Clan Complaint

  • So, I paid 20 gems to play a clan a second time.  Normally I would never do this, but I accidentally clicked “play again” after winning the first time.

    I was playing a lava level with those activator gems to have a cannon shoot projectiles at a structure.

    Anyway, I was on the 3rd stage of a 5 stage level.  I have about 5 birds left.  There was a piggy way way on the far right.  None of my birds came nowhere close to being able to reach that far right piggy.   The only bird that may have reached that far is yellow Chuck, but I didn’t have him and never had in in my reserves.  The activator gem cannon was not aimed anywhere near that far right piggy.

    So, not only do I waste 20 gems, I waste several minutes of my time, AND my clan contribution score goes back to ZERO as I lose 1 point for failing the level.

    So, GOODBYE CLANS.   I am never going to play this rip-off again.  The only time I might play a clan event again is to fulfill a daily quest “play a clan” I’ll go in, and immediately exit to get credit for playing.

    But to play legitimately?  NEVER NEVER NEVER wasting my time on that crap again.

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  • cognitive

    Sad to say that is part of the game…


    Well that is turning me away from the game.  I am giving up on endless daily quests, I think they have become pointless.  The only thing I am concentrating on is doing regular levels, about 3 per day until all of them are done.  I am currently on 1270, and I read somewhere that 1380 might currently be the last one.  But I am otherwise done playing any extra things in the game.

    If things had a max, especially such as bird levels, I would have that incentive to play until things were maxed out, but with no maxes, my mindset has gotten to “What’s the point of playing anymore?”.

    There are other games I find more enjoyable, even earlier angry bird games that I haven’t finished yet among other enjoyable non-rovio games I often play.


    I agree. They’re now the worst part of the game.

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