you the very best whatever you decide to do with the additional free time.

    Vielen Dank für alles!


    Thank you very much for your videos. They are a great help for our players.


    @comex666 hope you share with the ABNest the hundreds of videos on your hard drive. I really learned from your videos and hope you can add to the levels that have not been addressed yet. Best wishes to you!


    @comex666 looking forward to still seeing you around the Nest now that you are moving on to Nester Emeritus status. Hundreds if not thousands of Nesters have benefited from your videos. I wouldn’t be where I am on the Star Wars leaderboard without your video guidance. Thank you!


    Add my admiration and gratitude to the thoughts and best wishes expressed by others.  Over the years, I have found your videos to be most helpful when my brain has worn out most other options.

    Mumbler 63

Home Forums General Discussions Forum comex666 is ending its gaming operations

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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