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  • Many PC players cried when Rovio announced that no new game nor existing game releases would be available on PC from Nov. 2014, however, I just discovered one exception to this disappointing fact: Angry Birds Space v2.1.0, which was the most massive AB game update ever (30 classical levels + 260 Mirror World levels) and was officially released on Jan. 2015 somehow became available from the Steam platform at some epoch, and, at the moment of writing, still is:


    The game does not seem to be significantly different from the previous PC versions. It features all the then existing episodes (only Solar System, which was released 5 months and a half later is not there):


    The then brand new Brass Hogs levels are available:


    Together with the mission system to unlock them:


    As well as all the Mirror World levels:


    The only diffrence I could see wrt the standard, now discontinued PC game is the existence of a Leaderboard, obviously conected to Steam users:


    Unsurprisingly, those leaderboards have their lot of cheaters (see this Mithrandir guy below), but unexpectedly, they work the same way as the ABO Game Center leaderboard works, i.e., for each level the best score between non PU and PU scores are kept, which give better scores, but which is somehow inconsistent since no PU can be used on this nor any PC versions:


    If you already have the standard v2.0.0 PC version, you must pay again to get this one (since it is not purchased from Rovio but from Steam), and it costs around 5 EUR for Europe.

    Another difference is how and where the score files are kept. They are the same files as usual, but they are not in your local folder such as C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Rovio\Angry Birds Space, but instead are (at least for me) at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\somefigureshere\someotherfigures\remote . Also, there is a cloud system that syncs your local savegame with Steam’s server, so be careful when the game asks you which one one has to keep.

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  • datguygamer

    Well I am inclined to believe you but there’s one problem: If this is really the PC version, why are there Space Eagles? Angry Birds Space on PC never had Space Eagles.

    EDIT: I see now that it is not from Rovio but from Steam which means they just ported the mobile version to PC but didn’t bother removing the Space Eagle mode as they cannot be purchased on PC.



    Ever with older PC versions, you could see feathers and lightning bolts on the level selection screens which showed which levels had been feathered or completed with PU’s (this is stored in the highscores.lua), even though you could not use those from the PC version. I do not think Steam did port anything there. They may just have asked to include the Leaderboard that is connected to their servers. But such feature already exists for iOS versions.

    Bad piggies

    @sglouk This has been known for quite some time now. I do however believe this is the last update the Steam version will ever get, but it’s cool it at least got this update which the normal PC version did not.

    @sglouk Where can I download this game??????

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