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  • @jlz666 found the Robin Williams golf monologue Excellent

    @mvnla2 jealous of west coast US holiday. Never been there, a road trip sounds fab

    And on all those stories resulting from @sweetp theft, I investigate a couple of frauds, way before internet banking, all those financial companies are only interested in new customers. And therefore big bonuses. Presented with the best evidence you have ever seen, and a "Please don't do business with this guy, he'll defraud you" all I ever heard in response was "Well, we'll deal with that if it happens" grrrrr!

    @sweetp my heart says follow @kelani felony deterrents
    Head reckons fake CCTV sounds good!
  • Oh, and I never take a picture of my high score "debris"
    1. I seldom know it's a high score
    2. If I did, I'd be bloody frightened that I just pressed the buttons on the iPad slightly out of sync, and lost my score altogether ......

    Goodnight, good flinging
  • @hunnybunny well said. Nobody wants to lose a big sexy score. For me, I'm usually too zoned out from all the repetition. Only the high score sound wakes me up.

    If y'all do see any weird screenshots, let me know. I'm happy to give a second opinion before you start getting admins involved.
  • @kelani funny then that the TT18 strat is now "Kel's strat" lol Better buck up, boy ;-)))))

    Really going to bed now. Good night all
  • Good Bunnypoint! It's not my strategy. I just said aim higher :D
  • @HunnyBunny Well...actually...@Kelani just said put a blue on top. It's a bit of a stretch to call it "his" strategy. But I was having fun at his expense earlier. I forget who said to go over the top, but once I combined it with Kel's tip, I got numerous scores above 205k.

    Edit: Numerous being four.
    Edit #2: ha ha ha That was your strategy wasn't it Mrs. Bunny? Now I understand your comment. ha ha ha
    Edit #3: Now it's my strategy. I combined the best of both of you. Hardy har har
  • Anagrams for KelBunnyRat
    Bunny Talker
    Blunter Yank
    Lanky Brunet
    Brutal Kenny
    Barky Tunnel

    If only one of us was fond of barking into a sewer pipe, then they'd all apply.
  • @SweetP -- We did go to the Monterey Aquarium. Very interesting, although they don't have any really big fish. The biggest shark was at most 3 ft.
    Not sure if you can get in the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road if you want to go up the coast. Will send PM with routes we took.
  • Is anyone else having trouble with the screen turning full blue?
    It keeps happening to me only on this site.. in the walkthroufhs also?
  • @Kathy does it do that when you go to a new page, or while you're sitting there reading one? Web browsers draw the background first, which is blue, so it sounds like you're getting some lag from web or your device.
  • Yes @kelani when iswitch betweentabs to a new page.
  • Ohh well thats new one lol.. must be my phone getting old..
  • @Kathy probably just needs a restart. If that doesn't fix it, it's net lag.
  • That seemed to help thanks @kelani ;)
  • @Kathy well between that and #8 I'm just making your day, ain't I? :P I thought @fenikus strategy of going through the stone plank was actually better than the one I posted, but since you just kicked my score's butt with it, now I dunno :P\
  • I didn't see @fenikus strat..your comment was the only one on the page?
  • @US_Based_Patrons, does anyone have or is knowledgeable about HSA accounts? I have a question and it seems like you can get all the answers to life's problems in BP :-)
  • @Kathy he's being lazy and didn't post it. I just asked him in here if he did anything different.
  • @fenikus what's yer question?

    edit: No, those male pills you keep getting emailed about aren't covered. Sorry.
  • I don't know what HSA account is @fenikus. .soo nkoo
  • HSA = Health Savings Account.
  • @fenikus -- All I know about HSA's is on Wikipedia. We have an FSA, which is different.
  • That must be a big question. :P
  • I should know the answer because I used to work in the field but…Anyway, let's see what kelooogle comes back with.

