Update 1.2.12: Advanced Pig Machine; 1000 Star Collection Reward.

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  • ThomasSpeedrunner

    I got a bunch of set items from the 5x Rainbow Riot, all shown to be level 29:
    Red – Dragontooth, Titan’s Wrath
    Chuck: Chronometer
    Matilda: Honey Spoon, Demise, Yang
    Bomb: Rock, Golden Pistol, Candy Bomb
    The Blues: Angry Birds Plushies
    Those in bold are new, the others are upgraded versions of set items I already had.

    tl;dr I got a lot of stuff.

    …I really shouldn’t be gambling on the GPM this much when I still have so many classes to buy…this was from tons of LCs spent, probably around 100-something =P

    Ryogo Kusama

    Honestly, if I were you I wouldn’t spend LCs at all till level 50/45/40… leveling is really easy and the items you’re getting now (even the set items) will be useless in a couple of days due to the difference in stats.
    I suggest you to spend LCs on everything else (Golden Chili/classes) before testing your luck with the machine, atleast until you have more levels in the bag, but of course it’s up to you to decide.


    Well, to be fair, I already have the Golden Chili and the Golden Cauldron, and aside from Illusionist and probably Sea Dog, there aren’t really any classes I want that I don’t already have.

    There’s also the fact that the items in the Chronicle Caves, while really good as set item substitutes, become useless once you have set items (up to a certain point based on the level of said set items) and are really hard to get without a billion friends and a bunch of Friendship Essence. At least, from my experience, that is. :v


    Dude, at level 29, you should be saving your LCs for hats – Sea Dog is great!


    Let’s make it clear, guys. The best items are the set ones. They are stronger, having increased bonus on their “ability” (vigor, might, vitality…) and the set bonuses are really worthy. You musn’t lie to yourself that the cave items are a good substitute. And when it comes to classes, be sure to get them ASAP. I’ve lost many chances for promotion in the arena because of losing 3000 points for not owning the Thunderbird class. Finally, I decided to save up for it and i already have 190 lc.

    Ryogo Kusama

    I never said in my previous post that the cave items are good substitutes… I just said it’s really easy to pack up levels in a couple of days, so spending LCs before getting to higher levels is really a waste of money imho.
    It doesn’t matter how good the set items are, if you roll them when you’re level 29, they will be sub-par in a couple of levels, considering the max level right now is 50.
    Taking into account how much Rovio changed the leveling speed, it’s not hard to reach max level (or atleast 40-45) in a couple of days, so I think you can resist the urge to spend LCs till then… when the latest level cap was introduced, it took me just a couple of hours before hitting max level again, so I can assume it is even faster (if not the same) at low levels.
    My suggestion here is to focus more on your level before spending LCs (large sums, that is) on rolls, the final result will surely be better and you will have more LCs saved up for everything else.
    I have myself all classes and set items (missing 3 for my current level), gold cauldron/anvil, and even if I’m not aiming for the diamond ones, I know there will always be something to spend LCs on, in the future… so saving LCs up and/or spending them in a smart way is always a good thing.


    I surpassed 1000 stars and got the advanced pig machine. As luck would have it, I had a video free spin at the same time and got a set item. This morning I got another video free spin and got another set item (one of the new ones)! So I’m two-for-two on the advanced pig machine with be video free roll. I had one free roll using McCool and got the same old junk.


    I apologize if this is posted somewhere else, but does anyone know where all of the stars are? I have 1022 stars and it says I need 1056 to get my next reward. I know where to get a couple stars in places where I have two but I don’t know about the other 30. I’ve completed all of the levels that I know of, so this is a little confusing. Thank you for your help.

    Angry Johnny

    @jewlsdeluxe Those 30 stars have not been unlocked in the game yet, nobody have 1056 stars. Rovio updated the stars count in the last version but “forgot” to add any way to get them. A mistake on their part :-)


    @angryjohnny Oh, thank you. That’s been bothering me for a while and I thought I missed something. I appreciate your help!

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