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  • I have to say that the search here does not help me find strategies for three staring cave levels with 2 birds. I don’t have a Facebook account and never will, and some like the challenge of two birds on a level. I suggest this topic as a place to post what level, what birds, hat rank, and special weapons used to three star the level. I have been having no problem with level 45 rank 7 birds (level 41 set weapons) until cave 3-10. I keep winning but apparently not fast enough to get three stars. I am also stuck on 10-3 citadel if anyone has suggestions.

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  • WhiteAsIce

    You can still recruit Pigiana Jones, Prince Porky, and Piggy McCool for free, albeit with a 12-hour cooldown. For most of chronicle caves, I used Paladin, Princess, and Pigiana Jones. Princess sets aggro on Red, Pigiana sets counter buff on Red, and Red sets shield on himself. Red should attack as often as possible, buffing himself when it’s safe to burn a turn to do so. Princess should attack until Red’s health is lower than Matilda’s, at which point Princess should throw a heal on Red. Pigiana needs to alternate buffing Red and attacking a foe, especially a foe that needs to be dispelled.

    Mighty Red

    @jmrexhau Pretty much everyone plays the game WITH Facebook friends because it eventually becomes a necessity in order to 3-star levels or even progress further, so I don’t know what makes you think you may get some suggestions for 2-bird strategies. You know you can just create a gaming Facebook account, as in, use your gaming nickname or something instead of your true identity.


    @jmrexhau I agree with @mighty-red-1. I didn’t really want FB either but when I got to cave 11 I just couldn’t beat levels without FB anymore. Even with Porky and Pigiana. So I gave in and just created a fake account for my AB games. After that I can use extremely powerful birds for caves and dungeons and I have more FE than I know what to do with. Well worth it if you ask me.


    Just be patient with the pig allies and you can do it. I only have one FB friend that plays Epic and I had completed all 13 caves (pre update). I suggest go into battle with your 2 birds, scope out the waves, then go back in with the appropriate pig. Zombies and ghosts will need Prince Porky’s grenade if you want to have hope, armored pigs grab Pigiana, when in doubt use McCool. Personally I try to save him for dungeons.


    Two birding the caves can be fun. I used paladin and wizard a lot and paladin and spies. Rouges and druid for ninjas. Potions and cakes a lot. You dont always three star but I dont really care. I made it most of the way thriugh cave nine before I got FB and I have two birded and three stared up to 14-1 and 14-2. Group damage and healing are essential for most levels.


    @jmrexhau There are a few of us who have made it all the way to cave 13-10 without Facebook friends. You just have to be patient.

    For two bird strategies (and without using pig allies), there is Spies + Wizard. I also like to use Tricksters + Rainbird and Marksmen + Rainbird in the caves. With these pairs you will want the Golden Chilli and you will probably have to feed them Veggie cakes.

    For cave 10-3.
    The pig allies have recently been enhanced, which is very helpful. However, there has also been a change to the order of healing and cleansing. Cleansing used to happen before healing, but now it is the other way around. This will affect how you use both Rainbird and Princess. Unfortunately, cave 10-3 has some Ice Shamans. The change to healing/cleansing makes it particularly difficult to deal with these.

    As a start I suggest you try Rainbird and Tricksters. For waves with Ice Shamans, you will want to eliminate these as quickly as possible. So feed the birds Veggie Cakes and give a Rage Chilli to Rainbird. I don’t know who would be the best pig ally. If you need to use a few Veggie Cakes, then bring Piggy McCool and use his re-stock ability. But if you want health and extra dispel ability, then bring Pigiana Jones.


    @jmrexhau, @laura118b and @kerravon have good advice. I also do not have a fb account for Epic, and I have completed nearly all of the first 13 caves, with a majority of 3 stars, using only the pig allies. I did exactly what laura118b does–I scope out the battle using different combinations of pairs of birds until I come up with the best pair. Then I pick a pig ally, based on what I’ve learned from the battle. I don’t waste any potions on these reconnaissance excursions–I save those for the real battle with the pig ally. Stock up on potions beforehand–farming for ingredients will help with adding mastery to your birds. You just have to be patient and play a lot.


