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  • As a regular long time player I have decided to ditch the high profile clans in an attempt to help the new starters. I have joined Pigs on a Plane (don’t ask me where the name came from). With me a total of 5 members trying to get on the map. How about you seasoned players leave your comfort zone for a few weeks to give these guys and others like them a bit of a leg up


    pigs on a plane # 179837



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  • RageBird

    Hi Duke!!  I am the leader of Pigs on a Plane and we are grateful for your support of our new clan!

    For others who may be interested, our rules are simple: be active and have fun. Community chests will be awarded to founding members as we reach certain (top-secret!) milestones.  We welcome ALL active players.  We are CVC-eligible and growing.  We hope to meet you soon!




    I’m new here so not sure if this is posting in the right spot. I deleted half my clan members as they never played or quit playing for 2 months. Looking for ACTIVE players, any level, to help us out.
    Pork Choppers #140085. Thanks.


    We have  the same issue Deporkers #174128, with 15 actives out of 34 members.

    Would you consider consolidating our clans and have your members come join us?  All active players, no matter their flock power number would be welcome.

    Our leader would make room for all your active members and together we could build a fun, super clan.  Our leader sets up clan battles as often as he can

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Like the post below, our clan Deporkers #174128 is seeking to recruit AB2 players who will play in all clan events.  Our leader, his user name is Deporker, is very good about leading our clan, managing its members and consistently setting up clan battles.

    Right now our clan has about 15 active members out of 34.  Any new member who will be active (regardless of your flock power) would be most welcome.

    So if your looking for a good, polite clan, like I (Bigbird66) was, then come join Deporkers #174128.

    Thank you for your consideration.



    need some new daily players !!

    Clan name— Epic birds



    AimShoot Eagle

    Not a member of any clan yet, I’d like to see how this works.


    Hello fatpiggy!  Please consider Pigs on a Plane!  (#179837)

    Our rules are simple: stay active and have fun! :)  No minimum Flock Power required. Boost your game and skills without the pressure to buy lots of gems.

    We are a friendly bunch and have 100% clan participation.  We also have a FB group where we share clan news and AB2 stuff.  📣

    Happy Flinging!


    Are you tired of the pressure from some clans to obtain a minimum number of points in each clan event?

    I’m recruiting for “RATAB2” #152546. We are a small but active (and friendly!) clan and participate in all daily events and clan battles. Participation is the only requirement we are looking for with new members… just do your best in each event! Whether you are a novice or a hardened bird, all are welcome!

    Cheers, RandalThor


    We are looking for some players that want to have fun . We use line to stay in  contact so we can help each other and we have a lot of fun . Gnashsang #12704 is the clan we are open right now.  [email protected]



    Are you missing out on Clan vs. Clan battles? Not winning much? Don’t stay in a deadbeat clan. Come fly with our strong team at Redleaf Raiders. We have 13 openings for 450+ FP, give or take. Our Clan Power is 17840 Amethyst Rank. We play all events and have a Facebook group. If you’ve got a small clan and can’t get things rolling, consider joining us at Redleaf Raiders and start rolling in the rewards.


    Hi! Are you looking for a clan with great support and comraderie, where members participate daily? Join DOWN AND DIRTY! We’re a 100% battle participation clan with very friendly members. Only 4 spots left! Clan ID #3587






    AimShoot Eagle

    Count me in!

    What do I need to do?
    I’m a long-time solo and some-friends player, never been in a real clan.



    Hi there FatPiggy! Go to the Clans section and open Clan Info, I think. (I cant see this section now because I’m in a clan.) If you’re in a clan, leave it. Then search for #3587 or for DOWN AND DIRTY

    Once you find our clan, click join!

    Then check in with the clan daily and participate in our events. We support each other in the chat section.

    And everyone is a co-leader, which is cool.

    Does that help?


    Also, FatPiggy, what is your FP? (Flock power)


    One more thing, participation in all battles is a must, and we try to play pig events to at least three points. That will make sense once you’ve joined and start participating. Basically it means to generally check in once a day and participate in clan events. There are great rewards! And this is an up and coming clan. Only a couple of spaces are left.


    When you first enter the game, there are five icons on the far right edge. Enter the clan section by clicking the one on the bottom, with a banner.

    Elder Wand

    Hey guys, we are Hogwarts Nation. If you are not in any clan and you are Harry Potter’s fan come and join our brand new and friendly clan. Grab your wand and let’s pop some pigs. :-)
    No requirements but participation is required. Let’s have fun and grow together.

    • Clan name: Hogwarts Nation
    • Clan location: International
    • Clan number: #214337

    We also have Facebook group where we share video tutorials on how to win Daily Challenge and get higher score in Mighty Eagle.


    Hello! I just started a new clan. It’s the game angry birds 2  and the name of my clan is WRECKINPIGCRSHR I would really like a team that actually plays! I started  it bc I was tired of being in clans with leaders that don’t even sign up for any battles. It’s a new clan, not many members, or much flock power, but please join if you play! I’m also looking for a co- leader so they can sign up for battles when I’m not available. – clan – WRECKINPIGCRSHR


    Any chance you can get me in been playing for 3 days now fp at 94 light spender as of now 5 bucks a day but would like to be in a clan that is active


    Clan WRECKINPIGCRSHR #214832 is still looking for ACTIVE players!  NO matter the flock power, we just want members who enjoy playing , ACTUALLY play! AND enjoy playing the clan battles! Please consider our fun team 😁

    Angry Turd

    I have always maintained that if I were not already part of Viking Birds, that I would be a proud member of Pigs on a Plane #179837 :)

    Viking Birds #76330 = 1000 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds II #190105 = 850 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds³ #212732 = 700 FP (or higher)

    ____   ___.__ __   .__                __________.__           .___      
    \   \ /   |__|  | _|__| ____   ____   \______   |_________  __| _/______
     \   Y   /|  |  |/ |  |/    \ / ___\   |    |  _|  \_  __ \/ __ |/  ___/
      \     / |  |    <| | | / /_/ >  |    |   |  ||  | \/ /_/ |\___ \ 
       \___/  |__|__|_ |__|___|  \___  /   |______  |__||__|  \____ /____  >
                      \/       \/_____/           \/               \/    \/ 

    Official Clan Rules:
    Discord Group Chat:


    #1 Cat LadyWe’re looking for active players. We have a 3 points requirement in the clan events and play the free plays in clan battles.


    Swollen Blue (#83415) is looking for a good few birds.  If you enjoy the rewards that come from clan event participation, join us.


    Thank you Angry Turd for that hearty endorsement! 😉 Speaking of Pigs on a Plane, we are seeking 2-3 competitive 475+FP players to join our Diamond League clan.  POAP features 3 point minimums across all events, social media connections, an enviable CVC record, a chill atmosphere, and some of the nicest birds you’ll ever meet.  Join today!


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