Custom Angry Birds Levels I've Made (screenshots)
  • where do you make the levels
  • Cool levels how long it takes you to make one
  • @Birdman565 Thanks for posting, my original took a day, thats the usual time it takes me, but im stuck on this one, do you think that yellow bird could make it to the 2 wood blocks?and @adtsuyki heres the link
    btw, make sure youre using internet explorer 9 if you absolutely need to use internet explorer, but if you have google chrome please open in that
  • How do you make a "Screenshot?"
  • easy. if youre using a pc, hit the print screen button, then hold ctrl and hit "v". the paste it into paint. if youre not using a pc, i have no idea.
  • Anyone know how to put a picture on this thread with a mac? @BirdLeader?
  • sure, just upload your pic to and once the pic is uploaded just right click the address it generates for you and hit select all, then right click it again and hit copy, the just paste it in here like you would a hyperlink and there you go
  • OH NO!!! Rovio shut down the editor!!!
  • Where could I download those levels?
  • ill put them down now : D. BTW, the maker of the editor credited rovio many times and thanked them for allowing use of their content, and was in no way putting it up for a monetary gain.
    since i wont get to finish the other 3 i started, i might as well add them, but PLEASE remember this only works if you bought angry birds from AppUp---.........Darn... how do post files and folders?
  • For AppUp version only? Darn. I got rid of that version because it does not get version 1.6.2.
  • ehh, but its weorth spending a few extra bucks for the awesome editor, my friend will make a level where the pigs team up with the army and get clearance for some tanks, machine guns and all that comes with it, its gonna be cool. anyone know how to paste files and folders, or maybe i could email them to birdleader and he could put them in.
  • the editor still works btw, its just rovio ordered a cease and desist but we can still use it, if you want just email [email protected], hell give you a working editor
  • Im not so sure, but i believe that the issue behind why these levels cannot sometimes be played is that the level codes from angry birds that had been downloaded from are encrypted (forcer was explaining in an email) and so if you watch the video of how to play your level carefully he deletes the computer language/encryted code?(i dont know) and replaces it with regular text. and also im guessing that it wont accept it if its been directly downloaded from it wont accept it if the level code is in text. hopefully there are some programmers on this site who may be able to help verify that? ive seen things that allow you to change text to computer language or vice versa before but i dont have a clue how to use them. i think it may just be encryption on the levels codes though. if someone could figure out how to encrypt text into that format it has for the level code it would be fantastic(And sorry for the sparratic post i had looked through different things and i got all mixed up, basically if you know how to encrypt text into the format they have for levels do it and tell us how you did it :) )
  • for now however, if you are using angry birds from Intel appup then follow the old video of how to implement levels into angry birds and enjoy, i think you'll know which is which, you'll want to copy the raw paste data however Pig Invaders Cliff Jumper Angry Birds Up Angry Birds Thunder Well (if you don't know what a Thunder Well is either ask or Google and i recommend you Google it, also it was my first level).
  • will AppUp work on ipad, cuz thats the only platform i use and i have 4 brilliant ideas for custom levels.
  • No, AppUp is only for PC.
  • is the level editor availible on anything on ipad?
  • i give up, theres no possible way to get angry birds from appup without actually buying it again. that makes no sense whatsoever because first off you have to download the intel appup store, which is a pain and many people probobly dont want to download some stupid store just for angry birds (in this case) when you can simply go to and download it without needing to buy it first or even get a store!
    if you want, you can close this thread since its pointless to keep going because the only real way youre going to get these levels is if you're a super smart programmer who knows how to encrypt and decrypt the angry birds levels change the text levels i have to fit the original angry birds levels format, then re encrypt both and implement my newly encrypted levels into the game. (sorry for the wall of text, basically, close the thread if you wish)
  • Bummer. Closed.
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