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  • I used to play AB all the time back when it was first released. I just recently went searching for nostalgia and found that Rovio has removed it from the App Store. The almighty dollar seems to have killed Rovio and the new Angry Birds games, but I never thought they’d take away the best mobile game of all time.

    My question is if there is any way at all to download the first Angry Birds game (legitimately or not) for iOS? If so, where is the file and how do I install it?

    Also, has Rovio made any statement about why they removed the game? And do they plan to put it back? It’s really mind boggling as to why they’d kill the game like this, seeing as they’ve been updating it quite regularly.

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  • Birdy Artur

    Sorry, but there is no other way to get Angrybirds Classic or other removed Angrybirds games on IOS, neither OS, you can still play Angrybirds Friends, it’s the oldest that did didn’t remove, go play that, if you have an android, it will be the same but you can go to the website and type in “Angry Birds Classic” only in android then press the icon, it goes to App Store and you can download it.

    IOS: Can’t Be Installed.
    OS: Can’t Be Installed, Download Can From Anything Else.
    Android: Can be Installed
    Other Operating System: Unknown, or i haven’t listed all of them.


    Did something happen between Rovio and Apple?  Most all the great AB games like Rio and Seasons are gone.  Space is gone…  What happened?  Does anyone know??


    @chutybutyful Rovio wanted their discontinued games removed from all the different app stores, most likely because they were no longer profitable.

    The difference here is the policies that vary between the app stores. Apple freely allows developers to remove their apps at will, so Rovio had no issue removing them. Additionally, iOS is particular about only allowing apps from the app store to be installed. So, unless you jailbreak the device, there’s no way to get them back on an iPhone.

    Android is a bit different. Google Play allows developers to unpublish the apps from those who haven’t installed them yet, but they can’t remove the app entirely. Google’s terms of service say that anybody who downloads the app gets a lifetime license, and has the right to download it forever. As a result, all of the old AB games are pretty much stuck in a limbo. The good news is that Android does allow installation of apps outside Google Play, so anybody with an Android device who wants one of the games can install the .apk file directly from a trusted website, like APKMirror.


    You can get it through IOS or android purchase history if you had it before.

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