Angry birds – bird island

  • Tried this game out yesterday, somehow I missed it whenever it came out (remember when this site notified us of every little AB event?).

    Its in something called Roblox. I suppose Rovio is experimenting with different delivery platforms to see where new users can be found.

    Anyways, if I could move around these 3d worlds better I might like this game but it’s not a skill I’ve been able to master. I spent most of the time just trying to figure out how to move and could not figure out what I did when my bird did move. Then I somehow turfed myself out of the game and couldn’t get back in so I have no idea if I’ll go back and try it again.

    So, this game seems to have more potential but the slingshot side of things didn’t seem to need any aiming input from me so that won’t grab my interest. But I could be wrong, I’m no good at these 3D world type of games and I’ve tried maybe a dozen (mostly in the mystery/escape room genre) and I never even finish the first area; just get frustrated and delete the game.

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  • Chicken Lover

    Yeah, it’s a strange, but interesting approach Rovio is taking with the franchise. With that and the release of “Rovio Classics: Angry Birds” at the end of this month, I wonder what else the company will do…


    Well, I have no interest in games needing a separate playing area , I.E., games that need Steam, Roblox, Apple Arcade, and especially as this game requires no slingshot skill I have deleted it! 😝

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