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  • I received the Easter Druid hat and have noticed an amusing bug with it. Its passive ability is a 15% chance to deal a 50% increase in healing. Fine. Way cool. But the neat thing is that if you use Easter Druid once in Arena, then switch to something else, say Witch, Witch also has a 15% chance to deal 50% increase in healing. This opens the possibility of all sorts of benefits, like using Sweet set with Blessed set to fully restore your banner with one turn.

    For example, Witch/Nightmare for me, after using Easter Druid can deal around 20,000 health (normally she is 13,000). It’s a huge help against those cursed teams with the mythic time jump emblem.

    Of course, if you didn’t get Easter Druid, this is of no use to you. But the lesson here is that I doubt Rovio/Chimera have fully tested for all of these sorts of bugs, and I bet with all the new classes and abilities there are other crossover things that might be helpful. Maybe we should start a thread of ones we find?


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  • datguygamer

    These kinds of beneficial things shouldn’t be shared publicly as they get fixed pretty fast. So if you do start threads, prepare to see them go away that soon as well.


    I thought of that, but some of these things are so “weedy” it doesn’t seem worth it to fix. It’s not costing Rovio money in the sense people are getting game assets from it.

    But ok, never mind. It’s an amusing bug for Easter Druid, but I boned it for everyone.

    Yay me!


    I noticed the same with Cosmic Samurai.  Passive every attack heals 15% of damage. After that, all my Red classes start to heal themselves.


    due to many subtle, positive but each other additive bugs, some arena battles became unplayable during last two weeks fights.


    without a Cleric in play but with a Witch, both Bomb and Chuck can heal the other allies …not like a Cleric but like a Witch!!!

    without Ice Lighting Bird in play, Chuck and other allies gained Dodge special ability

    without a Witch supporting your allies, you are almost always easily overwhelmed by :
    – vendicative emblem ( more than 5000 damages each opponents’ bird killed)
    – time jump emblem ( enemies almost always attack 6 times while you 3)
    – set-reset almost shut you down frequently even when you are playing valiant set for a quicker recovery periodo
    – punisher set fists you almost always for 20000 and more damages regardless the game situation.
    – opponents’ weapons that Can splash damages, always splash damages like dragons.

    Indeed, whike It is still possible to win against these “nightmares”… It is very frustrating to play such an unbalanced game set.

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