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  • I changed my mind over this SuperUltraStrongLongLastingArmageddonClockUltimatePig…

    …It will take almost half an hour of game play to knock him down but, in the end, when you figured out how to contain its power and opt for the right team configuration, it will be “easier to beat” of the Cave 23 Boss.


    • L100/M90 Elite Cannoneer with L82/E10 SugarRush!
    • L100/M91 Halloween Paladin with L82/E10 DragonBreath
    • L100/M82 Elite Rainbird with L82/E10 TwinLightining
    • L100/M82 Elite Cleric with L82/E5 Sweets!


    • Anytime AlphaPig will summon allies, you have to distrupt as many of them as you can through Chuck rage;
    • Anytime AlphaPig and the remaining allies will attack, bè ready with the defensive Cleric shield protecting the group;
    • Remember to use as frequently as you can Rainbird healing skill, targeting the single Bird that AlphaPig cursed once every two game rounds
    • AlphaPig can summon Undeads: this is the reasoning behind opting for HalloweenPaladin; if you miss it or other similar classes, you could be overwhelmed during the late game, when AlphaPig reach less than half of its life but has plenty of fat undeads pigs;
    • AlphaPig summon both Samurai and Shielded pigs: be sure to have at your disposal a bird like Cannoneer for the first and one heavy beater for the latter
    • While AlphaPig Will hit only for 3.5k damages each time, ALL my birds have healing skills or healing weapons: usually he will not be able to severely damage more than one bird each time, so you can quickly fully heal your entire group, keeping his enemies low in number;
    • Caves drawback of damaging birds each hit can be completely shutted down by all’ the combined healing effects I use: Cleric shield and attack, RBird heals, Paladin skill and Cannoneer SugarRush: all’ of them are powered up by Sweets!
    • If you have the needed patience, killing the allies and kicking AlphaPig only when safe, this team deals/heals more damages/Life than opponents’ every game round;
    • Be careful of not losing a single Bird, because their perfect interaction is the key of a sure win.

    Hope it will help.
    What do you think?


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  • ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    I finished it in 8 minutes (imperfect gameplay)

    without the imperfection it’s posibble to do it in 5/6 minutes

    also I managed to get 3 stars with 86 000 score



    L100/M100 Ice Lightning Bird with ancient L102/E10 Chronos
    L100/M100 Elite Priest with ancient L92/E10 Yin and Yang
    L100/M100 Elite Seadog  with ancient L92/E10 Finisher
    L100/M100 Elite Marksmen with ancient L92/E10 Ballista

    the strategy revolves around using rage chilli / 2 turns to stun the alpha pig


    I was testing with the following setup but somehow got to beat alphapig and scored 89000 for three stars as well.

    L100/M91 Pumpkin Paladin with Dragonbreath E8/8 L92/92

    L100/M91 Elite Rainbird with Mana Shell E0/7 L92/92

    L100/E91 Elite Priestess with Perfect Balance E5/0 L82/92

    L100/E91 Valentine Cannoneer with Sugar Rush E0/0 L92/82


    I tried to keep priestess negative effect on alphapig to allow the other birds to heal and negate the damage from their attacks.  Additional healing from Paladin or Bomb’s Sugar Rush.

    Mana Shell avoided having to use Rainbird to dispel negative effects giving Chuck an additional attack.

    Perfect Balance increased rage chili buildup in time to coincide with alphapig summoning help.

    Could have gone a little faster had I enchanted my weapons to higher level but again I wasn’t expecting to beat it so didn’t invest in the shards.




    Your ideas are very good especially:
    – Priestess to let any Bird gain self-healing skills
    – Perfect Balance to shrink RageChili recharge time.

    I didn’t make any math yet but I think that Priestess+PerfectBalance will give the team a more offensive behaviour compared with mine, more defensive but reactive Cleric+Sweets!. I think they are both viable ways to keep your team alive till the end.

