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  • There are two ways which I know of:-
    1) Hack the save file. Most of the online games save highscores in clients computer itself. Flash games are more prone to this attack as they save a file called “something.sol” under C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\RandomString\sitename.com\ or somewhere along that line depending on the OS one is using. Players can easily access this file using many softwares available online eg. Sol Editor. They can change scores, level available depending on the things it stores. Two ways of countering it:-
    Save everything as hex. Everything is stored in string format and changed to hex. It is then decrypted at run time.
    Save the scores, level completed on server.
    2) Run time hack. This hack is done when the game is running. Cheat Engine is popular software. Players track the variables like score and after identifying the right variable they can change its value which is reflected in the game itself. Countering this is hard but measures can be taken like storing the variable in crypt format and displaying the decrypted score, this makes it hard to track.


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  • Buster

    Man, if these geniuses put their brains to work on something useful, we’d have cured cancer and climate change by now.

    they dont even care bruh,loyal players getting banned and hackers are always on top of leaderboards every single day these “so called”
    game maker dont even give a damn about a regular player this community is best but if these things keep going on this community will be dead soon


    Don’t you just love how some gaming companies tells you that they can’t do this or that, because it does not prevent cheating effectively 100% or how thay avoid the questions about cheaters being a problem at all?

    “Oh, this could make it more difficult for hackers to operate, but we don’t want to implement it, because it’s not 100% effective… and if it would be, someone would find a way around it anyways. We may only do things that makes abusers less easy to detect and then pat ourself back for doing such a wonderful job. Honest players may be harmed by doing that, but hey… it’s not our fault”


    Ok, maybe that was a bit too salty… ;)


    nvm even if they remove hackers (which they are not trying at all) they leave thier jobs on system but hackers are smart af they run op kind of scripts which system cant detecte them (unless we report a hacker) rovio developers need to ban them manually.otherwise cheaters will never get caught. this game is still full of bugs,glitches.i didnt denied your fact,thats excatly what game makers doing they just making game (better and better) and dont even caring about other things (like) hackers,bugs,glitches,UI!!


    It is, in fact, easier to break something than prevent it of breaking.


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