Angry Birds Anonymous
  • @sparty83 -- Good Luck! Let us know if you make it past step 1.
  • Hi my name is E-Star and I am an Addict too...

    Thanks for your story, I feel a lot better now, I am not nearly as far gone as you are :D
    I think... or I think I think.... haven't completed any game entirely (but do own all the versions, Mac version, iPad HD version and phone versions) but Seasons and don't do facebook... but *hangs head* I do spend every waking minute I can spare on Seasons and making videos and I am also addicted to the leaderboard. And I sooooo know what you mean with "just one more time"
    Oops, I think I recognize a bit to much of your story.... hmmm maybe I should try to take the first step as well ;)

    @Sparty83 good luck on your journey and let me know if there is a Power to restore our sanity, I might follow you into to step 2 if you get there
  • Erm well Ummm Hi my name is kimmie and I well yeah I might have a problem too, well maybe kinda possibly......probably I do. Anyways I don't think I'm as bad off as you @Sparty83, but I do find myself playing well past my bed time just you know until I beat that level I can't beat, well just so I can sleep peacefully knowing I conquered it! And I have every update I even have bad piggies but I can't play the new ones until I get good above avg. scores on the old ones and of course you find you want to get the very highest score you can on your leaderboards I mean really who doesn't! Erm yeah when people talk to me and I'm playing AB well I do tend to kinda not pay attention to them hmmmm...yep I think I may indeed have an awful addiction to Angry Birds but hey the first step is to admit you have a problem right?? Well darn, I just admitted it! So there!! Hey @Sparty83 I sure hope you complete your steps, do let us know if it works! I'm cheering for you! Erm yeah well I gotta go now, you know I'm trying to beat the next level................
  • Thank God, I thought I was the worst on the planet..... I don't think I can get pass the first step..... EVERYONE HAS TO HAVE AN ADDICTION and Angry Birds is MINE with Beer.
  • Haha I know what you mean Sparty & E-star, I found myself in a (slightly less extreme) position as well and about a month ago I banned myself from playing Angry Birds :-) No joke! Haven't played for a month. It was after I had just spent 2 hours trying the same shot over and over again without success that I thought, "man.. what am I doing?! This is getting out of hand!"

    So what I did was, I deleted my most current Space savegame forever and replaced it with a savefile form a month earlier, so that if I ever wanted to start up again I would have to improve a large amount of annoying levels over again (but it still has everything 3starred & feathered). I guess I should edit my leaderboard scores to reflect this situation lol.

    Anyway, I think I'm ready to try the latest ABO update now, just gotta watch myself that I don't spend too much time on this game from now on!
  • Good luck with that.

    I'm gonna go kill me some piggies.
  • I only play angry birds wen there is an update or wen my cousins wanna play
  • LOL @78RPM That's a good one!! :D Nope you for sure don't have a prob with AB! Hahaa aha ;)
  • Well, I've had a bit of a setback. I was working on Step 2 when I checked my phone and low and behold an update. Just got the ABS update and I am busy trying to 3 star those levels.

    (and things are not looking good for the future with AB Star Wars coming out in 2 weeks)

    as @78RPM put it, I'm gonna go kill me some piggies!
  • Dat's what I'm sayin' !!!!
  • Uh oh! @sparty83 that's to bad kinda! I had high hopes for your recovery ;(. That being said, I wish you good flinging to above avgs! Oops gotta go I hear my birdies a callin got to kill me some piggies........
  • Sparty83, I feel your pain. It's about this time every year that I am forced to confront my personal problem.

    Tootsie Rolls.
  • Wow! I didn't know this forum existed until now. I was looking for a different forum and just kinda, well, had to take a peek in here because of the forum name. And so here I am...and uh...(clears throat) name is Bird Addict and it's 2:47am and I'm trying to call it a night but my finger wants to keep killing pigs and getting above average and checking the leaderboard and and and I'm hearing voices...they're saying "just one more time, just one more time, just one more time". So I made a deal with myself that when I couldn't quit, I would do what I call 1-2-3. It's my 3-step program. I give myself three more tries to get my goal, then I have to quit. That turned into,"OK, it only counts if I get the first shot perfect". That usually works, but there are times when my finger won't obey that rule. I admit it, I have an addiction...a Bird Addict (ion). I feel better now...good enough to go kill some pigs! Look out pigs cause here I come to blow you to smithereens! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • On the upside, it looks like I've taken the first step of @sparty83's 9 step program (yea me)
  • Welcome bird addict!