    I tried both your teams and while I managed to win with the one @bchild used, I got crushed three times with the @juanvincent one. He maxxed out almost any weapons set and mastery class he used while I’m a little bit back on that challenge ( average weapons L82 and mastery L85 ). A more defensive group can keep the board cleaned winning in a slower but safer way. The more offensive behaviour of già own team cannot bè sustained or simply put online without the needed strenght because you’ll bè overwhelmed nor lose the èntire winning routine quickly if the game last longer nor you lose even a single Bird.

    I like your focus over stunning AlphaPig every time you could with Blues ChiliRage. You managed to build the entire team strategy over It and over getting this routine online as quick ad you Can ( almost every 1/2 turns). Well done!

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    @Maxx_Matt Btw this is the guide video of me clearing 25-10, maybe you can follow the rythm especially the opening since it’s very important…


    Good luck!


    Cave 25-10, is actually one among the best new ways to farm primarily for Mastery and in a minor note for Snoutlings, too. Always better than Mouth Pool and, depending on how you build up your team, better than Caves 9-7,9-8 or Caves 15-7,15-9 (largely considered the best ones to opt for, depending onyour group level).

    While @juanvincent gathered one of the possibly best teams of 4 birds viable for a QUICK WIN, I’m quite sure mine could bè opted for when your goal is to SURVIVE and make Mastery.

    – I did not prevent AlphaPig to summon allies, I’m usually facing up to 4-5 robust and always different pigs configuration. This situation make the routine both challenging but (almost) never boring.
    – Team made for survival and longer games, did not win fast but can stretch the game in a safe and steady way: rage first, then heal, then protect, then control, then wait for “rage time” again and start iterating this winning routine over and over
    – AlphaPig will not die before 70-80 game rounds and you will face more than 60-70 different pigs. With a fiery stamina and the right game strategy in mind, you’ll bè able to take and mantain the control of the field for almost forever. AlphaPig and its 1 million life points will bè worth the time you will spend over this way of farming mastery points
    – Actually It is funnier than you think, more satisfactory than usual and , from my point of view or level obtained, very relaxing, too.

    MATILDA – Elite Priestess & Sweets!
    CHUCK – Elite Rainbird & Twin Lightning
    BOMB – Elite Cannoneer & Sugar Rush!
    RED – Pumpkin Paladin & Dragon Breath

    Strategy is linear and simple: MATILDA will always hit AlphaPig letting other birds to constantly self heal. CHUCK rage can bè fired anytime the pigs number will grow up to 5, he will often heal the group targeting the cursed birds and sometimes hit. BOMB will focus on hitting pigs, especially Samurai. This process involves huges heals for your birds. RED can concentrate on Zombie or highly protected pigs. He will always attack and heal the most wounded bird.

    Nothing pigs could bè able to do, will heavily harm you if you balance hits and heals without any hurry. the only reason for this kind of play style is to kill as much High level pigs as you Can, without being overwhelmed.

    Let me know what you think about this argument, I’m actually profitably farming this level since I realized It Can bè optimized to gain in a more efficient way the mastery I’m still missing.


    ~zXion JV♡我爱你


    Wow this guide is very interesting! I should definitely try it with my level 86 alt to farm XP and mastery! Also this is very good to practice and know more of the pig…


    I have 1 problem tho, the game freezes for a while when alpha pig spawned minion…



    I think that it is part of AlphaPig evoking process because even on my device the game freeze for 3-5 seconds and then pigs allies come in. :)



    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    I hope rovio fix it


    You can also three-star this level by going with a DOT approach, sort of anyway, using:

    Samurai (Titan set)

    Rainbird (Mana shell)

    Priestess (Nightmare)

    Rogues (Piercing Claw, also used Cosmic Rogues)

    When Samurai knocks out Alpha Pig for two turns the birds will heal by attacking, and each cycle Alpha Pig loses a lot of HP from the DOT from Rogues, Rainbird, and the Nightmare effect. The Piercing Claw/Cosmic made it do that when Alpha Pig attacked Blues, there was a good chance the attack did nothing, which was almost as good as a stunning blow since it meant, effectively, a free turn for me. Mostly used the rage chilis to have Blues attack/stun Alpha Pig, sometimes to have Matilda heal everyone.