    Hey :)

    I as well belong to the anti-Facebook minority and am definitely gonna be following this thread hoping some fine strategies pop up!
    (and please people don’t try to convince us to create even a fake account, to me it is a bit like religion : whether or not you wanna believe, out of respect I don’t try to convince people that God/Elvis/John Smith/add-any doesn’t exist, and it goes both ways I don’t want people coming to me telling me what I should think ;) I have plenty of reasons against Facebook that I’m not gonna go through but I’ll never tell any of you that you should delete your account or whatever, please let respect go both ways :) especially since this is just a game, so supposed to be fun ;) )

    So far I did everything (and 3-starred almost everything, just 5 or 6 stars left) with 2 birds only except a few bosses and from time to time I would borrow a pig ally but only when necessary.
    Most of my birds were level 41 (now 45) and are rank 7 or 8, 6 most of them but nothing yet above 8.
    I now reached cave 13 and struggling a bit with only 2 birds (stuck at level 3) so in this cave I might borrow pig allies but that replay button that rests in peace in Rovio’s basement should definitely be brought back to life at some point, such a pain in… wherever it hurts…
    Without it it is just so hard, not a single mistake is forgiven and then you get to wait 12 hours (that limit shouldn’t exist btw to my opinion).

    Anyway, any input about caves 13-14-15 would be as well much appreciated!




    @musicoftheapes Try this thread for information on completing cave 13.

    Has anyone beaten cave 11 with only pig allies?


    I’m already halfway through cave 12 with only pig allies so far, but that’s mainly because I can’t seem to find any of my friends that play the game.
    Of course, if you guys want to help me, I can put up my Facebook account on my profile.


    @korath88 I’ll send a friend request if you do. I have level 8-9 birds with level 41 set items so I should be able to help.


    I’ve been using sweet priestess and dragon paladin but I am unable to do enough damage at level 45 rank 7 birds in cave 10-3. I have three starred all but 6 levels in the first 9 caves. I will rank up this weekend as long as 137 friendship essences is enough to get the wheel in my favor.


    Delete post


    Okay here’s one I just redid. 6-5 with level 45 rank 7 sweet priestess and time wizard. Level 41 set items except level 45 spoon. Gold chili too.


    As for the original subject: I found Paladin, Princess or Rogues, and Pigiana are a great team. Paladin attacks (and heals), Princess or Rogues make sure that enemies attack only Paladin (Princess only works if Paladin has more health than both Princess and Pigiana), and Pigiana makes sure that Paladin counters all attacks. If Paladin’s attack is reasonably high, in most cave levels he will heal more damage than he takes. This team works extremely well with Red’s dragon set, because it will also do a lot of damage to enemies that don’t attack, such as wealthy rogues or brutes.

    There are a couple of sitiuations that this combination cannot cope with, though. Ninjas are a no-go (Red will not heal anything if the opponent evades), and Shamen that reduce healing will make it harder, but not impossible (Princess can cleanse). Brutes-only levels are feasible, but work better with different teams as well.

    I also find it worth noting that if your birds are really strong and well-equipped (and you are prepared to blow a lot of potions), you can 3-star many cave levels even in caves 14 and 15 without any allies (pigs or birds).


    I’ve been using dragon paladin and sweet priestess mostly. That way the healing goes to both birds, and paladins healing is upped with sweet and the targeting of priestess. These shamans have been awful, but it sounds like this mistake of heal first cleanse second will be fixed in an update, I my wait until then to continue spelunking.


    Just a small clarification: the stars are not based on “time” but rather number of turns it takes for you to win. So technically you can take 10 minutes to make a move, finish the battle in 5 hours and still get 3 stars if you didn’t use up too many turns.