    You're gonna fit right in around here...
  • Thanks for the welcome @78RPM. You might be able to help me out. When I found this forum I had been looking for the forum for AB seniors. I remember seeing your name in there. Are my reading glasses fogged up or is it gone? I'll check back here tomorrow night cause in the spirit of@Sparty 83 I'm gonna hang up my slingshot early tonight. Full disclosure? Oh, alright...I have an early morning appt. But really I'm standing up to my addiction, this "Bird Flu disease" and and and, "what? one more time?" no no
  • Ok, I admit, it's 2:30 am my time and here I am...again. Guess I can take solace in the fact that no else is showing up on this forum because truth is, everyone else has this bird-flu addiction worse than me and is off killing pigs with no time left over to address their addiction...or is it my bird breath? or, or, or maybe they all got cured? well that can mean only one thing...more pigs for ME to kill!!! Ha ha ha ha
  • Ummm, I think I am really in a bad place now. I have fallen below Step 1!

    An update to Angry Birds Seasons just 8 days ago, an update to Angry Birds Space today, and an all new Angry Birds Star Wars in 1 week! Not to mention the Angry Birds Facebook weekly tourny!

  • Maybe Step 1/2?

    I realize that maybe tomorrow I might start wondering whether I should be thinking about whether I have a problem.
  • Well I think AB is a good problem to have. I mean for me, I don't play when I'm supposed to be working. I have been keeping up my (limited) social life. I only play at night. So that's good, right @sparty83 and@78RPM?'s 1am and I just logged onto the nest. And I told myself I wouldn't play tonight cause it's too late to start. I was just going to open my Kindle and read for a few. But (heavy sigh) here I am. And hey @sparty 83, you're still in compliance with Step 1. You to @78RPM. So don't you guys give up now and leave me here all by my little self (please). You know you have a good problem too. I told @surfcow about our little club when he started ribbing me about my last name (Addict). That's when I knew he also has a good problem. Do you think by my saying it's a "good problem"...that I'm regressing?...that I should go back to calling it the "bird flu"? Oh dear, oh dear, I'm hearing those voices again! just one more time, just one
  • I tried, I really really tried. I was NOT going to download AB Star Wars. I didn't need to start another new AB game. Then, while watching ESPN this morning, I thought, "maybe I'll just check it out to see what it's like". (I didn't look at any of the teaser videos that were posted here, didn't want to tempt myself)

    45meg download (for android). My phone didn't have enough free space. Had to un-install pandora, facebook, bubble level, and several other apps.

    Well, 14 hours later and I have had another setback. (but I do have 3 stars on all episodes of Tatoonie)
  • @sparty83. We understand, man, we really do. We're here for you.

    OK - actually we'll be here for you as soon as all the piggies are dead.
  • or as soon as Lard Vader is turned back to the non-pork side of the Force. lolol :)
  • Hi, my name is CmdrBond, and I am a brdaholic.

    I only play on Android so am not as far gone as some - but that may be just because I have yet to get to Above Average on all levels yet!

    My sins - AB:O, AB:S, AB:R, AB:Sp & AB:SW.
  • Hi, my name is MVNLA2, and I'm having a real problem with ABSW.
    It's going to require some real discipline to limit playing it to a reasonable time per day. I usually try to get through the entire game (with as many 3*s as can be gotten quickly) in the first few hours. More than 24 hrs since I started, I'm still on the first run through the Death Star. I had some appointments yesterday to help keep me in real life. Today may be tougher. So if you don't see me for a while, you know where I am.
  • My name is burbman, and I might have a problem. My phone just notified me that I had qualified for the award "true star bird fan" Apparently that means that since I downloaded the game roughly 30 hours ago, I have spent half of my time flinging birds in the new app. Now why then am I not done with more of the game??? Ahh yes, that never ending quest to hit the perfect shot!! Good luck everybody!
  • I'm just going to remain in denial.... I have too many levels to complete. :0
  • Hmmm - in de nile - I here the water is lovely this time of year :P
  • Oooh it's so nice to know I'm not the only one in the ABLoonyBin! I'd roam the halls to try to find everyone but I can't put my phone down, gotta get above avgs, just have to! They upped my meds today but it's only made me see more piggies to pop! Ohhhh man is it double I'm seeing or are there really that many pigs that must be killed.....I can't tell I'm not sure I oh noooo their starting to laugh again I've got to shut them up! Can't sleep can't eat I just have to kill some more piggies, yeah that's what I need that'll make it all stop! Oops I gotta go the piggies are begging for death.......heeelllppp meeeeee
  • I think I need to sue Rovio for taking away my free will... I need to kill them piggies and the new Star Wars game just made it worse. I don't even take time to check in with all my friends on the Nest, house chores are delt with in a hurry, just so I can fling those birdies. I just have no will against the urge to pop those green monsters!