    Anyway, got three stars, and now I am finished with Chronicle Caves, and maybe even Epic. Just not into grinding everything up to Level 100.



    I guess this would be considered partial grinding but assuming you have enough Snoutling and friendship essence, just repeat Cave 26 boss and spin for the chest. It gives 50 GC. Use that to refresh dojo buys. I usually do two rounds a day and end up buying about 100-120 mastery. Currently half way to 100 on the entire flock.


    @bchild Interesting. Thanks for the tip.


    I’m a little late to the party, but I had been putting off this cave until after maxing out mastery on all classes.  Having done that yesterday, I finally sat down to focus on the Alpha Pig while I was babysitting something at work and 3-starred with 90k points flat or whatever it was.


    Bird Level 100

    Red with M100 Pumpkin Paladin and Ancient Flaring Presence, L102 and E10

    Chuck with M100 Haunted Rainbird and Ancient Last Will, L102 and E10

    Matilda with M100 Legacy Cleric and Ancient Sweet!, L102 and E10

    Blues with M100 Legacy Tricksters and Ancient Avenging Will, L92/L102 and E10


    The key thing I found was that you need multiple ways of healing and despelling harmful effects in case one or more of your birds get stunned.  Sweet! obviously also increased the healing.

    The Pumpkin Paladin’s Last Breath was also necessary to kill undead pigs, which was helpful whenever big brutes like the FrankenPig showed up.

    The Flaring Presence’s Rage Chili bonus basically ensured that it was filled by the time the pig allies showed up.  I think I used it on Chuck all but 1-2 times.  I don’t recall if I used it on Matilda or Blues, but if I did, it would have been to heal/despell all simultaneously or to stun the Alpha Pig if it was the only enemy on the board at the time.

    I didn’t really need the Last Will or Avenging Will bonuses since neither Chuck nor Blues were knocked out.  The Ancient set items that go with those just happened to be the strongest weapons I had for those birds.  Other set items probably would have been more helpful.

    In at least half of the turns, I used the Trickster Blues’ Cheer support ability specifically to remove harmful effects.  I also ensured that Paladin Red’s Devotion was protecting Chuck and Cleric Matilda’s Healing Shield was up throughout the whole battle.

    One annoying thing I had was that Chuck was the only effective bird against ironclad/dodging pigs that showed up because of the birds and classes I had picked.


    I got another JARSU after the battle, but it turned out not to be that big of a deal.  After I spun the wheel and returned to the cave, the flag didn’t show up for the level nor did the door to Cave 26 open, but then both did after leaving the Chronicle Mountain and reentering it.  I was about to open up a support ticket before I figured that out and am not sure if I should still do that since it could easily distract the apparently shrinking Epic support team from fixing other issues that don’t have a DIY workaround.


    I’ve been fiddling around trying to figure out the quickest way to 3-star Cave 26-Level 10. So far I’ve settled on a team of:

    Red Samurai with Titan Grip set (E10)
    Chuck Thunderbird with Sonic Lance (E10)
    Matilda Bard with Nightmare (E10)
    Blues Treasure Hunter with Ballista (E10)

    All of the birds are L100/M100 with elite headgear, with Samurai and TH being the hats that heal.

    With those four and that set of weapons, it takes around 20 turns, 19 if I get a few more stuns, 20-21 if I don’t, and 7-8 rage chili refills. The benefit is that Snor very rarely gets a chance to call helper pigs. So while other combinations may play faster, if Snore calls for help it can take a lot more time to clear the level. If I don’t get distracted it takes about 5-6 minutes for one cycle of the level.

    Aside from the obvious swap of Stoneguard for Samurai (which reduces the stun effect proc, so it doesn’t make things better), are there any other combinations that would play as fast and still not allow Snor to call his four helpers? For example, I’ve tried substituting Cannoneer/Finisher for Bard/Nightmare (to reduce the damage done by Snor before he starts charging), but although that can play through pretty well it’s still a little slower than the set above (averaging 8-9 fills of the rage chili).


