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  • Sorry I couldn't make it to the end of that song @desperatedan. Did you ever see that prog rock spoof Brian Pern? Very funny, Peter Gabriel makes a murderous appearance at the end. Worth looking out if you've not seen it.
  • That's how to spank a page's ass.

    The force of nature that is Delia Smith has been discussed in this forum before. I think it's time we gave our American cousins a taster.

    Result just in:Delia 1-0 Norwich City.
  • Did you miss me? This gorgeous British weather has either had me out working or playing in places without a phone signal(scary). Hey @kathy I hear the Bezos bros a looking for someone to accompany them into space. That would be a good place to lurk.
  • The problem with space is it has no atmosphere.
  • Oh your are back @BrianN were where you LA
  • Lurkers Anonymous
  • Hey @ixan57, you'd better watch out lest the apostle of apostrophies gets you.
  • I think @ixan57 has his own ixanboard @brianN. Either that or what he types is some sort of local dialect.
  • I saw that @ixan57, editing your dialect!
  • Tough Challenge again today for me, already too high up. Puppies are a bit like buses, coming along in groups then just nothing for ages.
  • See the WASP backlash has started in England. I get it that a lot of white males are feeling a little disenfranchised atm. But booing by Eng supporters as the teams 'take the knee'? Complaints about the BAFTA's being too inclusive? Laurence Fox's Reclaim Party gaining ground. Will we ever learn?
  • Is this also happening in the Celtic fringes, do you think? Or do Scots (for example), more readily identify with minorities?
  • Hard to say, you get idiots living everywhere. Just feels like it's a little more sinister and organised in England. All I know is it's not a massive leap from Reclaim to BNP. And I remember what that was like in the 70's and 80's.Shane Meadows This is England captured the essence of what can happen when society keeps kicking the disadvantaged.
    Up here the fact that a majority voted to stay in EU yet there's a fierce drive for independence from UK prob says lot.
  • On weightier matters. Had a look at today's challenge, first time in a while. Apparently a chap called Asher has squeezed the pips out of it before we even start. Never seen that before. Amazing how quickly things change when you're not looking.

    Was reminded of a classic Michael Caine line on playing said level. Fans of The Italian Job will know what I'm talking about.
  • Have you noticed how some lunch breaks are more eventful than others? Take today for instance, sitting eating a pork and pickled onion sandwich at Johnshaven harbour when this old bird opens the passenger door. Thought she must be needing directions or something, but no, she starts to sit down next to me. Only when she realised there was a pile of gubbins on the chair did she notice me. Thankfully she went away laughing telling her pal what she'd just done(which is the correct reaction in a situation like this). Thought the smell of pickled onions might have given it away. Obviously has olfactory issues as well as cataracts.
    Now can I get on with my lunch please?
  • @asher has not been seen on the challenges for a couple of weeks. Either that or someone stole his lucky mouse.
  • Missing you say? Coincidence that @kathy has also been missing. Kathy, what have you done with Lord of the Flings? And how did you kidnap him from his heavily protected underground bunker? I think you may have broken one of the nest's competition rules.
  • Ah everyone's fav part of the working day, lunch. Wonder who'll climb into my car today, hope it's a fit young bird. As long as it's not the Grim Reaper.