    @kimmie, so sorry I can't help you, need to fight my own battle with the green laughing horrible piggies, but one thing is for sure, you are not alone! LUV YA!! And keep the faith like me, that if we keep at it, the green oinks are all oblitarates and on to my (know you don't eat the pork :D) plate with some delicious coleslaw!
  • Welcome to all the birdaholics who have posted for the first time. I haven't been here in a week cause I was visiting my mom in the hospital. While there she told me she wanted a tablet. Long story is too long but the short story is that I gave her MY android tablet. Had to do a factory reset on it. So mom was happy but all my AB scores were lost. Now I've got a REAL BIG PROBLEM. How can I possibly wean myself away this obsession if I have all those pigs to kill all over again??? Besides I started having withdrawal symptoms; palms were sweating, I was short of breath, felt light headed and confused UNTIL a lightbulb went on over my head and I rushed out and bought myself a beautiful white iPad 3rd generation! WOW the graphics leave my android in the dust - sound too. And with the new SW game I'm back in business. But how will I ever put it down now? Truth be told, I don't ever want to put it down cause those withdrawal symptoms were nasty. @kimmiecv, how are your meds now that they upped em? I would appreciate it if you could share your drs name...or the meds. Think I'm gonna be needing them real soon. @E-Star I think we should join forces and signatures to present Rovio with a class action suit over the loss of our collective free will, what do you think? OK those withdrawal symptoms are starting up again so I gotta get back in space and battle the pork-side of the Force. Sure had fun reading the new posts, you all had me laughing out loud. It was appreciated after last week's brush with harsh reality.

  • LOLOLOL You all are cracking me up! ;) @Kimmiecv needs a better med. lolol
  • OK, here's the scoop...@kimmiecv told me her drs name is Dr Feelgood. He specializes in AB Addiction here in the Nest. @kimmiecv is sorta his secretary and will take appts on a first come first serve basis. Since I was the first to ask, my appt is set. Ohhhh I can't wait cause its 3am and here I am...again. I just hope Dr Feelgood understands how important killing these pesky pigs is or I'll have to refuse the meds. Oh feathers, I haven't even had my 1st appt and already I'm making excuses...what's that? the dreaded voices again! Nooooooooo...leave me alone...I want to go to I don't, I want to kill, sleep,
  • I have just been to my latest therapy session.

    It turns out that Rovio and challenge of obtaining 3 star scores, and 100% feathers was the starting point of my addiction - the cannabis if you will.

    But it turns out that the class A part of my addiction - the crack cocaine - is not Rovio's doing.

    NO - It was the Nest and the leaderboards which let you see how far below average you are that have turned me into a bird flinging zombie!!!

  • @cmdrbond Isnt one of the first steps taking total personal responsibility for your addiction?
  • Being in the fog of flinging birds and feathers flying everywhere, it never dawned on me. But your correct @CmdrBond! It's not my fault, it's all because of ABN! Last April I finally got a smart phone, downloaded AB and ABS. I got stuck on a few levels and with the ME not being available for Android, I turned to the net for help. It was there that I found many many many walkthroughs on youtube that were posted by ABN. I decided to check it out and found the leader boards. I entered my scores, which were all 3 stars at the time, only to find out how horrible I truely was at AB. That's what lead me down the path of getting better and better scores. I know I will never be one of the best, but just trying to stay above average has lead me into the situation I currently find myself.

