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  • @Kathy he's even farther from the hurricane than I am. I doubt the clouds came anywhere near him. The only BP'er getting rain and a breeze from it is @Lyrian
  • no worries @kelani I only did one pass in each. now on second but i don't think I'll make it through tell the truth is getting old. I'll be happy with #7 and #8.
    I hope @lyrian is o.k
  • @Kimmie and I went through SW 3 times lol..
  • arghhh what a tease 65450 !!!
  • @Kathy even she's 180 miles away. Just some little storms and 10-15mph winds, I think. You guys did 3x thru SW? Wow. I'm not even halfway through my first trip. Is Beak really getting old, or do you just wanna play Seasons? :) I think you've got some good spots. Unless a pile of android people join since the bugfix came out, probably not too many changes.
  • I'm not sure where I wanna fling @kelani I miss my Pahtnah. . I'm having fun flinging With the ratpack but it seems everyone going in different direction lately:(
  • guess I'm just frustrated with flinging in 8-9 all day and getting so close but not getting it:/
  • aaah it's so nice outside. cool, dry. I almost needed a jacket. 82 last night and supposed to get into the 50s overnight. Too bad it won't last past morning.

    OK, @Kathy I gotta get some sleep. Good luck with getting 2k more on that evil level :)
  • @Kathy Yeah, I hope you get your buddy back soon :/ Everybody needs one :)

    I'm just doing the levels in order, but #9 is a waste of time when I'm 20k behind in other levels. Remember, the power of restarting the game. Not as powerful as a wwwwhhhhiiiineeee, but it's close :)
  • uhmm your #1 in beak 2 lol..beak 1 is more fling and pray I think. .
    sweet dreams my friend.. have a good safe.
    night night. .
  • (Mmmmmmnnnnsssnnnnooo...uuugghh...uh..oork) did someone say fireworks? Tst... Uhm... Sniffle.. Yeah. I'm on it. Give me a few. (blink....blink) Hey! It's not time yet! Sheesh!
  • lol hey @abcrazy no worries they can wait till tomorrow.

    sleepy time here now:/
  •'s tomorrow now!
  • lol @bird-addict it is lol. way past my bedtime also :/
  • oh jeez can't even type.. flashlight down. . nightly night. .
  • is that darn level 8-9 keeping me awake!! I gottavgo..darn!!
  • Yes!! I finally beat my old score. .not by much but good enough for tonight. .
    *wheew* now good night lol..hmm but maybe. no no more fling..
  • @hunnybunny @kathy @kalani @karen68 @jlz666 @tompuss @sweetp @mumsie @mvnla2 and my dear friend @estar

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, cakes and banners. What a bunch of warm wishes from AB friends. We are in Maine for a wedding, this Saturday, and spent most of the birdday with the family and friends. It was a great day and have a boat load of great memories.
  • @kelani In re the two you morphed, Shakespeare got it right!