    Hi @jamairoqui,

    I’m actually “farming” and/or “grinding” cave 26-10 since its first appearance and after figuring out how to beat the boss, I made endless try outs of different teams configuration (especially because I get bored really fast ;-))

    I keep track here of the “Key elements” I always use to kill Snorg as quiick as I can without being overwhelmed by his summoned allies:

    – Treasure Hunter (keep Snorg counter low)
    – Matilda Perfect Balance (shrink rage chili recharge time)
    – A single efficient stunning effect : Bard or Grand Slam!
    – A single efficient multiple attacks effect: Illusionist or Seadog or Chronos Set
    – A single damage enhancing effect: Punisher or Ballista or Challenger Samurai or Nightmare

    Combining this elements you can easily arrange Quick wins, especially you with E10 and M100 birds (mine average 90, for example).



    Anything that Can break parity, create asimmetrical effects and delay things should be used there.

    For example, if I’m not in a hurry and I’m in need of Snoutlings, I’ll slow down the game even more by adding more stunners (both Samurai and Bard) alongside Seadog with Pitpocket. Anything become slower buy more profitable.

    Another example, the quickest way to win but the highly failure oriented Is this team

    If you can alternate TheBlues rage with the Samurai stunning effect and keep Snorg stunned , You’ll kill him in a very Quick and brute way. If you fail, you could quickly reload and retry.

    Have a nice game, Hope It helps



    Funny. I’ve tried a lot of those combinations. The final one with Marksman can play quick, but it is also prone to getting 85% of the way through and failing. So I abandoned it very early. But it is fun to fool around with.

    One thing I don’t get is how Perfect Balance is supposed to work. When I equip Bard with it, it takes 9 attacks from my birds to recharge the rage chili. When I use Nightmare set, it takes 10 attacks from my birds to recharge the rage chili. So it doesn’t seem to me that Perfect Balance is worth anything, since using it takes away the extra damage that Nightmare gives you if Snor gets stunned. (And that damage over the course of a cycle is worth almost 4 full turns since he gets stunned a little over half of the time.)

    It makes me question whether PB is broken for me, or I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work. Since I would think if it takes 10 attacks from my birds to charge the chili without it, it should take 6 when I use it. But as far as I can tell, it makes no difference. So I gave up on it a long time ago as an option.

    My strategy is to never let Snor call his allies, since that takes a lot of time to work through, you don’t really get all that many snoutlings from them anyway, and the real “mining” is the wheel at the end. If I want to mine snoutlings, Mouth Pool is still the best option, even though they fixed the bug so now you can only have 6 pigs active (where before you could have like 16 pigs active at the same time so hitting them with the Merchant Pig/Skulkers gave you 3o snoutlings per turn). But then, I don’t want to mine snoutlings anymore.


    Hi @jamairoqui, it is nice to read your reasonings. Thanks.

    Since ABE v.2.7, Matilda PerfectBalance increased its effect from 35% up to 50%. Every bird is affected by this global effect and, despite your conclusions, my rage recharge time shrinked a lot. I can rage every 2-3 rounds and I needs 11-13 single attacks to fully recharge the GoldenChili. I’m really sorry you are not able to “feel” this effect buy it is really gamebreaking, from my point of view.

    Version 2.7 is out

    For example:
    Quite standard team.

    1 round.
    You use Illusionist over Samurai first, then attack twice with Samurai, then once with Bard, then, if Snorg isn’t stunned, rage with THunter to delay him.

    2 round.
    Use Illusionist over Bard, then attack twice with both Samurai and Bard. Blues goes the latter.

    3 round.
    I’m sure we would not have the same match from that very 3rd round, because your birds are stronger than mine and you’ll need less attacks to fill up the GoldenChili. Half of my group can attack twice with Samurai and Bard. If they won’t stun Snorg again, you can attack with another Bird and then possibly rage again. If Snorg will opt for and hit, he could not bè able to kill any of mine and your birds with a single hit, so any move he’ll take will not bè deadly.

