• An improvement idea:  we have always been able to unlock accessories with event tokens; it would be great if we could also upgrade accessories with event tokens.  This would further add interest to some of these events where it’s otherwise just overpower or crates.  There are so many of the accessories that take 25 gold crystals to get to level 3 that a token shortcut would be nice.

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  • Pako

    I do really like the idea. Also, why not making them available through golden crates as well?


    @fortressmaximus do you ready to spend your 2500 event tokens (or more) for accessoryes upgrade (most of wich are useless), while you can spend 1200 event tokens for a gold crate, which have a chance to give an overpower or gems? Me – never!

    gold crates already gives alot of garbage, like 1 green cry or pigs. Want useless accs upgrades for useless TF’s there? Accs unlocking already exist in gold crates btw.

    You guys really know, how to make game even more worse.


    How does it make the game worse to give you options that you won’t choose anyway?  Granted that this would have a fairly minor impact, but for some of the events I can see using tokens this way.  More choices are better than fewer choices, even if some of them aren’t what you would choose.


    @papakarlo, while golden crates give out accesories, it doesn’t do the same with their upgrades. I will take accesory upgrades over pigs or coins or crystals any time. I find them more useful.

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