    ". . one may smile and smile and be a villain."
  • @JLZ666 We are sisters in sorrow: I've just replaced filter in the extractor over the cooker (nasty, greasy, ruins fingernails), and cleared all drains with caustic soda product. Tomorrow will be on hands and knees to hand-shampoo fitted carpet on landing. Isn't life wonderful, and aren't we the lucky ones?
  • Happy 4th of July to all my American flinging friends!
    And I hope all the east coast folk have successfully weathered Hurricane Arthur.
    @jlz666, @tompuss I'm ignoring my chores & watching tennis. It's much more fun. I'll probably regret it tomorrow, but oh well. :)
  • That's what happens when your not flingin'. Somebody sneaks up on ya and takes one of your top scores using your own strategy, and in so doing, takes the lead in BI #1 by 60 points. Good flinging @Ollygod, whoever you are! You forced me to fling a few with my morning coffee.
  • @tompuss it's a sad state of affairs when a hot and steamy weekend actually means an industrial steamer,grease and rubber gloves! that I think about!
    @karen68 My exact plans for the weekend will be work 8 till 4 Saturday,some steaming,dinner and bed. Sunday,cleaning,watch British Grandprix,watch men's tennis final,some steaming,dinner,bed. I've only got the steam machine till Monday but it's not my fault formula 1 and Wimbledon final are on the same day!!! That's my excuse ;)
    No spoilers about the tennis pleeeeeeze Karen,I'm still at work and have it recording!
  • @jlz666 what's up with the Brits? You'd think the Formula 1 guys would have more sense than to schedule the race on the final Sunday of Wimbledon. Or maybe they figure it's 2 different groups of fans.At least of you're bent over a steamer all weekend your pores will be thoroughly opened :)
    And no spoilers about who wins - I promise!
  • @Fenikus -- Kathy might be right about the cloud in ABO and AB SW (but I think it is probably SW II). I'm signed into the cloud on AB SW II, AB Epic, and AB Go, so I didn't lose progress on them. Will have to check ABO and SW, not to mention everything else.
  • @all I'm not going to post links, cause they all seem to contain non-GP language, but if you don't mind that, search for "firework fail" on YouTube. I'm sure @ABCrazy will put on a great display, so the firework fails are more in contention for the Darwin Awards.
  • @jlz666 -- Thanks! Your pic says it perfectly. Just need to add Happy Birthday to Uncle Sam! Everyone please join in a round of singing Happy Birthday and He's a Jolly Good Fellow.
  • Thanks @karen,I've switched off notification from my news apps as I've been caught out before! Actually the match and the race almost always fall on the same day but the race starts at 1pm and I think the tennis starts at 2pm so yeah there's a bit of juggling with the TV channels for about 1/2hr! Last year of course the channel was purely on the tennis! There's not so much urgency this time :( Fingers crossed for Fed for you! Although he beat Andy I think I'd like to see Dimitrov go through. Haahaaaa! You already know though don't you?!!
    @mvnla I haven't read back but you've lost your progress? Sooooooo sorry :( Hope you can figure something out,that's awful.
  • @tompuss & @JLZ666 - would you like to do mine too? seeing as you're both all hot and dirty already!!!!
  • Is something weird going on with the Daily Challenge? I remember posting a new, improved score of 113k on Rio Carnival Upheaval 15, and at one time I was leading the challenge. But now my score doesn't appear at all on the challenge. Did the challenge begin anew with the same level?

  • Thanks @rat9 nice response but you may have to fling some more ?
  • *cough* nice response @ollygod! Yep Mr Rat,you just have to stop faffing around and play more lol!!
    Ummmm @mumsie I'm just about to leave work. So are you telling me that after a hard,tiring day at work you're not going to be in my kitchen with your pinny and rubber gloves on? I'll make your dinner for you..........
  • @JLZ666 Rubber gloves & steamer - LOL??? Ah well, whatever turns you on. . . .
    OB! Two gins and Harpic for my friend and me, please!
  • hello everyone ;) welcome to the BP @ollygod :) make yourself comfy and have a drink (providing your of age) and food on the house OB (orange bird ) is the barkeep and will serve what you like. menu is on page 1 .. also read up on page 1 for some rule and How our lovely little pub came to be:)

    And Fantabulous flinging !! congrats
  • @TomPuss (((((hugs))))) can't believe were actually here at the same time lol
  • @kathy Wow! Ships that pass in the night! Happy 4th July weekend to you, @Princess, and @all of you stateside ((((hugz)))) back atcha xoxo
  • Yep, it looks like today's Daily Challenge is a repeat from the day before when @windwalker won with a score of 116k.

  • @bonneypattycat the challenges are all chosen at members request. . And I think i know someone ( @kelani ) no name mentioned that usually loves a Rio challenge; )
  • LMAO! @tompuss! Gin and harpic! What should we call this new cocktail? Hmmmmmmm?
    "Gin 'n' toxic"?
  • @jlz666 HI:D what is 'harpic' or was that a typo @TomPuss ?
    @Kelani I must have missed something what is with all the Tom Cruise discussion anyway?
  • @JLZ666 A pretty wit, a very pretty wit! I bet you're flushed with pride. . .
  • @Kathy @BPC is saying it's repeating itself. I played this same challenge yesterday afternoon and got 109k. Now my score and most of the others I saw aren't in the list, so when the challenge changed at 10pm, it stayed on Carnaval Upheaval #15.

    btw, @fenikus is the Rio challenge addict. I just tag along. Also, I'm pretty sure CU-15 isn't one of mine. I hated that level from the moment I saw it. :)
  • @kathy Harpic is strong stuff for toilet bowl & drains!
  • Congrats @Ollygod and @Kelani on winning Beak Impact part 1 and part 2, respectively!
  • @All @Mumsie and I just simul-posted (great minds...) the challenge problem on the challenge page. I don't think the new @admins alias will get their attention when used in the BP.
  • @Hunnybunny and @bernersenn, how do you like the new Seasons episode? I might come play with you guys.
  • @fenikus winning? I thought #1 spot was just a temp job. :P
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