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  • Automatic update for Android just happened. Piggies have witch hats now and a Halloween tournament will be available later today. Played one node and game froze when loading Astrotrain. However, the update seems to have loaded OK on US Android. Comments, findings, tactics are welcome.

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  • Bossk

    New transformer, but it can only be purchased for real money (€11,99), not for gems.
    Purchasing anything will result in not getting loading ads anymore.

    I’m not paying 12 euros for a transformer though, seems kinda strange when everything else is purchasable with gems..

    Nice try Rovio.


    What is the prize for the competition? Unlocking Nemesis Prime? And how long does it last? I hope that I will be able to keep up with it when I’ll get back to the game next weekend…


    Game has changed for worse imo. Now I don’t see nod difficulty, and they’re only rewards. At least now it’s possible to swap characters in upgarde panel.
    There’s new two members squad-First of them will be Nemesis Prime, but who is the second?


    @avip2u is there a way to get this information w/o Facebook?


    Android = v1.8.9.0
    iOS = ______
    – Someone had to, so I paid the US$12 for the new bot. You also get 400 gems which normally cost $US9, and 4 accessories, 3 of which are Halloween themed and one is black sunglasses.
    – Nemesis Prime uses “pig” materials, even though it is “Red” (a bird) in the bot.
    Level 2 = 1000, 5 min
    Level 3 = 5000, 30 min
    Level 4 = 10000 + 1PI, 1 hr
    Level 5 = 25000 + 2PI, 3 hr
    Level 6 = 50000 + 3PI, 6 hr
    Level 7 = 75000 + 4PI + 1BP, 9 hr
    – Nemesis Prime weapon at low levels, shoots one energy sphere, which upon hitting the target, does some damage but also throws it up in the air, so when it lands it takes another hit from gravity. He can also transform into a vehicle even at level 1. His vehicle is the big truck like the other Optimus/Red bots.
    – Nemesis Prime is in a new squad “ICONIC TRANSFORMERS” with one other yet to be ID new bot. Tapping “?”, it states like before that completing the squad boosts income.
    – New buttons on the home screen,
    (1) Opens the Lab, but so does (as before) tapping the metal dome.
    (2) Shopping cart for purchases. The little “+” button next to gem count still works too.
    (3) The third new button advertises the Halloween competition, for smashing pumpkins etc. Opening it you see timer counting down to the start:
    ** 8pm US eastern time, Oct 21 **
    – Inside the Lab, there is a button to see all the Energonicons. I ran recipe, #35 = 2BP+1DG and it still works the same. Gems still 40% of what some of us remember they used to be. Collecting your output still dumps you out of the lab, unfortunately. The glitch where 3BI and 3PI both still give you the Energonicon (even if you got it previously) is still there.
    – Thank You rewards: I am getting HUGE numbers of “thank yous” now, as if something has been fixed. As others have posted, so far only 25 coins each, no gems.
    – Leaderboard is taking a long time to load. When it finally did, I still have only 32 people on it, and some people I know should be there are still missing, and others, that I could tell quit playing so we are no longer connected on FB, they are still there.
    – Playing a node, you are now shown the potential reward (materials or a gem) along with the bot of course, and given the chance to spend 1 gem to change the BOT before you play. The reward didn’t change the 2 times I tried this, wasting 2 gems on “research”.
    – **GLITCH** (?) — When selecting a team mate bot, while connected to FB, I am presented with the usual 3 choices. Tapping on the middle or right bot, does nothing. Tapping the left bot works. Paying 100 coins to refresh the choices, does not fix the glitch. Restarting the game, also does not work.
    – JENGA is now Halloween themed. There’s a full moon and the walking mortar tower has some glowing green accents. ETC. There are a couple of the pumpkins at the end of the shooter run (phase 2). Maybe they will count towards the contest, for those that might want to spam Jenga to grab the lead.
    – No new achievements, still 86 total.
    – Silo is still “small”.
    – Misson times & rewards look about the same as before.
    – Level 441, you become a STUNTICON. Reminds me of a rock climbing route in the SE-USA, called “Cunning Stunt”.



    I see no reason to further play this game if you have to pay for unlocking TFs, bad call.

    At least I’ll free up some much needed space from deleting this app.


    Oh well, at least besides the upgrades you can still enjoy the levels…


    And done….. paying for bots?? Hahaha last straw Suckio!! You blew it, had a decent app and now totally ruined it… on to the next game.


