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  • They did it!
  • Woo Hoo! @bernersenn us "Not England Fans" are celebrating...
  • Anyone here, other than me, actually been to Iceland?
    It's a bit of an anomaly: Iceland should be called Greenland, Greenland should be called Iceland. Iceland is very green, in places where the population live
    It's a weird and wonderful place, but don't ever want to live there!
  • Yikes, OB, talking to myself, again, and too scared to open NEW SEASONS!
    Drinks on my tab for @bernersenn @sglouk @gumby (more coffee and brandy for my green friend, please)
  • @gumby Waassssupppp!!
    Please don't tell me @bernersenn We have to use FB now:( very sad ,very sad
    I guess i won't be updating Seasons any time soon!
    Do you know there's a Rovio support page ? @wingmanjuan is the Rovio Representative,, maybe we should start asking him these questions?
  • @kathy opened up New Seasons without resorting to Facebook. Scores seem to be intact. But every level now says "scores are stored in the cloud" I think this is an apple iPad thing. Means that every level (and four times for Pig Days) has to uploaded, device hard closed, reopened..
    Really annoying
  • Oops, forgot to say, this happens every time Rovio release a new episode
  • @hunnybunny I've had my scores stored in the cloud on Android for quite some time now,, once downloaded and played a level i don't have to download every time. It is a pita though for episodes you haven't opened and played at least a level, good to know though that it can be done without FB:)
    I'm not updating until i perform a backup , and then will still wait until i know it's safe lol
    OB I'll have a Blue Mongo please:)
  • Latest News, from the Rabbit Gazette reporter:

    Seasons Summer Camp is a stand alone episode

    The Pig Challenge, which comes with it, needs a Facebook Friend

    Mrs Bunny, when interviewed said "OMGiraffe, I can live with that"

    Mr Bunny looked sad and refused to comment

    End of Rabbit Gazette update.

    Hope to report more tomorrow
  • Whew Thank Goodness for the Rabbit Gazette! !
    very good news, very good:D
  • Sorry about the sheriff visit in Seasons @Gumby. Did you say that was your first top score? Ever? Sad! But @bernersenn did ask for help and I never turn down a request from a friend.
  • Argghhh Everyone can do awesome on 16 but me!!
  • @all -- Warning -- For whatever reason, the new Seasons' update has resulted in the elimination of the pig days episodes. So if you still want to play Pig Days, don't update. Don't understand this at all.
    Not sure how the challenge part is going to work. I have not connected to FB.
  • Thanks @mvnla2 , see @hunnybunny 'Rabbit Report' above . Seems everyone is having trouble with this new update, I'm not planning to update until it's straightened out
  • The new Seasons update is not getting very good reviews in the Google play store..
  • O.k I've downloaded the new seasons on my spare tablet, so far no issues, except I can't find the walkthrough! Are they not up yet? Haven't tried looking for the leaderboard.
  • Ooh @ bernersenn,, sorry no pics of Wolf, :( hope all is well:(
    Now I'm talking to no one but OB lol so yeppers OB I'll have a Blue Mongo please ty
    Happy to see Ya'll did so well in 1-16
    Wwwwhhhhiiinnne!! Whiiiiinnneee
  • @kathy no leaderboard or walkthroughs up yet. Don't know if I want to download it yet, I at least want to do a backup first.
    OB I don't know what a Blue Mongo is but I'll try one please :)
  • @all -- Apparently I was wrong; Pig Days still exists, just to the right of Fairy Hogmother.
  • I'll look but I got F dash dash dashed over a couple of weeks ago, don't know that rovio could screw me again that hard without buying me dinner.
  • Oh yes @mvnla2 now i see it, seems they have moved it, didn't it used to be After MH? Looks like they put that pig challenge in its spot.
    Ya @Karen68 I'm not updating until i do a backup, just installed it on my spare tablet to check it out. So far no issues.. there's no notice of the update , in the'update ' section. So no telling when the boards will be up, no less walkthroughs:/
    I'm off , gonna listen to my book, and keep crashing birds into snow blocks on 1-16 SG until my eyes give

    Nighty night all

    Oh @Karen68' I've no idea what a Blue Mongo is either lol ,but it has a nice ring to it ,, have to ask @knichy he started it..
  • Huh @knichy¿ you will look at what? I'm confused as usual, tell me tomorrow ..
  • Oh and btw All my older levels on the spare tablet are locked in the cloud,,need coins to open them:( Thanks again Rovio..
  • Nighty night @Pa