    4+ rounds
    Now you have at least 6-7 attacks every round and you can alternate Chuck rage with the Blues one, it depends on the stunning process involved and how the Snorg strategy randomly evolve.

    6-7+ rounds.
    You’ll start to slowly wound / kick / stun / delay Snorg. He is trapped and he can’t easily escape your plan. You can still lose but you need to bè very unlucky.

    Sometimes I lost because Snorg never tried to summon any allies nor any stun effect took place. Unlucky. It happens.

    The effect of Matilda and Perfect Balance here is overwhelming. Nightmare despite being the only good alternative choice, is subpar in comparison but I’m sad you didn’t notice any benefit at all’ :-( maybe it is a bug…

    I’m actually playing only Arena (because It Is funny to try many different combo teams) and both 25-10 (for Mastery) and 26-10 (for the final wheel spin). It Is a good grinding combo, IMHO. :-)

    I did not farm MouthPool anymore since the bug fix, too. On the other hand, when I’m short of Snoutlings, I opt for Bomb with Pitpocket everywhere (casual games, arena games, tournaments, events, 25-10 and 26-10). Results are good: less “firepower” but many more Snoutlings :-)

    Have a nove day,


    @maxxmatt  Exactly! It takes ten attacks to refill the rage chili, or three turns with 4 birds (assuming Snor is charging and not attacking). But I notice no difference in that 10-attack refill cycle regardless of whether I have Perfect Balance equipped or not. And I’m not sure strength of birds makes a difference to rage chili recharge times.

    Anyway, including the Golden Chili rage attack, in 19 turns of Cave 26/10 I get 7 or 8 rage attacks (depending on how many times Snor attacks before he starts charging). Perfect Balance makes *zer0* difference to those numbers (although it takes me more turns with Perfect Balance to finish Snor since I don’t get the extra damage I get with Nightmare (plus the attacks with Nightmare at +8% each)).

    I went through the archives to see if anyone had posted differences between chili filling with and without Perfect Balance and I can’t find anything on this, people just assume the rage chili fills faster with Perfect Balance. What I think is going on is that Perfect Balance does increase the rage chili fill speed if the pigs (or other birds in arena play) are attacking your birds, but not in cases where only your birds are attacking (or maybe the increase in rage generation is seen only when Matilda is attacking). Snor is a special case, at least the way I play against him, because by design he doesn’t get to attack so I see no benefit from the PB set.

    I would be frustrated but it seems my Samurai/Thunderbird/Bard/Treasure Hunter team might be the most efficient in terms of speed of play with minimal failures. Although I might fiddle around with using Illusionist in place of Thunderbird. TB is good if Snor calls help because the shock shield from Thunderbird is very effective at getting rid of the helper pigs. But maybe Illusionist’s ability to give double attacks to Samurai and TH would be better.

    Finally, if you equipped Illusionist with the Sonic Lance/Orb set, it gives you one more 25% chance to reset Snor’s counter. That can come in handy.



    Your reasoning is interesting and almost correct in any part. I tried on my own to do a “reverse engineering” over Perfect Balance, testing the same team WITH and WITHOUT it. I was taking for granted that using PB while continuosly attacking an helpless and stunned enemy would have reduced GoldenChili recharge time. I was wrong because it almost take the same amount of time, when you are not being targeted by opponents’ attacks. I tried the same comparison (with/without PB) on Arena games and Standard games during which birds/pigs are kicking your birds and the entire process drop down to 5-6 attacks instead of 10-11: the most you are going to be attacked by any enemies and the quickest GoldenChili will be recharging itself. In the end, you’ll benefit from playing with PB against Snor only when he is going to repeteadly attack you, the only games when things aren’t going well for your team :-) . Thanks for the advice, man.

    Going back to your previously rised points, I can elaborate a little bit more over Illusionist vs. Lightningbird vs. Thunderbird. I prefer the first over the latter because it increases the number of times your key stunning/delaying effects will trigger while the latter dramaticaly increase only the total amount of damages dealt to Snor. Since ABE v.2.7, Illusionist secondary ability have been improved from 2 up to 3 rounds and you can tricky play with it alone in order to concretely rise the number of every rounds attack.

