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  • Below are the accessories available in the Token Exchange, once you unlock E-OP.

    @gradientturtle7 … Are these exclusive to the competition? Or will they be available for sale via gems afterwards?

    The CNY hat, is probably limited time, comp only. How about the other 2?

    Epic OP, accessories

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  • aVIP2u

    For those interested, on ABTDP there are lots of pictures of E-OP, his description, the other accessories you can already buy with gems, etc.


    2 star Accessories for 2000 tokens each and to just find out about them today? This would’ve changed everyone’s strategy for the entire challenge. You’ve really shown your disregard for your players this time. Pretty lame Rovio, pretty lame. smh.


    @avip2u They are both currently exclusive to the competition, so once it ends, you won’t find them for gems. The jet pack fits on his arms slot, and reduces the heat up of the weapon (similar to Energon Grimlock’s sword). The medallion fits on his chest slot, and gives his weapon a lethal touch (similar effect to Bumbleebee’s exhaust).

    So both exclusive, (for now).



    Are you aware of any plans to offer another chance at nemesis prime? As the world seems to be collectively playing themselves to death to obtain epic prime, it would be nice to have another chance to obtain his squad mate for players not around at that time. ?


    @arceemega @gradientturtle7
    Correct my math if I’m wrong:

    Total number of prizes (excluding coins):
    6000 Epic Prime
    5000 Epic Prime accessoires
    4000 Accessoires (Grimlock)
    = total of 15.000 tokens necessary to unlock everything

    The event runs for 8 days, right?
    A absolute max of 1550 tokens per day can be earned, which means we can earn 12.400 tokens in total MAX… This can’t be right, there’s no way to earn everything?

    If this is the case, can you also tell us the stats of the other accessoires like the dragon hats? That makes chosing easier.


    If you achieve all daily challenges (550 tokens) and win first place (1000 tokens) and do so every day for all 8 days, you can get a maximum of 12400 tokens.

    6000 = Epic OP
    4000 = 2 ‘normal’ EOP accessories
    1000 = CNY hat for EOP
    3000 = all 3 CNY dragon hats
    1000 = one last CNY hat

    This adds up to 15000 total ?!

    In addition, the experiences over at ABTDP are that, to achieve the above takes about 600 gems per day unless you live on a very rigorous schedule (waking up half way through the night, etc). That’s approximately 4800 gems. A bit less if you stop at 10000 tokens needed for just EOP and the 2 normal accessories.

    And gems cost, at best, a little less than $0.01/gem, making the cost over $40.



    @henjovr LOL our posts are the same


    Like in Real Life, I think we have to be realistic and accept that we’ll never be able to own everything. I do think that the TFs should all be reasonably attainable – but happy for them to be one off, limited time only things like in the contests or for purchase. I think the current one requiring 6000 tokens in 8 days, especially since the “progress” tokens are so difficult to get this time, is getting pretty close to not being reasonably attainable. But happy for exclusive accessories to be missed provided characters can be upgraded to a functional level by other means.


    @henjovr @avip2u separated at birth, lol.


    So are we assuming that the Lion Hat is also +8% Defense?

    Seems to me that buying a pair of Headphones in the Barracks Upgrade Store for 25 gems to get a +5% damage boost is a better deal than the time and effort and gems that you’d have to spend to earn the 1,000 tokens you’d need for the Lion Hat.

    Especially since early reviews of EOP have commented that his firepower is fairly poor.


    This is not good atleast accessories should be available to purchase with gems this is too much. So ppl want to get everything should not get sleep and play 24×7 to get this things.
    This is sad.


    Looks like I won’t be getting any accessories since I still haven’t unlocked EOP. Wish they would have been revealed at beginning and I probably used a different strategy. Oh well, life goes on.


    @ph Think of it as a blessing in disguise. Now you have a reason to sit back and rest and not kill yourself trying to earn tokens.

    The +5% Damage headphones for 25 gems is a much better deal anyway.


    @optimuspig, He doesn’t even have EOP so that 5% damage headphones is no use for him. Also, maybe rather than a blessing that might be salt rubbed over wounds as that would mean a squad forever left incomplete.



    He said that he “still” hasn’t unlocked EOP, but the sub-text I am getting from @ph’s comment is that he’ll end up with enough for EOP before the CNY Event ends, but not enough to get any of the accessories.


    @optimuspig You are correct, I was able to unlock EOP after yesterday’s comp but without using a lot of gems to get the 550 daily plus 1st place for 2 days there will be no extras.


    So it looks like I’ll only have enough tokens to get one of the 2000 accessories, the jetpack or the medallion. Which one do you think I should get?

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