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  • Thanx for the forum and all the helpfull info you all have provided...
    now to wait patiently for the droid update
  • Thanks for the kudos and for joining!
  • With the forum, the site is really looking good. If leaderboards will be linked to this site as well, I think it will come close to perfect.
  • This site looks awesome! This will be my main site for Angry Birds now
  • Nice site angrybirdsnest. Hope you can find a way to post ligitimate AB top scores
  • What xBloopBloopx said!
  • i just joined today and it looks great
  • Thanks! Let us know if there is anything we can help with or if you have any trouble.
  • hey, bird leader! as everyone else said already, the forum looks amazing! thanks for putting it together! please check out my angry birds parody if you get the chance:
    i'd really appreciate it!
  • dang it, this is stuck in my head now. ;)
  • @raisinman That is too funny. Nice job man!
  • dude that was awesome! i cant stop singing it now!
  • @BirdLeader thanks! that means a lot coming from the Bird Leader himself!
    @FujiToast lol! i hope i didn't ruin the game for you! ;)
    @mattanator thanks, man! i'm glad to hear that it's catchy! thanks for the support!
  • I'm browsing this forum from my smartphone for the first time right now, and it looks amazing and operates very smoothly! It adapts better than most sites I've seen! Great job!
  • hi!
    i have got a jailbroken ipod touch, and i want to make a video like your walkthroughs. what program do you use?
  • anyway your site is GREAT!!!!!
  • Hey @me, I just use the jailbreak app, DisplayRecorder. It's a great app for video recording though it does unfortunately lack audio support. Also it is a resource hog, so it's best you are using the latest ipod touch or iphone 4 as well as make sure you close any applications you are not using so that it has as much memory available to it as possible. Have Fun!
  • Great site egg-actly what iv been looking for, for help cracking (pardon the pun) 3 stars on all levels. Game is so addictive all golden eggs and 3 stars on all levels. When is next release/ update please???
  • @wakey77 We've heard rumor that the next update for the original Angry Birds could drop within the next couple weeks.
  • Thank u FujiToast!
  • Hi Fellas.. I wrote down something interesting on Angry Birds - http://goo.gl/NrOEY
    Let me know your thoughts :)
  • This site is great. I came here looking to improve my scores and I've already gone though all 13 chapters. I'm looking for high scores to shoot for. Is there a forum just to post high scores?
  • @pjdambra angrybirds-score.com is good one for that. I believe BirdLeader is working on something like that here with no ETA
  • We are. It should be available soon.
  • Thanks guys, does anyone know just how those gawd crazy scores come from at the top of the game center leaderboard.. Are these guys hacking the site or what?? I'm assuming these scores are just reflecting the original games 13 chapters..
  • Hi All, I have seen some You-Tube footage of hacks where a bird hits and destroys everything. If these count towards some of these high scores I don't know. I have all levels done in three stars and some levels (actually most) I think I have just about maxed out for points. Would like to see some footage of genuine high scores though even if just as an eye opener as to how bad I really am:)
  • @electgoose.. I think you may be referring to the Mighty Eagle.. Those scores don't count to the game center scores...
  • That Leaderboard tool got me revisiting every level. Great Idea !
    Nice Site too, great job admins.

    @pjdambra it seems that the latest update fixed the glitch
    edit: maybe not :)
  • Great board, admins! The Golden Eggs posts have been super helpful. Here's a funny video for something a lot of us probably need - Angry Birds Addicts Anonymous!

  • hi all one of the golden egg levels i found
    in the easter edition of angry birds out now :)
    lol enjoy
  • We are newbies here! Can't believe it took us so long to find this site! It's AWESOME! Let's just say I had no idea just HOW much/many levels possibilities there were for AB! sure, we have AB, seasons, and rio, but within each game, the options and places to get points/fun things!

    I am Angie, and my son Ethan will be the one who is asking me to write/ask the various posts here, but since he is still a "lil bird" I will always be "here" with him! He is one of our 3 great kids, and 2 of them, one being Ethan, both have Autism...our whole family, including our 4 yr old daughter love AB! I have to say, it's a GREAT game for my boys with Autism as far as for 'fine motor control', concentration, aim, all of the skills that they need to practice, so it started off as fun, and ended up as a GREAT TOOL too!