    For example:

    Team: Seadog/Punisher, Illusionist/SetReset, Bard/Nightmare, THunter/Ballista. No Golden Chili.

    [1st round] Illusionist over Bard, Seadog over Bard = 4 attacks

    [2nd round] Illusionist over THunter, Seadog over THunter = 6 attacks

    [3rd round] Seadog over Bard = 8 attacks

    From a strictly Cave-26-10 perspective, Snor will receive a larger amount of attacks that could trigger stunning or delaying effects (4-5 every round), more attacks for an higher total damage resulting on a shorter winning time. Both Punisher and Ballista alone are strong game swingers.


    I tried another team yestarday that gave me an overall good stability and a shorter winning time:

    Challenging Illusionist L100/M84 equipped with Ancient Set-Reset L102/E8

    Challenging Seadog L100/M78 equipped with Ancient Punisher L102/E10

    Challenging Treasure Hunter L100/M82 equipped with Ballista L82/E10

    Christmas Bard L100/M87 equipped with Ancient Nightmare L102/E5


    Try it end let me know :) I’m sure you’ll be satisfied :)






    @maxxmatt  I can see the benefit of using Illusionist over Thunderbird. I’ll have to run some simulations to see if losing the +25% damage benefit from each attack is compensated by an increase in the number of stuns per turn. It’s not clear to me that is necessarily true. (I ran one trial and it didn’t seem like using Illusionist over Thunderbird made a huge difference (it seemed to take about the same number of turns whether I used TB or Ill., because the damage from the increase in number of stuns was about the same as the damage the +25% boost TB gives), but that might be because I haven’t figured out the optimal sequence of moves with Illusionist.)  Anyway, it’s an interesting switch. Nice tip.

    One drawback to using Illusionist over Thunderbird is that if Snor calls his allies it is that much harder to clear them using Illusionist than using Thunderbird.

    I am somewhat relieved you find the same effect of Perfect Balance that I do, at least as far as using it against Snor. It seems that it doesn’t increase rage generation from every attack by your birds, just every attack against your birds. (As an aside, that implies that when faced with Perfect Balance in Arena, DOT teams (e.g. venom) are preferred since you don’t have to attack each turn, since each attack generates rage for your opponent.) But understanding how PB works means that Nightmare is clearly the preferred set for Matilda when fighting Snor.


    I finetuned a little bit my previuosly exposed “killer team” because I wanted to try the @jamairoqui idea of adding a bird capable of improving the entire team total damage but without diluiting too much the High team stunning ability.

    Thunderbird-Bard-Samurai-T.Hunter is an extremely strong combo, like exposed by @jamairoqui but, after extensively testing this 4-birds-team I realized Thunderbird file could bè covered by Skullkers without losing in the process the enhanced “cumulative stunning effect” brought by Illusionist. I cut one of the key member of the strategy, bringing in a very strong “winning time shrinker”.

    Bard Samurai Skullkers Illusionist
    BOOM! BOoM! BoOM! BOoM!

    Round 1
    Illusionist targets Samurai first
    Bard Attacks
    Samurai Attacks twice
    Skullkers Rages immediately of Snor isn’t stunned, otherwise Attacks

    Round 2
    Illusionist Target a Bard
    Bard Attacks twice
    Samurai Attacks twice

    Round 3
    Skullkers Attacks
    Bard Attacks twice
    Illusionist Rages
    Samurai Attacks twice, restarting the golden chili recharging routine.

    Round 4
    You can freely iterate the entire process, almost always adapting It only if Snor resists any stun or something other goes wrong.

    Things to do are Crystal clear:
    – optimize the attacks’ Number both Bard and Samurai can deal
    – rage to stun with Blues or Chuck
    – iterate the sling routine without too many errors.

