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  • Oh Yeah Pa and @gumby Denver looked poor , no jinxies , but The Pats looking good, even in Denver:)
  • Wooot!! Good sign PrincessPageChanger must agree:D
  • Super Bowl dreams Ma
  • wakey wakey Eggs and Bacy
  • @rat aka Mr Space king, any tips for the challenge, or is this one just luck?? It seems totally random as to the scoring.
  • @hunnybunny thanks for your support.
    We Dutchies, living in a such a little country, have to talk a lot "over the border" lol.
    @rat with perfect english I certainly didn't meant my english. It never will be. That's why I pulled in some British help. With success.
    Wish the all of you a nice evening. Boaring Challenge today, btw
  • @bernersenn boring challenge is an understatement
  • @gumby I don't like these games. There is no strategy, no skills needed. Just flinging and hope for the best
  • @bernersenn yea I am hoping for better, so far only 138k not even average :(
  • @bernersenn @Gumby I just noticed it's a Space challenge today. I wouldn't have been much help if I'd noticed earlier. It takes a combination of speed and angle at the right debris field to control the timing and dispersion of the magma explosion. The explosion of the magma needs to be delayed to allow OB to get out of the way. Not easy at all. I don't remember the fine details and am not going to try. It would take hours to find the sweet spot. Good luck.
  • @rat thx but I gave up its not a fun challenge
  • This level has a repeatable solution @Gumby. But finding it is not for the faint of heart.
  • I thought I saw a snow bunny on the ski slopes.
  • @rat especially playing it on a phone
  • @rat @bernersenn o heard that it wasn't a panda it was a koala in a brothel.
  • @knichy You forgot to say if the koala was shooting live ammunition or blanks.
  • I did. I did see a bunny on the ski slopes.
  • @Ma Where'd I put my skis? I might go skiing this afternoon.
  • @kathy Im making a trip to the pound to get my new puppy :)
  • @gumby I saw that score in today's challenge. Congrats, that is a really impressive bit of shooting!
  • @catsnbirds Thanks, its funny Ive been playing all the Tattooine levels and going thru to improve my scores. I hadn't reached 29 yet to improve it. Im on 23 and 24 atm switching it up when bored with either.
  • Im expecting comex666 will sneak in and steal top place before its over
  • @rat @gumby
    I beat top score of yesterday's challenge and posted a vid if you are interested. I have found a way to make the solution quite repeatable.
  • WTG @Gumby. You even had thirty points to spare. ha ha Well actually only twenty points. You have to beat the score to get a puppy. Not tie it. I feel sorry for the second most improved because s/he tied the top score. Soooo close.
  • Thanks @Sglouk. I'll take a look when I start flinging again. I'm close. My thumb is starting to itch.
  • @rat
    Excellent news.
  • @Rat, neither, without going into too much detail, leaving without paying, citing an encyclopedia entry. Koala - marsupial indigenous to Australia, often confused with a bear, eats bushes and leaves.
  • back to working up the ABO ladder. Just gotta get to page 1, top 100! then I need to check how far I've fallen in Space, MW, and RIO, I was top 50 in all three before switching devices and getting back into ABO.
  • AAAAaaaahah #84 in RIO! Quick look - I have 2M in points waiting in treasure hunt and 8 unseen bonus levels. That should get me to the 40s
  • @sglouk a bit late for the challenge but Ill definitely have to check it out. thanks

  • @rat those extra few points come from a bit of grass being taken out but Hans when he hits the planet
  • Wtg @gumby on the puppy!!!
    Thanks for the tip on yesterday's level @sglouk and thanks for the help in SW:)
    @Pa glad your feeling better to go skiing, I see you found your ski's lol
    OB I'll have a Pigkiller please:)
  • @kathy thanks :)

    another sad day for rock n roll Glen Frey of the Eagles passed away on Monday :(

    one of the greatest bands of all time
  • ewps not sure that was supposed to happen
  • hope I haven't broken any BP rules
  • And I'll say hello and leave you with

    "Well, I'm a standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
    Such a fine sight to see
    It's a girl my Lord in a flat-bed Ford
    Slowin' down to take a look at me"

    One of favourite lines ever. Previously discussed here by Kelani (long since left the BP), Kathy, of course, and Mvnla2 who had no idea what we were talking about.
  • @gumby I've seen bigger, and no one cares here! It's the old forum
  • Couldn't resist

    Really goodnight, now
  • @hunnybunny OK I thought I was just leaving a link but then BAM
  • tap tap tap….. is this thing on?
  • @hunnybunny
    I'm a standin on a corner in Southern California
    Such a fine sight to see
    It's a Girl my Lord in a bright red Ford
    slowin down to take a look at me

    Eagles Live version Better suited for @MVNLA2. Love me some 7 bridges road

    David Bowie, Glen Frey, Lemmy Ian Fraser Kilmister (Motorhead)..... its been a bad month for us rock stars
  • So, is RIO now permanently affixed with ads? I was poking and couldn't even find a "buy this now and avoid all the ads" option.
  • @knichy Seven bridges road is some great harmony :)
  • Hey @gumby , @hunnybunny yes another sad day in R&R :(
    No worries about the link gumby, I've done it myself, never know which link to copy
    @E-star or @sweetp will come along and wave their magic wand , if not meh'
    Hunnybunny loove the new avatar, e- star hasn't mentioned if she's running the contest again i hope so, but i know real life has been keeping her busy lately.
  • Didn't Natalie Cole pass recently also, wth is going on in the music business?
  • @ kathy yes and some TV actors 2016 hasn't fared well for famous people so far. :(
  • Oh yeah the Harry Potter guy died also, and he was in something else idk
    Did you name your puppy?
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