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  • Not sure if this has been posted before, but I thought it might be helpful.

    To me, some of the most difficult challenges are the ones where they ask you to “collect less than five coins” or “splat less than seven fruit”. Well, with regard to the fruit splat ones, I have found that if you pull back on the slingshot and wait for several seconds before launching, the opponent(s) will get a head start and actually splat a lot of the fruit themselves, giving you more of a clear path to maneuver through, giving you a better chance at not splitting much fruit. I hope that this may be a useful tip to any of you who are having difficulty with these challenges.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to collect less coins? I think I need a brake pedal or a downshift button or something… :)

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  • AMslimfordy

    Crashing helps.

    Crash into a wall head-on to knock your bird out of its cart. It will restart you and significantly reduce your speed overall.


    To collect fewer coins, use the same strategy of letting other racers go in front of you. They will not collect coins, but they will also not bump you into coins (or TNT boxes, or over boost pads you are trying to avoid, etc.)

    Go as slow as possible amd stay to the edge of the course. For tricky courses with coins all the way across, use the King Pig and fly over the coins.


    Thanks to you both. I combined your advice to beat Speedway Track 1 Race Challenge 19. Granted, it’s one of the simpler ones, but it allowed me to practice your techniques :)


    hi @pba2014

    for missing coins, you can try to upgrade strength and handling while ignoring speed and acceleration. this will help you negotiate the turns better.

    another way is to memorise the course and know where are the twist and turn.

    i find it easily to miss the coin at seedway and rocky as the roads are wider.

    air is a bit difficult as the track is narrow!

    stunt the start is always a killer!!! travel way too fast… but later on should be fairly easy to miss.

    p.s. wait till you try miss the FIRST 40 or 50 obsatcles!

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