    @avip2u “Someone had to, so I paid the US$12 for the new bot.” Lol! You have been so helpful — without your in depth research I would have really stopped playing this game probably the second time I stopped playing (I’m currently on my 4th, but this time it may stick). I appreciate you taking one for the team…


    Awesome update. Cannot play nodes now. Nothing inside the select teammate works. Tapping outside the box, including the button the play a vide, dumps me back to the map. Can run missions and collect their reward and upgrade my bots.


    out for IOS??

    Cynical Bird

    Same, cannot run nodes, I can select it, see the companion, select an energonicon, but when it comes to pressing select it does not let me click “Select”, though I can pay the 100coins to reroll the companion. I really hope we can get Nemesis Prime via the nodes too. Haven’t had any rewards or upgrades come thru.


    Just downloaded the update with no problems playing. Thing is the new Transformer Nemesis Prime isn’t available for purchase. I did get him as a buddy and it says coming soon under the squad lists. Is there a difference between devices?

    Anyway, I really dig the nighttime full moon setting with the pumpkins, scarecrow, tombstones, and ghosts lying around. Witch pigs on brooms too.


    Yo all this new update has taken away the nod level, Very easy, easy et al and we now get rewards 1, Am I correct in thinking the reward number is the nod level????
    Rewards 1 = Very Easy??
    I’ve played a few but only got Reward 1 so I maybe barking up the wrong tree???

    Drover’s Dog

    thanks for the update review @avip2u. Think I might just sit on the fence for a while. Having to pay for a TF with real money rather than hard earned gems accrued over almost 12 months is a bit rich in my opinion, but do appreciate you taking the time and coin to do the research.


    I just found something in the update nobody noticed. Skywarp got removed! His runway isn’t on the map anymore.


    No out for IOS yet but I was wondering if the “updating progress” bug has been fixed?


    Cannot run nodes as well. Level 435, Asus FonePad 6″ HD. On my daughter’s Asus MemoPad 7″ it works okay, though (level 128). Neither I can sign in to Facebook now, even though I initially restored my progress from it.



    Same deal for me (android 4.1.2 galaxy tab 10.1) as @avip2u:
    –” **GLITCH** (?) — When selecting a team mate bot, while connected to FB, I am presented with the usual 3 choices. Tapping on the middle or right bot, does nothing. Tapping the left bot works. Paying 100 coins to refresh the choices, does not fix the glitch. Restarting the game, also does not work.” Trying to watch video to add time sends me back to the map.

    Annoyed to have to pay for a t.f.; sweetening the deal with a bunch of gems was a good idea but not nearly enticing enough for most of us I bet.

    Halloween theme is AT LEAST something cool and different to look at after playing the same old same old levels over and over again now for over 12 months. Update the map please, Rovio! 7,698 nodes of monotony played so far and this game is barely keeping my attention any more.

    Rovio continues to make it more and more difficult for people to make progress in this game rather than making it more fun by expanding the map and offering something new. Fewer materials for playing levels now with 1 max per node instead of 3 delays progress – just the latest example of Rovio working to degrade the user experience and make more money. Sad.



    Update: the above glitch i mentioned has been addressed as far as I can see. Thank you!

    I have to say that while my overall sentiments for this game are still on the negative side due to the months and months of glitches that so many of us daily players and techies find incomprehensible for a software team the size of Rovio (where quality control seems to still be in need of improvement), I continue to play. I’m a lifelong transformers fan and grew up watching the show in the 80’s so that helps.

    On the POSITIVE side (for once) its actually pretty awesome that you can pay a gem to change which character plays the nodes, ESPECIALLY eggbot intercept and golden egg dome levels. Now I don’t have to be annoyed playing a high coin potential level with Arcee and I can roll the dice for Goldslam Grimlock or h.o. bumblebee for example. Nice job, Rovio, and makes paying the 10 gem premium a little easier to swallow. I recently got over 280,000 coins playing a level, by far a new record for me. How about ensuring that all golden egg dome levels are long enough and have enough gold blocks to at least double to 100,000? Paying 10 gems and ending up with 6000 coins on a 30-second level is infuriating.

    Rovio: please continue to improve the user experience and listen to your die-hard fans who take time out of their busy days to play your game and – even more importantly – have the passion about your game to post in these forums.


    No Skywarp in the latest update (v.


    Please bring back the Nod level difficulty as you now have to play blind



    Thank you for your feedback and your continued support! It’s always helpful when we release new updates to be able to get the reaction of the game community.

    Be assured that we are aware of the demand for additional content and objectives, particularly among those players that have achieved a very high player rank. While I can’t provide any details right now, please know that it will be an area of focus for our development team over the coming months.

    Green Whacker


    I am very disappointed that iOS users can not participate in the Halloween event and is always behind in updates when Android users can be to do such things while iOS users can’t. That needs to be remedied ASAP or you will lose more players.

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