    I want to close my account because I don't have HDHP anymore and can't contribute to it anymore. I made some out of pocket payments last year that were eligible. Can I reimburse myself for those expenses this far into 2014?
  • Hey, this is page 2,300. I didn't see anyone commemorate it as usual.
  • Night night everyone!
    Night @Pa
  • It also says your HSA must have been active at the time of the expense, and you must be able to prove it was a medical expense.
  • Thanks @kelooogle, that answers my question actually. I can reimburse myself, close the account, and save $3/month service fee.
  • @Kelani, where did you activate bomb bird for 207K on TT 15? Left, middle, or right side of the yellow support?
  • @Rat9, trying to get Blue onto the red box is not happening for me. The best I could do is to get Blue to bounce on top and then roll to the red box. Anyway, the whine factor kicked in and I finally broke my previous 200K! Sheesh, that was probably one of the hardest levels in TT, and I'm done with it!
  • Hmm...the HSA rules have changed since I used it a few years back. I could only do it within the same tax year that I incurred the expenses.
  • @fenikus for me, it seemed important that bomb bounced off the log, and was airborne at boom time. I detonated near the right edge of the yellow support, where bomb would be if he was touching the marmoset's right ear.
  • @Kelani, boom! -- almost 206K with the first try like that.
  • @fenikus congrats. The dissertation pays off once again :P
  • Let's see. I've helped @Kathy twice and @fenikus twice. Unless anyone else needs something, I'm gonna go make some chicken soft tacos. :)
  • You're doing it right @SweetP. Blue rolls to the red box. You just want to shoot him so that he rolls to the edge, not stopping at the bump short of the red box.
  • Sorry Ma, I missed ya. Night nite.
  • @Kelani, I tried your method (and emider's) dropping Boomer onto the log. No matter how many times I was able to drop the log, I only got 86K-87K after the round logs dropped and destroyed the right structure. How did you get up to 207K? Hellllppp!

    edit: Thanks @Rat9, I figured I wasn't going to get any better than #3 on level 18 so I've now moved onto #15.
  • I think you deserved them tacos, @Kelani. Enjoy, but why on earth are you dining so late? I noticed few other times you said you're off to make dinner and then to sleep. That's not particularly healthy.

  • I'm off to bed after eating a few strawberries. So who am I to preach? Good night @all.
  • Good night @fenikus. At least strawberries are a healthier snack! Sweet dreams.
  • Speaking of drinks, OB I'll have a Mike's Hard Mango Punch, please. Perfect for a warm summer night and relaxing while flinging.
  • I guess I'll just take my bottle and head home. Night-night!
  • You're right @SweetP. I don't need to give you any more tips on TT 18. You're already in "fourth" place. It seems that @onlooker snuck ahead of you right after you posted your score. Something about his profile name, not his @mention name, sounds profane. I can't quite (bring myself to) put my finger on it. lol
    I'm reverting to my childhood. It made me think of the child's rhyme, Milk, Milk, Lemonade...around the corner Fudge is made. Childish enough for ya? ha ha ha ha ha

    Edit: His profile name is Hersy Highway
  • Good afternoon guys. Probably you missed me yesterday, probably you didn't. Anyway we had trouble with our internet, seemed that we had already used more than 5 GB (in 10 days!!) - so the speed was dramatically reduced by our provider.
    Today, bought a new SIMM card - we hope that the remaining 10 days of our holiday will last.
    Can tell you that the Rovio games are using a lot of bandwidth, perhaps it is a good idea to shut down the Wifi wile playing.
    The weather again is bad. Yesterday we had reasonable weathter. Tomorrow it will be good again - next week it will even be 'a very good summer'. Let's hope
  • Hi @bernersenn. When you didn't show up yesterday, I almost had a heart attack. I started doubting whether or not the sun would come up. We expect to see your cheery face every morning. You're a fixture in the BP. Don't do that again. lol

    Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm extremely jealous that you speak more than one language. Me, I can barely handle one. And your English is great and easily understood. But I have a suggestion for you. You use the word "probably" often when "maybe" would be more appropriate. For instance. Your second sentence in your last message would read easier if you said "Maybe you missed me, maybe you didn't". Again, not so much a criticism, as a suggestion.

    I hope the weather cooperates with you so that you can fully enjoy the rest of your vacation. Nothing but clear skies.
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