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  • Thanks @CaptMorgan. Love your rum. :)
  • hello everybody i registered a few days ago. i am the newest and the worst of all the others so please help me a lot. i hope you will do better jobs, every one of you fans!(and i am only 9 years old)
  • Hey, guys. I recently purchased the game for the PC. Pretty cool game I shall say.
  • @banzaigtv
    PC Angry Birds is epic!
    If they add achievements like on iOS, it would eaaasily be the game mum would find me playing 5 hours straight :P
  • hey can you post screenshots?
  • I just found this site and joined it.
  • This is great!!!
  • How hard is it fore you to go out of your way to just say how to post screenshots if you know how! ive been waiting so long and no one cares. >: (
  • @FatBird Not sure I follow. We post a ton of screenshots and have instructions all over the place on how to do it. Are you saying there needs to be a forum thread on how to do it?
  • @BirdLeader I managed to get his attention to one post. The issue has been resolved.

    On the other hand, we see this a bit. Maybe a forum post could be beneficial. Although thickbox does not work in Vanilla it seems.
  • Thanks Slim! check out my Discussion and please comment! heh, hope you like the joke on the third pic :)
  • Was it done on purpose or is it just a coincidence that Level 9-11 on RIO is an airplane?
  • @BirdLeader / @AMslimfordy

    Today i want to update my profile and choose my primary platform. I think there is a problem, I can select Symbian, but it wont be saved.
  • @btown Thank you for the report! I believe I have fixed this bug.
  • Hi everyone, I've been playing Angry Birds for quite a while before I actually join here today. This looks like it is (and I hope it will be in the future) great!

    BTW, I think I have a problem leaving comments on the leaderboard. I intended to make a report on low 3-star scores, but the system says my comment "needs to await moderation". I tried to make a second comment, but it won't even show up. Could someone tell me what's wrong?
  • @Bullet when new users join, to prevent spamming and the like, your comments are initially left as pending approval. I saw them this morning, approved, and commented back.

    We appreciate the support (I do especially, since I'm trying to narrow the 3-star scores). I think once you have been manually approved, you should be all set.
  • @AMslimfordy So when will I know that I'm approved? Because right now I cannot leave comments anywhere, they just won't show up (If they were shown with the note "Your comment is awaiting moderation" I would be less pissed).
  • @Bullet From what I can tell your comments were marked as spam. I'm not sure why, but you're comments were great so I released them all. FWIW, comments that are pending do say, "You're comment is awaiting moderation", but comments flagged as SPAM do not (this is by design).
  • I dont know if you guys would know the answer or not, but is there any talk about putting all of the Angry Bird Themes (Original, and all of the different seasons) out for download?
  • @ParisDiesInActV
    For download, do you mean out for PC/Mac? Because Angry Birds and AB Rio are already out on PC/Mac, available from www.angrybirds.com and/or the Mac Appstore. Seasons should be coming soon as well.
  • hi im new on here and need some help
    i am playing angry bird poached eggs and am stuck on 1/11 or on the padlock it says 28 i can not find any walkthrough for this can anyone help befor i go mad please
  • Great forum!
  • hello!!! I am new here today, and I'm from KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey @DanielPark, thanks for joining and nice to meet you.
  • @dGhost I meant like downloading the theme SONGS hah but thanks for that
  • Just joined this forum for not a long time. Awesome forum! Like it!
  • hello im new to this site :D so sxcited to meet new angry bird fans :D x
  • how can i post pictures? i recently made an angry bird i wanted to show you all!:D
  • @craftycree You need to load your image onto a photo host server, such as flickr yfrog or twitpic. Then right-click on said picture and copy its link. You can paste the link here.
  • I have completed my mooncake festival but no points awarded under Achievements - Bright side of the Moon. Did I miss out anything?
    I have got 3 stars for every level and complete score addict requirements. Pls advise.
  • Hello im new here, I have been playing angry birds for nearly 2 years.... I Have got 3 stars in Poach eggs, and Mighty Hoax. I love this website and forums and i plan to stay here for a very long time:)
  • Welcome, and thanks!
  • New mode to play angry birds... tablet ->hdmi->big tv

  • @zulu99 A little complicated, but kind of cool nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thank You So Much @AMslimsfordy and @BirdLeader, @FujiToast, for making AB,ABR, and ABS ( I am on PC :( ), a huge hit and helping us through those bugs and glitches too :D
  • hey everyone! Wow I am SO excited to be a part of such an amazing forum :D and I love angry birds too, so win-win! Recently I have been working really hard on a set of angry birds parodies that I have posted on YouTube, and I would LOVE to get some feedback from fellow angry birds lovers :) Here is one of the videos:

    Please let me know what you think! I assure you it won't be a waste of your time :)
  • Hi. New iPhone 4s. My paid-for Angry Birds worked okay yesterday. Today it says the player is not authenticated and there is a big finger on the target. Any ideas? TIA
  • Try signing out of GameCenter manually.
  • Thanks. I did sign out of game center manually. I am not in game center at all.
  • OK, while still logged out, restart your device. Then open GameCenter and sign in. See if the problem persists.
  • Ah, how interesting. A reboot was needed.
  • That's a great trick. Not at all uncommon.
  • Well done, guys! I want such a forum, so clean and never worry about spammer.
  • OK, i believe i am more interested in angrybirds forum. right place i found!@3@
  • First being here. So nice! wanna walkthroughs for beating awesome pigs!
  • how do you get your avatar to show in the comments section ?
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