    @jmrexhau — The secret to three staring the dungeons with two birds is simple. Do no play them when found. Pass them all by and go back when you are significantly leveled up. Since they are level locked until you beat them the first time. This is what I did. Once you two star one and undo the level lock they become extremely difficult to three star.


    @jmrexhau I have cleaned up this thread. Let me know if I’ve missed anything. Cheers.


    TomC right about time vs rounds. That’s what I meant.

    T_russell, too late. Had I been here first, maybe. I am ok using mccool but he really doesn’t do much. Essentially for the dungeons I need recommendations for two birds to go with mccool. I also need a place to write down what I did because I can’t remember a week later when I AM ALLOWED TO PLAY IT AGAIN. I really thought I had it figured out with that last round. Anyone have the over under for rounds before you get less than three stars? That way I could tank if I don’t make it.

    Slim, thanks.


    @jmrexhau It doesn’t work that way. Each pig is worth a certain number of points, and the points each pig awards decreases every turn until it dies. To make it more complicated, not every pig decreases at the same rate each turn, not every pig begins decreasing immediately, and pigs don’t necessarily decrease linearly (i.e. they might lose 1000 points one round and 500 the next). At some point the pig “bottoms out” and stops decreasing. Thus, when faced with four non-ghost opponents, killing three in the first round and waiting 30 rounds to kill the fourth is probably better than killing all four in the third round.

    Two suggestions. One, lots of rage cakes. With enough cakes, Wizard, and another damage bird, I believe most caves and dungeons should be easy to three-star. In some cases (battles with more waves so the 10k from the living bird doesn’t matter as much), you may even want to sideline McCool for a bird that does more when paired with Wizard’s rage. Two, leaving one enemy in each wave alive until you have a maxed rage bar so you can take as many opponents out as possible in the first turn of the next wave.

    Is 10-3 the cave you are specifically interested in? Because there is absolutely no way to track whether or not you have used Facebook, and no way prove that you have done it without Facebook (other than recording it), I don’t see the appeal, but if you have an interest in very specific rounds I might be interested in trying to help, as a small challenge.


    HarleyM, yes I am specifically looking for strategies using two birds, minimal cake/potion use, maybe free rentals on the following:
    Ghost Ship
    Trick or Treat


    I’m hoping that ranking classes up to 8 will do some of the trick, I haven’t tried yet.


    @jmrexhau Some of the bosses will be literally impossible to three star without at least a pig ally. Each full health ally alive gives 10k points, and those points are absolutely necessary for three stars.

    What is “minimal” cake use? Farming lots mastery, especially through SRC, has made snoutlings virtually worthless (and thus cakes virtually free) for many of us.


    @jmrexhau For Porktuga try Druid and Berserker. I could easily 3-star it and my birds weren’t even strong at the time. Bringing Mccool will almost ensure 3 stars as long as you finish with full health.

    Ghost Ship could be doable with either Spies or Bard and Rainbird.

    For Trick or Treat castle Druid and Captain will do you well.

    Bottemless Cave? Ha! Good luck with that one. Your best bet would be Paladin Druid and Mccool but that’s going to be a rough star to get.

    I could probably help with the caves too but I don’t remember the bosses. If you tell me them I could probably give some advice.


    Well, here’s my 3 star dungeon combos with Piggy McCool.

    Porktuga: Capt’n, Druid and McCool.

    Ghost Ship: Paladin, rainbird, McCool (Doesn’t work as well as before update)

    Floating Hoghouse: Tricksters, Rainbird, McCool

    Trick or Treat Castle: I used Paladin and Druid, but partshade’s strategy is better.

    Bottomless Cave? Don’t even bother. I’ve tried almost every combo, but none worked. You need to kill the brutes within a limited amount of turns, otherwise, just finishing with full health won’t work.

    Sunken Pyramid is rather easy. Paladin, Princess and McCool should be able to do it quite easily.

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