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    /NEW CHARACTER! Reporting for Duty. Barricade now in game!
    /NEW ACCESSORIES! Equipment secured – Frenzy returning to base.
    /SPARK RUN IMPROVEMENTS! Those pesky pigs have been holding back people’s scores!
    /OPTIMISED EXPERIENCE! Maintenance repairs complete.

    Also new spark levels have been introduced which gives a max of +140% now. They look purple; Amethyst maybe? Frenzy is Barricade’s accessory btw.

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  • ramonpontes


    Rovio always confuses improvements with downgrades.

    Let’s see if we can transfer the apologize tokens to the next event. If we can, I’m glad Rovio screwed up the last event, so we can use those tokens for something that really matters.

    I updated the game, and I had almost 40k sparks. I used up about 35k to promote UM to 140% bonus (from 105%). With the rest of the sparks I could only promote one more level of Grimlock. I’m yet going to try may daily spark run, to see what has changed.

    Another thing I noticed is that there are some different missions on the daily quests. Not really new missions, but those were not being used for a long time. For example block a missile with shieldor, and avoid a falling monolith in slow motion without being hit.


    FYI I’m on iOS on iPad and no probs with this update so far


    @ramonpontes How much sparks are different levels over 105%? Sounds bad for this old daily mission. They were hard for doing. Probably they will back to play several times on some current level.


    3500 tokens for 110%. Doesn’t sound good ?


    @asen You mean price or bonus? Max bonus is 140% now.


    I mean how much sparks for 110%, 115% … and for 140%. How much sparks cost from 105 to 140%. As he write that have to spend around 40k sparks and left for about 1 more level, so there are about 35k needed to 140%. Lets see on the next event are they going to provide bigger container with more sparks in tokken exchange. Also is interesting what are will be the changes in Spark Run?


    please place a screen shot with new color frame for the bots. Thanks.


    Looks like they brought some of the old daily challenges back as well (Like the bugged one above.). Two of mine are “Visit the Beach 1 time” for 6 Anger Chips, and “Disable 1 Mortar Tower with Electroblast” for 40 tokens.

    Wonder if they brought the “Finish with full health” one back too.


    Each new level (purple, let’s say) adds 500 to the previous spark price (at least up to 135% – I only had enough saved up to get me there on one character).


    So, for those who hate math:

    110%: 3500 sparks

    115: 4000

    120: 4500

    125: 5000

    130: 5500

    135: 6000

    140: ? [probably 6500]


    Hey guys. Posted the full patch notes here: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/patch-notes-1-28-3/

    Let us know what you guys think :)


    Thanks @lewie4. Do we expect bigger containers with sparks? Now when spark run is changed and getting points from every enemy, are we having bigger chance to get 5/5 sparks reward? How many levels are added to sparks run?


    As I do the math – steps for upgreid to 140% is 500 points, starting with 3500 for 110%. Hope to win bigger points in the spark run, other way will be very hard for collecting needed sparks for bigger level …


    Well, they’ve created at least a nice new picture in the intro
    ABT v1.28.1.2.jpg


    Well, I tested the spark run on level 70, and I can confirm that some enemies that didn’t gave sparks before, now rewards us with a decent amount of sparks.
    Also, the damage from enemies were reduced. A balloon pig crashed on me and it took about two heart. It was an instant kill before the update.
    I couldn’t beat level 70 yet, the swarms of flying pigs are still very dangerous.
    I received a good reward from the spark run this time, above 400 sparks (sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the exact number). I could reach the third threshold this time. I think that now it is possible to reach 5th threshold, with fully promoted sparks and killing everything on screen (probably that will require an overpowered bot).

    But I got a big screw up this time. They nerfed Ultimate Megatron again!!! His acid rounds does not affect the entire screen anymore. It means that only enemies or blocks near to where the shot exploded receives damage over time. Probably this will also mean a hard time with missiles.


    Your question was answered by @evan-greenberger. It starts with 3500 sparks for 110%, and increases 500 sparks for each further promotion. I can confirm that the last level costs 6500 sparks. Total of 35k to upgrade from 105% to 140%.

    Also, is this picture that you asked for?



    The Destroy 5 WMT quest no longer always gives 10 Anger Chips. I had it completed but when I updated it came back and now is giving me 20 tokens.

    Destroy 20 missiles was replaced by Block 1 with Shieldor.


    It seems we are getting more token rewards from daily missions. Also, we need more sparks to promote the bots to 140%. Right when I decided stop doing those quests, I got tempted again.


    Yes, still no walk in the park, but at least the game feels like it should after countless years upgrading and customising. Thank you.


    Are the tokens still in the news feed after the update? I haven’t updated mine yet


    Thanks, I’ll update my game now


    Just checked my daily quests which I completed this morning and now I have one to do, visit the meadow one time….. please tell me these stupid daily quests are not back and I now have to start leaving a tf at one area again… WHY!


    Looking at the splash page, are we possibly seeing a new event enemy?


    @millforce2k, I’m wondering if the new TF will be in the next event once token exchange ends at 1am (UK Time)


    would good if so as the 1k tokens from the news feed will help nicely in getting the new tf :)


    @ed209 We’re about due for a new bot, so I think we may see it tonight.  I’m hanging on to hopefully claim the 1k as well later.


    Well, I guess it is time to park one bot in each region of the island again for the daily quests. I am sad to see those particular quests come back. I will attempt the grab the 1000 tokens in the new event, too.


    They tend to not release the new characters in the first event after a hard update. Helps to keep down the number of people that are furious at them if the update is messed up if the event that people can’t play is just for accessories or a character that has been offered multiple times before. So I wouldn’t expect Barricade to be in the next event.

    The Dark Knight

    Amethyst color at the sparks it remember’s me the Diablo II the diamonds amethyst emerland sapphire jewels… my God… i was right that i quit the ABT…

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