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  • It looks like every bird has one class that must be bought with gold coins. Say I was to only buy 2, which ones would you recommend?

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  • VerasGunn

    I haven’t been able to buy any others, but I bought the Paladin and it’s absolutely invaluable. Strong hitter, nice tanking ability to put on other characters, and it’s heal can be very helpful in addition to whatever your white bird is classed as. The Bard also looks like it would be very helpful.


    Paladin, hands down the best. I got Sea Dog and don’t think it’s really worth the price. Working toward another one now.


    Good to hear, I was thinking Bard and Sea dog were the best, but it looks like I will have to get paladin.


    Many high leveled players seem to have the following for each bird:

    Red – Paladin
    Chuck – Wizard
    Matilda – Bard
    Bomb – Sea Dog
    Blues – Spies


    Now that I’ve had a chance to play with all the “premium” classes, here’s how I would rate them:

    1 – Bard. Not even close. Never play without her.
    2 – Paladin. Best #2 unless facing Dodge.
    3 – Thunderbird. Best #2 versus Dodge.
    4 – Sea Dog. Barely worth it for Gang Up, but must keep healthy.
    5 – Skulkers. Not worth it, IMO. ANY other Blues class better!

    The first three I use consistently. Frankly, I’ll use Pirate more than Sea Dog for power. If I need to dispell enemy benefits, then I use Tricksters with Paladin (no Dodge) or Thunderbird (Dodge).

    I very much welcome others opinions on these!


    @tobyv Do you mean Bard instead of Druid? I feel for most cases, Bard is a more useful version of Druid since you can maintain powerful attacks while healing in the background instead of the Druid taking up a turn each time with healing. Druid is still good against Dodge and the additional damage for 3 turns.


    @tomc : Yes, I meant Bard, which is the premium (lucky coin) class. I fixed above.


    Should I spend my gold coins on paladin before getting the golden cauldron and the golden chili ?


    @sam114218 I suggest you get the Paladin for Red first, its useful against the Star Reef levels around the castle with Princess.


    Ok thanks :)

    The Red Bird

    One of the best set ups in the whole game, only really unusable in the winter area and very last boss is Paladin, princess, cannoneer.

    Paladin buff himself for damage reduction, cannoneer buff the paladin so he counter attacks when hit, causing him to constantly deal damage and heal when hit. The princess can attack to make all enemies “stick to the tank” and free heal him. It works like a charm. You have dispels, constant Aoe from pigs hitting the tank, the black birds bomb special, its wonderful against any non dispel pigs or pig fights that require purging enemy pig buffs, or like the last fight, needing to constantly remove all team debuffs at once.

    It even works against immunity pig teams by simply having the paladin cast his protection on the other 2 birds instead of the princess forcing the birds to attack the red bird, so its flexible and incredibly resilient.


    @redpaladin But you also need to remember, Cannoneer’s counter ability only deals 40% damage, but with all enemies targeting Red, its worth it.

    And I assume this setup also won’t work on enemies that is immune to effects, so I guess Princess’s Royal Order won’t work?

    heaven kid

    blues’ Skulkers is very useful—

    Tricksy Trick: Target bird attacks random target for 35% damage; Harmful side effects of this attack are applied to all enemies.

    when facing packs of minions,
    u can Tricksy Trick blues himself to increase ur damage by 35% to all enemies
    or use Tricksy Trick to maltida druid poison all enemies immediately.

    when facing big monster
    team up with sea dog and paladin, combo plus 35% up is amazing,
    and paladin’s healing power is benefited by 35$ too

    The Red Bird

    @RovioMaster I run this build, I beat the game with it, for the most part. Like I said, with a few exceptions. Princess will keep everyone on red and it makes him INCREDIBLY tanky, especially if he buffs himself to also take less damage. I’m just saying, it works.

    Against immunity pigs, instead of red buffing himself with the damage reduction, spend 2 turns casting it on each other bird instead, that by-passes the need for the princess to “direct” the pigs, and since it isn’t a debuff, the Red bird just jumps in the way of any other bird getting swung at, it has a similar effect. It’s just slightly less efficient damage wise, since you spend 2 turns buffing instead of one, but it still works the same overall.


    I still dont get why thunderbird and bard is so good… Someone explain?


    Bard does the highest damage out of the Matilda Classes, and has 15% (20% chance with a saucepan) chance to stun. Plus, her heal is balanced and continuous.

    Thunderbird can lower target defence power and hit everyone. This is useful against ironclad Pigs. It also gives everyone a ‘shock shield’ in 1 turn, unlike Mage who only does 1 target.

    Paladin can deflect damage whilst you heal weak birds, plus Whip Up! + Holy strike = Strong attack, lots of health regained.

    I’d definitely recommend these three.


    @heavenkid skulkers is actually kind of useless when it comes to tricksy trick, it isn’t adding 35% damage, it means it deals 35% of the damage of the regular attack of that bird, so not adding 35% but just 35% damage, but it can be useful in some situations, but here’s the shocker:
    lighting bird’s lightning fast does the exact same thing but with all the damage of the regular attack of that bird and on top of that, it puts harmful effect of that birds attack on too

    I think HeavenKid meant adding 30% extra damage to enemies, not 35%. Their normal attack makes the target pig take an additional 30% damage, not 35%.

    Yes, the Lightnig Bird makes a bird attack someone like the Skulkers and it’s at 100% damage. Taking the Skulkers themselves as an example, if you made them attack with the Lightning bird, they will hit a random pig at 100% damage and cause that pig to take 30% more damage for the next 3 turns. If you make them attack with the tricksy trick on themselves, they will attack a random pig for 35% damage, but ALL the pigs will now take 30% more damage for the next three turns. They can make all pigs get poisoned with Matilda’s Druid, lower all pigs attack power with cannoneer, etc. I LOVE the Skulkers and they are quite useful.


    Skulker is one of my favorite birds when facing dodging and ironclad pig in one team.


    I don’t have enough lucky coins for skulkers or thunderbird… sad face…

    I was using Paladin red, Princess matilda, and capt’n for the same reasons. Capt’n because buffing red with attack power resulted to more healing. However, I didn’t think to do that with Cannoneer. A lot more healing that way.. woops.


    I’ve beat like 80% of the game including the first 4 caves with Paladin+Druid+X Zero potion usage on the Caves too so far half way through Cave 4 with that combo between level 19-23 so far through CCaves


    Josh, what do you mean with Paladin+Druid+X Zero potion usage? what’s the third bird or the combo?


    The “X” means any bird. Paladin and Druid won’t work very well in cave 4 though. You have to be able to change your strategy to fit whatever you are fighting.


    In my opinion, Bard and Paladin are the best.


    Yeah, I use Paladin almost every battle, at least where appropriate. The combination of raging him and the healing make him very valuable. Bard is also good, and is the other class I bought with LCs. Does a lot of damage, but not much healing.

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