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  • Once a person gets kicked from a clan, can they continue to return time and time again? or is that proof of some kind of hack being used?


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  • bill

    I have rules for new(or returning) members?

    I let ppl kicked out of my clan back in. But if they don’t do the Clan battles, I kick them out again, again, and again if necessary.

    I really PO’s me that ppl joining don’t take the time to actually read the information posted to the join screen.


    Same here Bill. We got 2 rules.. 1, do clan battle or its bye bye birdy.. 2, check in every day to keep track of battles.

    we have 33 core people who do the battles.. the rest are kick balls. they sign up then never check in. after 3 days I kick em.  or they log in and don’t do the battle. they get kicked just before the battle.. and those that just never showed up to do it get kicked when I go to collect my rewards.

    And then you get people that bounce in and out all day long, going to many different clans, some try to recruit your people for their clan..

    I think once a person gets kicked they should not be allowed back in.



    Why don’t you two just close your clan?? Then you can allow or deny join requests


    Been there done that, closed the clan & never got an request to join from anyone.

    I would rather let them back in, and bust butt when I have to, & I do!.


    It is only the top clans that can recruit member when you close your clan. Most clans wont get any requests if you close the clan. Then the clan will slowly die because is it doesnt get new members. Then clan will be forced to merge with other clans to survive.

    There is an easy fix about players joining a clan and then they dont play in clan battles.

    If every member of the clan when the battles begin will have to pay gems (may be 20) to the clan and in order get the gems back they have to play in clan battles. If they dont play the clan battle they will lose the gems and the clan will be able to use those gems to buy clan chests which can benefit all clan members.

    That will put an end to players joining clans when they dont intent to play in clan battles. Then it will only be players who want to play clan battles that join clans.




    Mute him before kicking him. If he returns with a changed name or avatar the mute will still appear in his Profile.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum clan question, kicking out

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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