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  • endrjuuu

    Hey guys !

    I’ve been reading this forum for a long time without posting anything but now I think its time.

    In my league all of the players above me (i am currently 5) are cheating… it is still STONE league. can’t get promotion under this conditions…

    MANY people knows the trick to reset their daily tasks… we dont. We all are complaining, everyone here in this forum is confessing his/her dissadisfaction and wont do ANYTHING to solve it. I think that telling us the process of reseting them will ” cure our wounds ” and align chances. I know its cheating… but what can we do now with our honor…? Write ANOTHER post here.

    Just think about it.

    Much love to You all !

    I’m thinking about it daily and I’m really doing my best not to tell. I really feel like I’m sitting on information which belongs to everyone.

    I am aware of 2 definite ways to break or loosen the chains. I have not confirmed the third (dig through the forum carefully and you’ll some clues). All three methods are completely different and use different exploits related to the arena. This in itself already shows it’s got more holes in it than Emmentaler cheese.

    The main problem is that not all ABE players check this forum and most of them are playing honestly. We all are having problems with the cheaters and if more people start doing it, the honest players get screwed even worse when they see everyone doing the same cheating. This is why several people who are aware of the exploits are only sending it to Rovio and not sharing this info in the public forums.

    A sidenote is that Rovio may ban the cheaters and if fair players start doing it as a last resort, they may get banned by some automated system eventually. On the other hand, if enough people do it, they may just be forced to deal with proper solutions.

    I’ve been hoping that Rovio will come with an update at the end of this week’s league. (they did promise an update after the holidays mess-ups to come “very soon”) If these exploits are not fixed, I will consider taking the cat out of the bag. Although I’d like to have some buy-in from the admins here. Don’t want to make enemies out of them, or worse, turn this forum into a cheats website…

    , @mvnla2, what do you guys think? Give Rovio a couple more days? They don’t seem to respond at all to any of the support requests related to cheaters. Have you heard more?

    I kind of agree with @endrjuuu that for many it would make sense to fight fire with fire. Beside, it’s already sort of a “public secret” anyway…

    Any strong opinions from the community here?


    We got word from our contact that the “exploit” has been sent to the Epic development team for review and repair.

    We have not heard HOW they intend to repair this exploit (we have ideas of course, but nothing confirmed). But it is back in dev mode and that’s about all we can report at this time.


    @larry it’s not fighting fire with fire – it’s fighting cheating with cheating.

    What enjoyment would this community gain by cheating the system?

    We might win more – would you enjoy that?

    Would it feel good to be on top but without the moral high ground?

    Are we upset that people are cheating or upset that we’re losing?

    If we’re upset that people are cheating, we’re a sad bunch if we turn around and do the same. If we’re just upset that we’re losing, well, I guess do what you want.

    Also, keep in mind that you don’t just cheat the cheaters. Remember that leaderboards are not shared – the other people on your leaderboard don’t necessarily have the same lineup you do. There could be some folks out there who are competing with you on their board and you don’t even know it. They had a completely clean board with no one cheating, and now you start. Sucks to be them, I guess. Maybe they should’ve cheated too?

    Not the course I would embrace.


    @larry — Not sure why you sent this to me since I’m not playing the arena, but FWIW:
    I wouldn’t start cheating just to beat the cheaters. Sending all the info you have to Rovio is the right thing to do. When Rovio had problems with the Christmas Event, they said they will reimburse people. I would think they might do the same for this.

    Angry Johnny

    From Angry Birds Epic’s official twitter:



    there really is a simple fix – just track server side how many dailies you have done. It’s really not that hard because right now all 3 of the known exploits are taking advantage of the client being what is driving the logic on objective resets. This might not cover 100% of the cheaters but the majority would be stopped.


    @angryjohnny that’s great. Let’s hope they will fix things for fair players. It wouldn’t hurt if cheaters were penalized and return to lower league as well.I completely stop playing arena battles as I find competing against cheaters is mission impossible.

    Angry Johnny

    @hack1ge That only stops those that get score by resetting their Daily Objectives, the big problem is the players that hack the game to get scores over 100,000 and beyond (that would take forever to get even if you reset the objectives). It is those players that really destroys the Arena.

    @angryjohnny, it normally takes me about 10 minutes to achieve the objectives. Occasionally 15 or 20. To get 200K means that someone has played only 7 hours and has done 35 resets. This is very feasible to achieve. If these players cannot reset their objectives anymore they would get to about 50-55K in a week time by playing the same amount of time. This is what I got close to last week as well by playing fairly.

    The real problem that we’re left with is the people with hacked accounts (health and damage in the millions/billions) who are causing lost battles and can play continuously without any delays. They should be banned. I believe the playing field would become 99% leveled by disabling the objectives reset.



    Here’s my cheater of the day. I DONT think I’ll have a chance at this one.

    (And yes, I’ve already sent it to Rovio for review)

    @strategia55 Wow, hadn’t seen that one before… Glad you caught and shared it! What were the birds like? Same?