    It't not my fault, really, it's not. (is it????)
  • First I have to say Thank you @estar your a gem and IKR I tend to cringe when I have to get other things done and I'm trying to get my AB stuff done, so I can move on to the next level! And yeah count me in on the Class action I'll give you my signature Dutchie! Luv ya! ;D
    @Bird-addict I'm so glad Doc Feelgood will be seeing you, I gotta say the meds are GREAT but they have only really made me feel good about my flinging needs.....Oh wait maybe thats it, yeah I feel real good when I play AB even better now!! hmmmm thats odd isnt it??!!
    @CmrdBond And @sparyt83 you are totally on to something here! I thought Yeahhh I 3*d them all! I did awesome, then I had a prob with the eggs, that's what started this mad mess! Found the nest and started looking through it and what do you know huh Leaderboards, well I had to have done great I 3*d so cool!! Then BAM YOU SUCK!!! Below avg! And the true battle of addiction began! Just one more fling j
    Whoooaaaa its not our fault!!! Hahahahahahaahha...........................
  • Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I'm soooo excited to read all these posts cause now when I see Dr Feelgood (couldn't get an appt for 2 1/2 wks) I'll be able to explain to him how this all began. I'll be able to explain that it's NOT MY FAULT!
    Hi, my name is Bird Addict and I have a problem: For me it began when my almost brother-in-law told me about the leaderboards. Oh why didn't I see this coming? Like everyone else, I was excited to enter my 3* scores, sure they would place me high on the boards...HAH! What a fool I had been. @kimmiecv said it best, "BAM YOU SUCK!!!" And like @cmdrbond, @sparty83 and @kimmiecv, my addiction began here at ABN! And now here we all are; at ABA. Oh dear, what a conundrum; ABN is the source of all our problems but it's also our life breath, our inner voice, our passion, our prana. Was there life before ABN? I can't remember anymore. Now I'm obsessed and in deep with a mania I can no longer control. I can't give it up, I'll never give it up, you can't make me give it up so just stop trying, just don't even...oops sorry
    Well now that I'm beginning to understand what's behind my addiction, I can truly begin to enjoy it...I mean curb it...I mean..oops, I hear them again, "just one more time, just one more time, just one more..." - gotta go swing the light saber - may The Force be with me!
  • WOW!!!!!
    These people are even more devious than I could even imagine!!!!!!!

    They release a whole new game, Angry Birds Star Wars. I'm sure most people thought it would be just one episode with between 15 to 30 levels like most of the previous releases. BUT NOOOOOO, they have to release 2 free episodes with 40 levels each and then the third episode can either be bought or earned with another 40 levels. Add in the bonus levels and that makes 131 levels!!!!!!!

    And this is where they got really devious! After 3 starring all levels, Luke gets a New and Improved light saber! Bigger and stronger. Now I have to go back through every stinking level and re-do them because all my scores are now patheticly low because I was using the lame blue light saber. Now that I have the bigger and better green light saber, I have to go back and get better scores!

    I can only imagine what "New and Improved" feature will be added when you 3 star the "Coming Soon" episode of Hoth!

    I think I need to call my local Pepsi distributor and have them deliver a truck load of Mt. Dew!
  • @sparty83, all -- Just finished 3*ing all of ABSW, and FYI -- You only need to finish PotJ to get the super-powerful green light-saber. I needed it to finish 3*ing Death Star and PotJ. I think sometimes the blue light-saber might actually work better, because the green one can destroy too much. I'm going to try really hard to take a break, but I'm not above average on any of the episodes, so the force keeps pulling me back. Wish me luck (either in resisting the force, or using the force to get above average)!
  • Not only does Red Skywalker get TWO upgrades (level 1-9, and completing PotJ (no need to ***)), but I have just found out that Obi-Bomb gets an upgrade at level 2-26.

    Add to that the achievements that are unlocked for ***'ing and 100% feathering levels, then the leaderboards here, we have no choice but to keep on flinging.

    They're coming to take me away, ha ha.
  • None of us are ever going to get to Step 2 are we?
    I never suspected in my wildest dreams that the real threat to world productivity would come from FINLAND of all places! And they've always seemed like such nice people.
    I would talk to my therapist about this, but I think she's too busy killing piggies.
  • WHAT! I had my addiction under control. Only five new levels allowed a day (we won't talk about how many times each level can be played in the the totally sane attempt to climb the ABN leaderboards), plus the daily challenge (hey, not my fault - I didn't ask for it to be added to the Nest) and, of course, replay any levels that may have fallen below average. Now I read that Luke gets a new light saber AND Obi-Bomb upgrades in an episode I haven't even started and I'll be compelled to replay all previous levels!!! There is definately no free time to see Dr. Feelgood. There is barely time to check in at the Nest.

