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  • I’m a level 49. Why am I getting opponents that are over 100. I have absolutely no chance of winning. It’s totally rediculous. 

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  • ADBjester

    I agree, and was just coming here this morning to make this same post.  But the criteria is not strength + trophies (as it should be), but trophies alone.  My first week in the game, I mastered the arena after a slow start, and landed in the Champions league as only a level 29.  When I get matched against a 70+, it doesn’t matter if I land all five pigs over the line every time — the opponent’s strength plus the damage I did leads them to multiple KO’s, and my damage against them is minimal even with five in their court.

    I’d rather see a cap put on the point spread.  I can still often beat someone 15 levels above me, but not fifty.



    I agree 100% a team damage/power should be tied to trophy rank and not the actual team power. Or match make bases of player level and not this broken pointless league system


    It is absolutely asinine that head to head (or PvP) battles of any kind would not employ a better method of matchmaking. I thought Boom Beach was bad for this but these arena matches are ridiculous. Very unfortunate when this is the only way, except for the occasional chest drop, to get dungeon keys.



    Very much agree that arena matchups need to be based on more than just arena points, especially since each week all players in Champions League are reset to the same number of arena points regardless of player’s team level.

    Yaroslav Platash

    My personal “record” on arena was 16 such unbeatable opponents in a row. No comments…

    Epic Buttstomp

    Given the arena setup these days, there is no way you can knock more than 1 pig accurately over the line. I personally pick the Big Pig. That leaves 2 to harass me who in these stupid cases have less health than the other side.

    Agree with Epic, I just figured that out.  Knock his chubby carcus over the line before he attacks.  Seems to be working.  Leading the Battle Arena again and made the Level above Platinum League.  Cant recall what it is called.  I think Champions?

Home Forums Angry Birds Evolution Forum Arena matches.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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