    Stupid stuff on vans. No. 2 in a series of 500: Xylem lets(sic) solve water.
    I'm gonna be up all night now trying to solve a solution. (bet you can't wait for the next 498-patience my friends.
    Starting to drool now and lunch won't eat itself. But before I go if you want a laugh atmy expense check out the walk through page for today's challenge. I swear it wasn't there when I posted.
  • Come on now, crush it! I haven't even got to that level yet.
  • Brian … speaking of comments that either don’t exist until they suddenly appear; or, for the BP, comments that are there then mysteriously disappear…
  • Hey @desperatedan I think someone has stolen your identity and is posting scores on the challenge. They're doing a good impersonation cos it's a rubbish score.
  • Yo @catsnbirds, I wish you could edit idiotic comments in the walk through pages the way you can in the BP. Obviously idiotic comments make up the majority of my contributions here, but you know what I mean.
  • Brian. Personally, I think the BP exists so we have a place to share our idiotic comments!
  • I don't think a score that ranks 16th on the all time list is rubbish (stares moodily into beer).
  • Still struggling with covid now there's been an outbreak of monkey pox. Not like the tabloids to ramp thingsup, apparently the 'outbreak' consists of 2 cases in Wales. Not sure if they're monkeys or not.
  • Good Morning Folks :)
    Just popping in to say Hello, and check on the daily challenge, I'm up early today Why¿ Idk..
    #16 rank overall @DesperateDan , yeah not to shabby! Which episode? I'm assuming ABO ? Haven't checked my standings for a while, I was #8 in Seasons but I'm sure I've been bumped waaay down by now!
  • Awww Its Rio :(
  • I'm going to Space to get my Trophy back! @sglouk has held it long enough lol! Pa would be ashamed of me for letting it go this long!
  • Thought you were already in space @kathy Or did you accidentally *poof* yourself into another dimension? Glad you found the portal back to Hell... er I mean Hull.
  • So it's funny and rude place names your after is it? How about :
    Bishop Ooze(they certainly do) Medway.
    Shingaycum Wendy (I kid you not, named in more innocent times I think) Bucks.
    My personal favourite :Bell End, which is near Lickey End. Worcestershire.
    Closer to home:Brokenwind, Aberdeenshire.
    There must be some belters across the pond. Is there a Bell End in Hull @kathy?
  • Oh and welcome back Princess Leia, or is that Lurka? Anyways do a handbrake turn and get yer skinny ass back to Rio. There are puppies to be had.
  • Looking forward to seeing the Euro's starting tonight. You're not much of a football man r u @desperatedan. (Which is appropriate given you support The Gooners.) What about you @ixan57? Excited?
    UEFA are so far detached from reality they're still calling it EURO 2020.
  • No goals at half time but Italy looking good. 27 games unbeaten, could they win the whole shebang? (nod to Ricky Martin there).
    Just me tonight then.? Think I'll put something suitable on the JB.
  • @brianN my girlfriend is from ostrava Czech Republic and lives. 0.75 mile from hampden Park.
    It will be interesting on Monday
  • I have been entering a Tennents lager competition daily for over the last 4 weeks, nothing. She enters once a wins a personalised tennents Scottish football shirt. What chance do we have.
  • Probably best if she watches it in Glasgow while you watch it in Clydebank. As for a Tennants lager competition sounds like you've been in one of those since your hedge hopping days.

    As for tonight's match "Good game, good game" as Bruce Forsyth used to say. He also used to say "You get nothing for a pair, not in this game". Was he talking about cricket?
  • Haven't heard from @karen68 for a while. Wonder what she gets up to when she's not helping admin or terrorising rodents? Mmm, if only someone would provide a snapshot, a week in the life of...
  • @brianN your some much better than last weeks posters. You should have said to the old burd that got into your van, give us a twirl dear
  • Think she might have had a heart attack.
  • Lol @BrianN I’m just lurking around. Loved the video.

    But I would never terrorize rodents. All those little guys living in the walls here are part of the family. :)
  • Yes, @brianN, I follow the football pretty closely, but I won't be glued to too many matches on TV. England always disappoint. Scotland always seem be unlucky. Wales always overachieve. Spain/France/Germany/Italy always win. Except when they don't. I wouldn't make much of a pundit, would I?
  • My 16th place ranking was on the Space Daily Challenge @kathy. I am actually ranked 15th on ABO, going on 14th. I need to get one over on @brianN who is clearly lurking on that particular list. Nice shooting BTW Brian on the Rio Challenge. My score (which was close to a pup) was actually a different strategy not mentioned or shown so I think this was a far more interesting level than everyone was moaning about.
  • There is a place just called Ible in Derbyshire which always makes me titter, although I don't know why.
  • There is also a place called The Land of Nod near Hull, UK. And anyone going to Hole In The Wall, Derbyshire to get cash from an autobank will be sorely disappointed.
  • Yes @karen68, we had that problem at our last place. It's when they come out and nick your food that it gets annoying.
  • Well @desperatedan pundits don't make very good pundits either. I usually swerve the pre match hot air and go straight to the game.

    As for ABO, one day I will get round to posting my scores but think your position is safe. Doubt if I'd be in the top 50.Last time I played the whole series was 2 or 3 years ago and once I hit above average I moved quickly on to the next level. I think to get anywhere near top 10 overall you'd need to spend a lot of time on each level.
  • See we're in space again for the challenge. If anyone sees @kathy give her a wave. Chasing cats birds and owls today. Sandwiched between someone who was betrayed in 2010.Needs to get over it I'd say.
  • Hey @gumby, you've been super lurking lately. How's the health these days? Hope you're well.
  • Been furiously double tapping for an hour. Nuttin' doin'. Think I need a EURO break. Wales v Switzerland. Come on boyos, let's be 'avin ewe!
  • Pretty poor so far. I will wear the fez for luck.
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