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  • Patch Notes 2.7.0
    What’s new in Angry Birds Epic 2.7.0?
    Do you believe in love at first flight? You will, during our upcoming Valentine event: it’ll feature a limited Valentine Class Upgrade for Cannoneer! What a love bomb! Also, get excited & make heart-eyes for the 5 NEW Cosmic Class Upgrades that you can unlock in the future events & check out the loooong list of balancing changes we’re bringing, many of which were heavily inspired by YOUR feedback in our Facebook poll!
    Of love & other cosmic creatures:

    This love bomb will be a limited Class Upgrade during the Valentines event:
    Valentines Cannoneer
    10% more attack damage
    Passive ability “Jealousy”: 15% chance on every attack to remove all buffs from the target. Heals by 15% for every buff.
    Stay swooned for these 5 new Cosmic Class Upgrades that will come soon:

    Cosmic Samurai
    10% more attack damage
    Passive ability “Lifeleech”: Every attack heals by 15% of damage dealt

    Cosmic Mage
    10% more attack damage
    Passive ability “Evil Trick”: Deals 30% bonus damage when health is below 50%

    Cosmic Cleric
    10% more health
    Passive ability “Reflection”: Reflects 20% of damage taken to all enemies

    Cosmic Capt’n
    10% more attack damage
    Passive ability “Vital Force”: Increases healing received from all sources by 20%

    Cosmic Rogues
    10% more attack damage
    Passive ability “Refusal”: The Rogues take 20% less damage from debuffed enemies.

    Improvements and Balancing changes:

    The Balancing Act: Here is the looong list of balancing changes we made, thanks for your feedback. Read if you dare:

    Class changes:
    Paladin: Heal on attack is reduced from 40% to 30% of damage dealt, damage reduction of support skill is increased from 35% to 40%.

    Guardian: Duration of shield is increased from 3 to 4 rounds.

    Stone Guard: Damage is increased from 2×60% to 2×65%.

    Illusionist: Damage is increased from 80% to 100% & damage spread of the debuff is increased from 25% to 35 %. Support buff duration is increased from 2 to 3 turns.

    Cleric: Attack damage is increased from 100% to 110%, healing from attack is increased from 20% to 25%.

    Bard: Initial healing from support skill is increased from 10% to 15%.

    Priest: Attack damage is increased from 2×55% to 2×70%.

    Witch: Effectiveness of damage and heal over time effect is increased from 15% to 20%.

    Challenger Witch: Effect of healing on banner is increased from 15% to 25%.

    Cannoneer: Support skill damage (counter) is increased from 40% to 80%.

    Berserk: Attack base damage increased from 85% to 105%.

    Marksmen: Initial damage is increased from 2×35% to 2×50%, volley damage of debuff is increased from 25% to 35%.

    Scarecrow Skulkers: Damage reflect is reduced from 30% to 20%.

    Set item changes:
    Red’s Protector’s Aura: Damage reduction is increased from 15% to 20%.

    Red’s Primal Power: Bonus damage per removed buff is increased from 85% to 100%.

    Red’s Banner Breaker: Chance to trigger is increased from 25% to 50%.

    Chuck’s Time Jump: Chance to trigger is increased from 15% to 25%.

    Matilda’s Perfect Balance: Bonus rage is increased from 35% to 50%.

    Matilda’s Cleansing Light: Chance to trigger is increased from 35% to 75%, healing per bird is increased from 5% to 15%.

    Bomb’s Scissors: Damage is increased from 40% to 60%.

    Bomb’s Gladiator’s Punch: Bonus damage to banner is increased from 50% to 75%.

    Blues’ Shadow Steps: Evasion chance is increased from 10% to 20%.

    Blues’ Cheater: Chance to trigger is increased from 50% to 100%.

    Arena Banner changes:
    Hocus Pokus: Life leech is increased from 10% to 30%.

    Bedtime: Stun chance is increased from 8% to 18%.

    Perfect Balance: Rage generation is increased from 50% to 100%.

    Might: Bonus damage is increased from 10% to 25%.

    Pig Squire: Chance to reduce cooldown is reduced from 65% to 50%.

    Resurrection Emblem: Chance to revive is reduced from 30% to 25%.

