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  • I did not notice until now but it seems like Epic has got new achievments. They are all related to arena and events but they do not seem to fully work since I have fulfilled some of them but they are still greyed out.

    Make note that this is on Android so I am unsure of iOS achievements.

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  • whbinder

    Same here, although at least one achievement is not arena related. (Get to Chronicle Caves 10). Sadly, it also, is not unlocked, despite my beating Cave 13.

    When will these be unlockable?


    @angryjohnny I play on iPad. I don’t have these still have the notification 100% achieved.


    My achievements have stayed at 0% but I’m level 41 and have gone through all but the last cave. How do I achieve whatever it is I’m supposed to achieve?

    Angry Johnny

    @mimi27 Seems like Rovio has turned off achievements so players can not get them for now. Hopefully the next update will re-enable them again.

    Angry Johnny

    For those that wants to know, here are the new achievements:

    Arena Master – Reach the first place in diamond league
    Diamonds are a bird’s best friend – Reach the diamond league
    Rocky road – Reach the stone league
    Silver star – Reach the silver league
    Golden boy – Reach the gold league
    Platinum Dreams – Reach the platinum league
    Mission accomplished! – Complete 100 arena objectives
    Defeat them all! – Win arena battles and defeat every bird class
    Play them all! – Win arena battles with every bird class
    Standard bearer – Obtain a complete bird banner set
    Meet Terence – Enter the bird arena ship
    Top of the flock – Complete any league on the first place
    Cave delver – Complete 10 chronicle caves
    Battle master – Win 100 arena battles
    Curse of the Necromancer – Complete an undead event
    For the Pirate King! – Complete a pirate event
    Under the Cloud of Night – Complete a ninja event
    Champion for once – Reach the first leaderboard position in an event

    Green Whacker

    I don’t think iOS have achievements cuz I’m not finding them?

    Angry Johnny

    @dragonofheart73 Yeah, they are only for Android so far but not enabled so you can not earn them. They are only listed.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Angry Birds Epic has new Achievments

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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