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  • Hi every one : I Gould like to post my list of karts I am using. And make some questioning : while I am trying to overcome and make a lot challenges ( I am 228 ) ; the game started to ask me to do some missions with 3 karts : on some Episodes I have fully upgraded 3 but on some episodes I have only 2 . And according with @wazemank there are challenges that they ask you to do Ch. with 4 eve 5 karts…!!!! So I need to upgrade wisely…!!!! Okay here it’s my list.

    Seedway: Kart # 1 Music Maker L1 49cc. Partially upgraded
    2 Drum Roller L2. 163 CC. P.Up
    3 Tick Ticker L3. 261 CC. P. Up.
    4 Super Riaster L6 400 CC. Fully upgraded
    5 Soda Pop Sedan L6 410 CC. Fully upgraded
    6 Big Bag L6 67 CC. Cost $ 49.99 to expencive
    7 Big Bang L6 77 CC. Cost $ 49.99
    I am using the most ; the fully upgraded plus kart 2 and 3 for some challenges that’s required low CC.

    Rocky Road : Kart #1 Capster L1 281 CC. Partially upgraded
    2 Royal Snout L4 630 CC. Fully upgraded.
    3 Big Burner L4 650 CC. Fully upgraded
    4. Royal Rumbler L6 271 CC. Partially upgraded
    5 Tri-Toaster L6 281 CC.
    6 Beep Beep L6 291 CC. $ 49.99

    Air : Kart # 1 Woodwind L1 650 CC. By Gems 1,667 ( buy )
    2 High Flyer L4 990 CC. T. Upgraded.
    3 Tub Thumper L4 1000 CC. Fully upgraded
    4 Green Baron L6 728 CC. Partially upgraded
    5 Tub Copter L6 1000 CC. Fully upgraded
    6 Rapid Rider L6 650 CC. Partially upgraded

    Stunt : Kart # 1 Pork Choper L1 1010 CC. By gems 5,065 ( buy ) to expencive.
    2 Barbequick L2 1120 CC. Partially upgraded
    3 wall Magnet L4 1350 CC. Fully upgraded
    4 Mega Rocket L6 1311 CC. 90% upgraded need 2 bars on Hanging and speed for being fully upgraded; for a while works very good for me.
    5 Shoemerang L6 1089 CC. Partially upgraded
    6 Dragster Snout L6 1010 CC. $ 49.99

    Well here it’s one of my points of view : I am using real money on carts I did pay $2.99 on 4 Karts each ; and $ 9.99 on 4 Karts each….. !!!! But I forgot which ones are ” Hasbro Karts ” or pay karts with real money…!!! Also I don’t really know which or my Karts are Free mode.!!!
    Which of these Karts you are playing on free mode…. Please tell me.
    I know it was a big mistake to buy karts…!!! But I did it because I was very slow making unlocking characters . I remember once I got the karts I got it I did unlock the characters very fast . Know .!!!

    I need to upgrade some of these karts to pass challenges using 3,4 and even 5 Karts.
    Other happens I am on Game Center and untill know I did fully upgrade 8 over the 12 Hasbro Karts the number 9 next I thing it’s over 85% upgraded so very close to upgrade Kart #9 and the other 3 to complete the 12 will be during my upgrading karts….!!!!
    So you guys @wazemank ; @kamenev-spbgma ;@rost and @ausername … Do you thing so free mode Karts are more valuable and give better performance than money karts …!!! If yes tell me Why!!!! You wazemank sir kamenev and even @ani22 are very much more ahead of me while you already crossed the barrier of 300 challenges I am 228…!!! But for sure this upcoming week I will be very close over 300.
    But I need some help tips and great assistance from you you guys are mastering challenges very ” Rapidlly ” so I hope you understand all my points of view on this new topic.

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  • waze

    @nacho18 Don’t use more more real money :( It’s only a game…

    Anyway, here the list of Free karts I can see:
    -On Seedway: Iron Bolt, Pinky-Tonk, Big Boomer. I have all of them fully upgraded (unfortunately).
    -On RR: Card-Board (I don’t have it; it costs 251 gems), Royal Snout and Punch Box. I have last two, fully upgraded.
    -On Air: Woodwind (don’t have it -1,667 gems), High Flyer and Tub Thumper. I have last two, fully upgraded.
    -On Stunt: Pork Chopper (don’t have it -5,065 gems), Rocket Racer (have it, not fully upgraded yet) and Point Breaker (fully).

    It’s unnecessary to fully upgrade your kart. Don’t do it. I did it and now I cannot overcome those “win a race with more than 2 karts” challenges. Each free kart has 3 partial upgrades, starting at L1 and finisshing at L4. You get a partial upgrade when all the Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Strength lines become yellow, and then your kart changes from “Kart name L1” to “Kart name L2”. In the next upgrade to L3. And in last one to L4. And the most interesting thing is that those karts are different, so you can use them to overcome those “win a race with more than 2 karts” challenges.

    Regarding to differences between free and money karts… Probably, money karts can be faster and have better performance but I think the only advantage you get with them is to overcome those “win a race with X karts”. I don’t know if money karts has also partial upgrades so that you can use them more than once as different karts.

    So, nacho@18, accept please two humble suggestions:

    1: Don’t use real money
    2: Don’t fully upgrade your karts if not neccesary.

    And good luck with your next challenges. Some of them are impossible but another ones are very very easy. It’s not difficult to get more than 300.


    @wazemank thank you very mucho for your promptly response . !!!! I will ; I won’t upgrade karts If not necessary . And I’ll try to do not spent real money …!!! You right it’s only a game but about you guys I am really behind . So excuse me some times I am very defeated …!!! So I don’t want to be that way and my inmediatly acction even it’s not right it’s ..!!! Just pushing myself ; wrongly ; but ; one point GO AHEAD MYSELF: cost but …. Choices!!!
    Well ; know I am relaxed and thinking about it . For know no more money ; and a lot try’s : HERE I AM.

    Les Toreadors

    I still don’t see the purpose of buying the money karts. The only benefit I can think of from the money karts is that you can totally customize the tuning stats.

    For instance if I wanted maximum top speed and ZERO handling for a pro-drift type handling configuration… getting a cash kart would be the only option.

    Actually… I just might try that. I am quite weary of being forced to upgrade strength and handling just to keep up with the cake capacity arms race. I don’t need strength or handling lol!


    Question, if you buy a money cart, does it sync between devices through Rovio Sync?


    Hi .@zorkel1567. Yes the money karts and even no money karts are sync. Throug ROVIO sync.

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