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  • Hey everyone!
    I enjoy ABTF since 1.5 year now and being at 496 rank (not much I believe) and went through all recent events. So far reaching default 550 tokens per day wasn’t a problem. It was possible even when missing few hour-by-hour added nodes. But this event now seems to be impossible to get 550 tokens without spending gems. How much is it required to get 100 tokens level? 40000? Is it 29 rounds available per day? If yes, it is 1380 required per round. Really difficult. Weeks ago events used to be exciting fun, now these are just disappointing.

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  • Raxor

    They’ve hardened the way to get 550 tokens since the 2nd anniversary update.

    I have to say that they want us to pay for gems so we can keep up with it, it’s also during that moment they put ways for us to buy tokens, before they didn’t do it.


    I think they want to kill this game off as there can’t be any other reason to keep messing about with it like they are.


    Was in a very competitive and high scoring cohort yesterday. Reached 550 tokens at 54000 but only after 4 gems recharges. I may have missed 2 free recharges.


    Did my normal game play yesterday and finished second just shy of the 80 token level. No recharges. Since I already have everything offered in this event, I only played for a full day since the time change has me all screwed up for the bonus time blocks. Was in first most of the day. This is the only time I allowed a sniper since I wasn’t going to spend gems just to block him.

    The Dark Knight

    Man 3 nodes in a row with Pig Boss all one after the the other i can’t explain why… This event is so much ruthless But i don’t care to win anything since i have all the items.

    But it’s the worst so far event!


    I don’t have Starscream yet so was really glad seeing it available when the event started, especially 5000 seemed quite achievable within 7 days. But now recognizing it as impossible at normal daily playing without gems spending. I’ll just wait for another chance maybe? Yesterday it wasn’t that bad with red blocks required, approx 1200 points per round seemed good. Today hard again with green blocks required, 500 per round approx? Tired… If they do it to make people buy tokens, ok, but not for me. I paid them real money few times long ago when the game was at its early stage and really enjoyable. Said to myself, why not? Few dollars for improvement? Fair enough. But now? Forget it… Bored, annoyed and do not see any views for future e.g. new lands. What freshness would new characters bring to playing same nodes? I don’t know how all of you but at this point I really don’t see any interesting perspective if no new lands are discovered for example. Thanks all!

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Bludgeon & Brawl event – is 550 possible?

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