    Thunderbird / Bard / Samurai / T.Hunter has only a great (possibly unparalleled feature). You can blindly sling without thanking anything during the process, cutting to its maximum the needed time to complete a single round. You can sling birds even during the attacks game animations, “almost scheduling” your round and then wait for things to happen

    Illusionist / Bard / Samurai / Skullkers on the other hand, as a team, has many subtle but crucial additional pros and very few cons.

    – Bard and Samurai have almost doubled their capability to stun Snor, you “backup” stunning Plan of raging ones with Blues is even stronger because has 100% of success.
    – You dramaticaly rise the stunning frequency and you can easily swap the t.hunter delaying effect with skullkers additional damage. Illusionist sometimes reset Snor counter, of needed.
    – Christmas Bard deals more frequently enhanced damage and Ballista guarantees another additional damage boost even with Skullkers instead of THunter
    – You rage very fast. up two round and you are ready again for Golden chili. Anytime you rage with Blues you have 4 additional “stunning try” the subsequent round while of you rage with Chuck you deal massive damages and apply stunning chances, too. In both cases, you are heading moves against Snor without being out down by him and già allies.
    – You win quickly. I’m not L100/M100, at least 10-15 Mastery levels under and without L102/E10 fully enchanted and ancient weapons sets. I have a few of them maxxed out but not all. So, winning fast with this “underpowered” team Meana that the strategy is really well streamlined and effective.

    My Team
    – Challenger Illusionist / Set-Reset
    – Elite Skullkers / Ballista
    – Christmas Bard / Nightmare
    – Space Samurai / Gran Slam!

    Bard and Samurai effect’s conflict.
    If you stun with both of them, the latter one will win over the first. So of you stun with Samurai and then stun again with Bard, Snor will bè blocked obly for a single round. I opted for Bard first and then Samurai during the standard attacking routine in order to avoid this unfair game situation. Hope it Will help.


    @maxxmatt  I played around a bit with subbing Illusionist for Tbird and one thing I noticed that might have been a one-time bug is that if I used rage at the beginning of a turn, it disabled the mirror effect from Illusionist for all the birds during that turn. But then I tried it a second time after restarting the game and there didn’t seem to be any effect of using the rage chili on the mirror effect. Have you seen anything like that, where use of a rage chili disables the mirror effect? Otherwise it’s a fun way to go through 26/10.

    I tried using Skulkers early on for the increased damage (paired with Tbird) and I didn’t find it useful. Snor called allies most every time, and the increased damage from Skulkers doesn’t work on them so the allies killed one bird after another. But I’ll have to try it with Illusionist/Skulkers to see if that plays faster. Your idea of double attacking with Bard and Samurai is pretty killer in terms of stunning Snor (and the double-attack from TH is very good at resetting his counter).

    The thing I like about Tbird is that if Snor does call allies, the Tbird shield effect (when combined with Samurai’s shield) is very effective at getting rid of the other pigs. That strategy doesn’t work with Illusionist. But maybe the mirror effect stuns enough that you don’t need to worry about getting rid of ally pigs.

    The other benefit of Samurai/Tbird/Bard/TH is that it is almost brainless. Just cycle through the birds, use the rage chili as soon as it’s ready, and keep going. When I use Illusionist I’m constantly trying to figure out which bird needs a recharge from Illusionist. (And you are right, the fact that Bard resets the double stun from Samurai is annoying.)

    Thanks for helping out with this. As an aside, why aren’t you using mastery buys at the dojo to level up your flock?



    One thing I recall about raging and Illusionist mirror effect was that if I use Blues to rage and stun (I was using Blues last in case Red or Matilda didn’t stun Snor), Samurai would not attack twice at the next turn (as I used red to start a turn).  It has happened on numerous occasions before I changed up my sequence.

    I was using a combination of Samurai with titan set, Illusionist with any but I guess reset or time jump set would help more, TH with Beep because I dont have the Ballista, and Priestess with nightmare set.  Illusionist effect on Priestess would give 4 attacks to stun with slight less damage rather than 2 attacks with other Matilda classea hence going with Priestess.  Probably not the fastest group to finish. But from turn 3 or so , you can rage with chuck every other turn.