    @strategia55 I may be able to help. Are you questioning the magnetic banner or Ivan. I can’t remember Ivan but I have fought many such banners. Since the object is to take down the banner the fact that some of your attacks at the birds hit the banner instead is an advantage for the most part. I use, unless objectives dictate otherwise, Paldin with dragon breath Seadog with candy set and lightening bird with Phoenix they all hit multiple targets and LB is particularly useful to obtain 4/5 hits.

    I apologise if I am missing the point.


    @bubbley You have missed the point. The strength of the banner is a very high number. I can’t read the value but there are a lot of digits.


    @all sorry! I cant’t see that on my screen.


    The numbers are 17045600000. I’m not sure about the second number but it looks like a 7.


    I’ve gotten Ivan as an opponent before and the banner health number was 118,055,600,000. He had Paladin, Rainbird and Spies against me and only had one set item – Titan’s Wrath. He made his birds level 41 with low levels of mastery. For example his Level 4 mastery Rainbird only had 827 health, but it did 1,965,632 to all birds + 3,439,857 additional damage for the next 3 turns.

    The numbers really aren’t important since the main point is that it is impossible to win.


    Not sure if anyone else does this, but when I do arena, if I get an opponent i can’t beat, I just restart angry birds and I get a different arena opponent, I do this until I get some easy people(for objectives)


    I do the same thing–I check the strength of the opponents and if they are too strong or don’t meet mt objective I back out of the arena and do something else for a few minutes. The objectives aren’t changed and it doesn’t result in multiple objectives but it allows me to avoid the level 10 teams with full sets. Once I’ve met my objectives, and midnight is drawing near, I’ll pretty much play through any opponents to get the experience. I’m at the Stone level with level 8/9 birds, although my two main birds have under 2000 health. The one huge advantage I have is the Phoenix set. Before I got that set I had a hard time winning if I didn’t win the coin toss.

    It also helps to make up for those unattainable objectives. Yesterday I couldn’t attempt the 3000 point objective because I don’t have Thunderbird and today I can’t make the 3000 point objective because I don’t have Seadog. I grind like crazy getting 15-50 points per round just to stay in the running. I won’t change my objectives even if I knew how, but I will pick my battles.


    @mimi27 If you want to get a new opponent, the quickest way is to force close EPIC on your iPad. When you restart the game, you will get a new opponent.


    I always see the ABN and the forum. I’ve never spoken before because I thought I had nothing to add. However, I think it’s time for you to tell us what is the method used to circumvent the score Arena (reset/restart objectives). Who is playing legitimately not have a chance to get anything, I myself have stopped playing because I know that it is impossible to progress in the game. But to make public what can be done, certainly the Rovio will have to take action. Today everything is very convenient for them (Rovio), because there are few people who know how to do. At least for now. An hour that will come out. Why not now?

    I think a fix is coming soon, so everyone can play normally. From what I understand is that it should prevent at least 2 out of 3 methods. The third is already described on this forum and supposedly involves a lag switch. I don’t think this is reliable nor have I been able to reproduce it, so I really believe the cheating will be stopped soon.

    I think a logical time for a fix to be applied would be at the finish of the current league. Keep your eyes open for an update. The playing field will be leveled at some point. Also keep an eye out for ABEpic at twitter. They’ll probably announce something there.

    If not, I’m sure someone will spill the beans somehow or somewhere (although it won’t be me). Just hang in there.

    As far as I know, the people who are aware of the exploit on this forum, do not use it to win. I’m facing 3 people in my league who have used it to stay on top and I’m letting them win (one of them limits his use so there’s only little doubt). Same goes for several others in here.

    The leagues are full of holes and plenty of people are waiting to make life miserable for everyone else. Let’s just wait for Rovio to solve this.

    I’ve assembled some generic info in the first post on the cheating, hacked players and what you can do to deal with these.


    @larry you have to remember that folks may get reset not intentionally. I know how to reset objectives but I haven’t this round – however I did have my game crash and objectives reset so I played them mostly because I was bored. I know one other person in my league had the same issue as they were online when the server hiccuped and we both jumped 5500 shortly there after.

    If they fix the cheaters there are still going to be random situations where it resets.

    By the way I know the lag switch mechanism and it works 100% of the time. I have shared all the details with a Rovio and have even had the developers come back and ask questions about how to replicate it. This leads me to believe they are going to fix that too which is good.


    If you are looking for a cheating option for EPIC, I suggest you look somewhere other than this site. I think you will find the general consensus among nesters who comment on this site is not to help to spread methods for cheating.

    This site is not run with the direct support of Rovio, but their goodwill and a good relationship with them is important. I hope I am not speaking out of turn with those who established this site, but this is a place for players to learn more about games, get help with issues, gain knowledge and ideas etc. It is not a place to learn how to cheat. And I certainly hope that this site does not gain that sort of reputation. Rovio would certainly look down upon this.

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