    Who doesn’t love new shortcut buttons in the world map? Take the fast route to Dojo & Chronicle Caves.

    Arena hassle no mo’: Due to the increased competition for the new seasonal rewards, the top 5 players will now be promoted to the next league.

    We added a visual indicator to highlight your current step in the story campaign on the world map

    We further optimized the daily cinema.

    Meltdown: Snowy splash screen & app icon have been changed. It’s gettin’ warmer as you read this!

    Bug fixes:
    Auto battles on full throttle: We fixed a nasty bug that sometimes caused auto battles to freeze – especially when using Rage Chili on the Blues.

    Players could win a Class Upgrade from the Arena reward chest twice. This has been fixed & affected players who contacted our CS received a replacement reward.
    And a dozen more minor bugs got smashed.

    Note to our Android users:
    Google Play users now need to have 2.7.0 installed to keep playing Angry Birds Epic – previous game versions are no longer supported. This requires Android 4.4 or higher. If you are still running on Android 4.3 or lower, please upgrade your system or change your device. Don’t forget if you switch devices: To sync your game and not lose any progress, you’ll need a Rovio-ID.

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  • werehamsta

    Blues’ Cheater: Chance to trigger is increased from 50% to 100%

    Who wins if two Cheaters clash?

    Coach MP

    Simple question, please.  Does Matilda’s perfect balance only benefit her attacks (increase in rage fill by 50%)?  Or does it apply to your total bird team and all of their rage chili generation?  Thanks in advance!

    ~zXion JV♡我爱你

    Shit this balance will ruin the game (some of them) I mean why would you still buff priest? Its already OP af



    I’m happy to observe that with this 2.7 version they are trying to revamp the game starting from letting us to try and reinvent new use for past sub-par classes and game mechanics.

    Before 2.7, Valiant set and Resurrection were almost anywhere for a reason; they were broken, too strong. Despite the facts I’m using them, I’m happy to see them a little bit underpowered because it stimulates me to try different ways to win arena games.

    I’m waiting for the next Arena season reward only to try to catch Challenger Witch, one of the (actual) “monster” class of the game.

    Ice Lightning Bird and its dodging ability along side its 10%/10% is actual the most versatile class upgrade elite for Chuck.

    Marksmen upgrade gave to this class the needed boost to bè considered the best one among Blues ones.

    Cosmic Samurai is going to be gamebreaking especially when coupled with a splash damage weapon like Dragon Breath.

    Any underpowering action taken over most abused classes and game mechanics is letting me to re-think to other past quickly discarded options.

    Many old weapons could bè used with profit nos that their triggering rate effects have been riservate a bit…


    …if Rovio want to really balance the game they NEED to stop letting opponents’ TimeJump, Punishers and SetReset trigger ANYTIME they hit us. :-)

    Did they write somewhere which Will bè the LAST Level Cap upgrade? maybe 100 or not? what do you think?


    After some time away, I returned the other day to, surprisingly, find that the game is STILL crashing while connected to Facebook…. how has this not been fixed? This issue has been going on for a looooong time and it’s quite annoying. Surely I am not the only one?



    About the only thing you can do is open up a support ticket with Rovio.  I ran into a similar problem among others with 2.4.0 and after a lot of teeth-pulling, they monkey-patched the problem by having me create a new Rovio account and then transferred my progress from my old account.

    There doesn’t seem to be a very big support team though, which is probably why cleanup of 2.4.0 took so unacceptably long, so it might take awhile for them to get to you.  They might be starting to catch up after all the grief I’ve been giving them in the last few months, but it still took them 11 days to respond to the ticket I opened last month, so it would be best to open up a ticket ASAP.


    none of the new classes available winning this Valentine event? I can only gran my last Legacy Cleric… so sad..

    which is your reward?



    Same problem here with only the Legacy Pirate available.

    Some people already stated it on their FB page and at least one sent them a ticket to know if it’s normal or not :-)

    Edit : Solved


    ok, now I’m going to win Cupideon Cannoneer, :-)


    With this latest JARSU, now we know that they’re already looking ahead on what to do with the rewards chest if and when they run out of ideas for new headgear.  I don’t know if the 10,000 mastery some of us saw is sustainable since it only showed classes that aren’t already at max, but it’s a clear sign that they’re trying to figure out what else they could put in there.


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