    Good tip about attacking with Matilda before Red.


    @bchild  Thanks. So it wasn’t just me. There is something odd about rage attacks and the mirror effect. It makes using Illusionist tricky.

    The thing about Priestess is that Matilda/Bard gives a stun of her own, which is added to by Nightmare, so I think using Bard over Priestess gives you a better chance of stunning even though Priestess attacks twice. However, the nice thing about Priestess is everyone heals themselves. I’ve pretty much settled on Bard though. Using Illusionist with Bard and Samurai/Titan gives something almost a 75% chance of stunning per turn.


    Thanks for helping out with this. As an aside, why aren’t you using mastery buys at the dojo to level up your flock?

    oh well, actually I’m short of Snoutlings. I’m farming (and consequentely using on Dojo Trips) 2000-3000 Snoutlings every day) . Sometimes, after events or arena or holidays I can gather more of them all’ of a sudden and usually spend 5-10LCs for additional and immediate Dojo Trips.

    On the other hand, every 500XP from Dojo costs me 94 Snoutlings, possibly more than any other player that started the game since the beginning. I play since 2016, so boundary condiziona around Dojo trips and bonus that would have lowered the unitary cost, faded away. I’m stuck at 94 Snoutlings each 500 XP. It Is longer than expected to reach M100 but I’m on the right path. My best class Is actually Witch stuck at 97 and Paladin at 96.

    The other benefit of Samurai/Tbird/Bard/TH is that it is almost brainless. Just cycle through the birds, use the rage chili as soon as it’s ready, and keep going. When I use Illusionist I’m constantly trying to figure out which bird needs a recharge from Illusionist.

    Absolutely the best feature. You can casually sling without e even looking at the screen and potentially win the worst enemy of the game.

    The thing I like about Tbird is that if Snor does call allies, the Tbird shield effect (when combined with Samurai’s shield) is very effective at getting rid of the other pigs. That strategy doesn’t work with Illusionist. But maybe the mirror effect stuns enough that you don’t need to worry about getting rid of ally pigs

    oh, if Snor call for his allies, I Simply restart the game. Honestly, at my level, I can only try to win “Quick and Dirty” against Snor and all the other pigs, all’ of them immune to negative effects and 30k Life points each. I won against ita army only a couple of times over more than 100 games faced.

    I played around a bit with subbing Illusionist for Tbird and one thing I noticed that might have been a one-time bug is that if I used rage at the beginning of a turn, it disabled the mirror effect from Illusionist for all the birds during that turn. But then I tried it a second time after restarting the game and there didn’t seem to be any effect of using the rage chili on the mirror effect. Have you seen anything like that, where use of a rage chili disables the mirror effect? Otherwise it’s a fun way to go through 26/10.

    I didn’t notice It so I tried that exact game situation for you now and It didn’t happen. As you told us, “a One time bug” occurred.





    Little summary after all these insightful debates about useful details :

    4AttacksNoBrain Winning Team
    Thunderbird – Sonic Wand
    Treasures Hunter – Ballista
    Samurai – Titan
    Bard – Nightmare

    UseYourIllusions Team
    Illusionist – Sonic Wand
    Bard – Nightmare
    Samurai – Titan
    Treasures Hunter – Ballista

    *aggressive option #1* switch THunter for Skullkers – Ballista
    *aggressive option #2* switch Bard for Seadog – Punisher

    SelfHealing Team
    Illusionist – TimeJump
    Priestess – Nightmare
    Treasures Hunter – Ballista
    Samurai – Titan

    Last team… but not least… ;-)

    GoForTheThroat Team
    Samurai – Titan
    Treasures Hunter – Ballista
    LightningBird Bird – TimeJump
    Seadog – Punisher

    this very last team gave me the quickest win Yesterday, during a match anything goes well (4 minutes and Snor got knocked out): during my first rage Snor got stunned and when he recovered, he soon tried to summon his allies, being caged until death in the process.

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