Can't pass gold

  • I play on a mini iPad. Never missed a game a game from day one. Cannot achieve any high scores. Or top the high scores achieved in beginning of each week. Power ups and various slings give me lower scores. Wingman is lame. My strongest sling is Christmas tree. Been bounced back to SILVER last week. Came in 2nd. Now back in GOLD. Currently I place 13 in game. Is it just me about power ups and slings slowing down? Any ideas and suggestions? I know it is just a game and not to take it seriously. Thanks. Have a great game.

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  • Dixi 60

    I don’t have experience of iPad Mini but guess you are not the only player on this platform. Hopefully someone will come along and help.

    Do you take a look at the weekly ABF’s Walkthroughs? Sometimes other members have different methods of play to our own. It’s often good to see what others are doing.


    Thanks for your reply. I just joined this forum to figure out what is what. I honestly don’t know anything about different platforms. I thought the game plays on anywhere equal. I am 70 years old and loving the challenge. I looked at the Walkthroughs. Just don’t have any of the expected UMPF with the power ups and WING Man. Again thank you

    Caw Caw

    Hi @roswpell.
    The platforms can make quite a difference depending on the level. Sometimes it favours PC (via facebook) and sometimes the mobile (phone and i-pad etc) are better. There is also BlueStacks which is a mobile emulator which allows you to play as if it is your android device on your PC. Helps with getting precise aiming points down.
    Sometimes it is a slight adjustment of your aiming point or sling that makes all the difference.
    If you are ever stuck send me a message and I can get back to you with a strategy or video. It may not be right away but I’ll try and check in from day to day.


    Thank you for your reply. I only play on iPad. I am not familiar to do these games on laptop. Is there another app you might know that would help. I just want to get up in another league instead of bouncing back and forth silver and gold. Why are my power ups slagging. I actually get better results with out them but not good enough.
    Have a great day.


    Normally power ups can help quite a bit, of course, depedning on how they are being used. Have u ever tried to use more than one PU at one time? With the Wingman, you can use 3 at a time including the powerful sling and the one makes the birds bigger. That is the most effective if you would like to destrcut massively. Good luck.

    I’d been playing AB and ABF on iphone since day one and cannot stop loving it.

    Happy Birding.


    Great advise. I will try it. Thanks


    I honestly don’t understand. Last week I ranked 8th and earned enough to pass into diamond league. Yet I am still in gold. I am not getting this. Can you please explain? Thanks


    Gold 8th place earns you +15 points.

    So from what your saying , you had 585/590/595 and the +15 points for being in Gold 8th place would make you 600(or more) and move you to Diamond. If i’m correct , then yes it would/should have.

    Also note, you should have had a green flag if you were going to move up to Diamond while sitting in 8th place. No green flag if you were NOT going to advance.

    Red circle shows the green flags on those that will advance. Purple circle , will get you to your last weeks finish information. Blue circle is your current level after last weeks finish.


    Thanks. I see what happens this week.


    has anyone achieved top ranking playing on mini iPad who can give me some pointers on how to get out of gold. In this weeks game #4 I scored 246440 which ranks on my score board #1. I proudly entered the score only to see others have achieved higher scores. How can that be? I am playing through Facebook. I appreciate all input. Thank you.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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