    Anyway, if you have a minute and want to see how much Ethan LOVES AB's, take a peek here: www.lovedrop.us/ethan-alex/ethan-alex-love-drop at about minute 6:45 or so, it's too funny, and pretty cute (well I know I am MOM, but it's still pretty cute ;p )....I am SO EXCITED for us to be here, learn lots, and catch up to the leaderboards! WATCH OUT, once I unleash Ethan to learn more about scores/level scripts/etc, the top leaders will have a run for their money for sure! Hee hee epee!

    Super cool store too here! Chat soon! Ethan and mom
  • Welcome @lilbird and Ethan! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I had never heard of LoveDrop before, but that video was amazing (3 iPads = A lot of Angry Birds!). Let us know if there is anything we can do. See you around ABN!
  • Welcome to the community MaBird and Lilbird ;-)
    You'll have plenty of help & support @ ABN.
  • I found your site by accident, but got totally hooked on it and joined today. Your advice is always right on and helped me find all my golden eggs. Great forum!
  • Thanks Birdleader and sal9!
    LoveDrop.us is relatively new but let's just say, they are THE REAL deal for sure! We are now members ourselves for life to help pay it forward for sure! I mean, anyone, including us families that have been hit with everything you can't even imagine during the economy, health, etc..even WE can spare a dollar a month, so anyone can, and I know as time goes on, LoveDrop will be changing more and more lives just like ours! .....and 3 iPads, I know! The whole family is AB Crazy! We are super anxious for the Rio update!!!! But, now we have PLENTY to keep us busy finding out about all of these other points/options/etc!!!

    So its pretty much a good thing to be ON. Game center? We have been playing with it off so far....whoops!
  • Having trouble getting to next levels for hang em high. When I went to update, my previous scores might be erased. have 3 starred on all levels in regular angry birds and rio ( yes, 4-15 was fun), includng banans and pineapples ! What a great feeling, lol.
  • Thanks for all of the work. Bird Leader, you and FujiToast have helped save what little sanity I have left with your walkthroughs. Love the forum!
  • Most welcome! There are a bunch of us who contribute, so I'll extend your thank you to them as well.
  • This site is awesome. By joining and adding my scores I finally got all the score achievements. Thank You!!!! Still need Smash Maniac which has been a pain.

    Another tool that helped my score high was YouTube. I searched, for example, angry birds 11-13 high score, and a video from theater333 came up. He or she has posted high score strategies for all the levels. Each video only has a few hundred posts. More people need to look at these for help in scoring higher.
  • nice forum
  • newbie here. nice forum!
  • Purchased activation keys for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio. Installed the software and entered the key when requested. Installed the software on my 2nd laptop and desktop. All activated successfully. Everytime the program is started the Activation key has to be registered again. The activation registration on the desktop failed this afternoon. This evening the second level wouldn't open with out the activation key....the registration failed. The game is now useless.
    I don't want to keep paying for activation keys so that my grandsons can play the game.
    Suggestions on what I need to do will be greatly appreciated.
  • Do you have any Antivirus or internet security software running? If so, try disabling it and trying again. If that doen't work you best bet would likely be to email [email protected]. That Rovio's official support channel for the PC version.
  • Just wanted to say that I LOVE this site. It's great. I started playing Angry Birds on my Android phone, but switched as soon as it was released on my Nook Color (yippee), so just wanted to say thank you for all the great stuff on here.
  • hello everybody today i'm not an angry bird, nope, i'm a happy bird :) b'cuz i've got my first angry birds plushie! and of course i got the red one :)

    and since i know a lot of you i'm sure that you guys also have one
    so i just want to know.... Which?
    just a question :)
    feel free to answer ;D
  • Just joined the site after lurking at some walkthroughs for a few levels but mainly for the golden eggs. NIce job with the site!
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