    I was bird-free for twelve days in October while on vacation. I didn't like it! I need the birds. NEED em! I know they need me, who else would clear the swine from this tablet? (And to anyone who approaches, back away from my iPad. Back away now.)
  • I also have an Angry Birds play problem-I play-no problem! Anyway, the whole thing is doomed to failure-everyone knows you have to have 12 steps!
  • @DG47, it started off as a 12 step program but I had to cut it short to get back to killing piggies.
  • Hmmmm...I'm starting to see that there's a conspiracy afoot. And as @78RPM pointed out it all began in Finland. You know @sparty83, I've always viewed you as a real nice bird BUT the more I think of it, the more I'm starting to question your part in this conspiracy. After all I'm now spending even more time at the nest cause now I'm attending these therapy sessions that you started, as well. ...Oh, right, they're totally voluntary. Hmmmm...sorry @sparty83, guess I got carried away there for a minute. Well one thing's for sure, contrary to my name, I don't have the worst addiction here in ABA. I mean some of you birds are tweeting about achieving upgrades and levels that I haven't come across yet. @catsnbirds I'm kinda concerned about you. You exhibit serious signs of addiction. I should know - takes one to know one and all that. Maybe I need to start playing as often as my husband accuses me of playing! Is that therapist still out killing pigs? I really need to talk to her. Mayhaps I'll find her on the sling! Yeah that's it, all I need to do is go look for her on the level I left off at (and maybe kill a few pigs) tee hee
  • Oh man oh man oh man!!! Today I found out just how bad I've got it!! I had wifi, 3G and computer probs all at the same bloody time! I couldn't get into the nest! I couldn't get to my leaderboards I couldn't see my scores or get to the walkthroughs or even BP! I had a major panic attack!! Started shaking uncontrollably! I even contemplated breaking into my neighbors house to borrow his computer just so I could see where I needed to fling next!! I realized I'd get arrested but I thought hey maybe I'll get Internet there! This could be a good thing right??!! A total answer to my prob. Plus room and board!! How bad can it be really?? 23 hours a day to fling and 1 hour to get out and rest my finger, what more could I ask for right?? Before it came to that and I lost complete sanity my wifi kicked in and whew I was back in action!! I can't help wondering though hmmmm free room and board and all the flinging time I need.......... Crap where are my meds!!!???
  • Hello everyone. I am hinarei. I do not have a problem with Angry Birds. My problem is with the average scores here on ABN. You people are my problem, and I can only turn to you for help.

    Typically I find myself spending free time I do not have "chasing the mean", and dream of one day being able to kick average's behind, but it's always one step ahead of me.

    Help me, by being just a bit more awful than normal? Turn in a bad score once in a while, at least until a new update comes along? TenJoker, updating your scores so they're that little smidge worse would cheer me up so much. Thank you, I am grateful for your sacrifice.
  • @Kimmie whohahahahahhaahha LOL ROTFLMAO... I think you are on to something, but make sure you are placed in the mental ward. I don't think you would survive in the high security ward with the Big Momma's that have done bad things to human kind. Luckily for me, hubby supports my addiction and only intervenes when really necessary ;p

    @Hinari also you comment made me giggle. I want to help out as much as I can, but entering lower scores is just on step to far for this "Score Addict" birdy. So I can help out with the videos on how to do it, but I can help out by lowering the average. Sorry! I hope for you other Nesters will help you out on that and you can kick averages behind :D

    @group I am really in a bad bad place, found myself flinging for 4 straight hours and looking up at the clock and realizing it was 3AM! Can't seem to find peace unless all my Seasons videos are up and because my HH video's aren't up yet, I feel nervous and restless. I NEED to get a great score for my vids as soon as possible. But because I have waited to long, a lot of Nesters have entered their scores and Highscores are way up!! So my initial video's need better scores and I find myself revisiting even before I uploaded my initial videos. Spending every free minute flingin for that one great score... for that one level and when I finally do I feel relieved.. but for just a few seconds... next level needs a better score also!! Sigh... looking at the progress I am nearly there, just 6 more levels... and than I can finally upload my videos. NOT... just checked my scores and the score for 1-10 is already dropped in rankings and I need to up that one again!! ahhhhhh... going NUTTERS and I think I need to join Kimmie and take a bunch of Meds to calm me down. It will make my flinging better, don't ya think and I will be done in no time, right? right? Tell me I am almost there and can sleep restfully somewhere this next week, knowing my Seasons videos are finally complete again!
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