    Nighty night @Snort and @snicker
  • Thanks @kathy. I've never had that issue with old episodes being locked needing coins to open or losing my scores like @bernersenn. I hope it doesn't start now.
    G'night :D
  • Good Night @Ma
  • @rat no that isn't my first top score. I still have one remaining in Mighty Hoax. I asked for it to be the daily challenge level, but so far that hasn't happened. I have had others but some were beaten. I think I have another top score somewhere else but can't remember where lol.
    @hunnybunny thanks for the coffee and brandy :)
  • @rat It won't be my last top score either :)
  • Good attitude @Gumby. The biggest problem with top scores is they keep getting beat. There's always someone gunning for ya. A month ago I had twenty top scores in Space Mirror Cold Cuts. Now I've only got fourteen. At one time or another I've had the top score in all but one of the thirty levels in that episode. And that one belongs to @Ma. It's sacred. I guess what I'm saying @Gumby is avoid all the frustration. Score only second places. They leave those alone.
  • Hello guys,
    Good morning to you all.

    We had contact with the sister of the breeder from Wolf. We did this because we couldn't reach her. Heard that the husband from her is in the hospital. So, obviously many stress overthere.
    She will probably contact us, that we have to wait for.
  • @kathy I'd been in invasion all day, didn't see the update . Summer camp! I think my scores are intact.
  • Gosh! He changes so much every week. He's huge already. Are you sure he'll want to leave? He looks very content and comfortable in these pictures. Gorgeous.
    Btw, great score in Pig Dipper. Grrrrr Too late for the virtual puppy but I think Wolf makes up for it.

    Edit: No wonder you were able to take my top score in PD. You're an Avian Overlord. I missed that. Congratulations my liege.
  • Boo hoo *sniff* My beautiful (re: Mrs. Bunny) retired wife left Sunday and won't be back till Friday night. Part time job interview. I all alone...*sniff*
  • OB, tissues for @rat please. Also bring him something to drink.
    And yes, the little guy looks gorgeous. Next saturday he will be happy to leave (I hope)
  • Thanks @TomPuss, but I already have a cupcake with a candle in it for later.
  • I shouldn't have listened to "Honey Bee" @TomPuss. Now I'm depressed.
  • *quickly rushes in,,sets all baskets of earplugs on the bar, hugs Wolf ((((hugs)))) and quickly rushes back to work * yelling byeee see all later..*
  • pssssst @Pa i didn't forget, just couldn't find the banner, that storage room of Estar is getting messy, i should straighten it up before she sees what a mess I've made :/
  • OB drinks on me for:
    Mister Rat a large Tequila, birthday drink!
    @karen68 who made it to the top of the Seasons leaderboard before the new episode came out. Woo Hoo! At least three fingers of the Special Stock, please, OB
    @pellystar, whatever he wants since Karen bumped him down!
    And what ever anyone else wants.
    Some Champers, perhaps?
  • Thanks @hunnybunny - I'll be back for that drink this evening :)
    I'm sure I'll be bumped back down as I tend to be slow in playing new episodes.

    Are you having any crashing issues? Or are you playing in airplane mode like I've seen suggested? Haven't downloaded yet.

    And a very Happy Birthday @rat!! Enjoy your day :D
  • Ha ha see - I'm down to #2 already :)
  • @karen68 #8 crashed once, no glitch that gives more points. Other than that no probs!
    Walkthroughs not working terribly well, had a bit of a dispute with @mighty-red-1 who now makes them, I backed down! Don't want to upset him! M-R-1 if you are lurking, drinkies on me!
  • Yikes, lied about backing down

    Spat on...

    Summer Camp 1-7 @kathy please read, please be nice to MR1, please give your thoughts!

    More Tequila for Rat please, OB.....
  • Spat starts on 1-6 where 1-5 vid came up, then a complication video replaced everything....

    I really should try to be meek and mild, but I just can't help speaking out.

    I'll get banned one day, if I really let rip....
  • @kathy ignore above Mighty Red accepted friendship request, having polite conversation, now, I hope. Must bite tongue before speaking...... As if ......
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