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  • Wow! You are certainly full of ideas!
  • I'd be happy just have my Country/its flag listed/visible. Time zones & States aren't important to me - if people want to show those, they can in their profile. I think showing the flag has been mentioned before and I'm pretty sure there's some sort of program available that will show a country's flag when the member enters the name as I've seen it on other forums.

    Having said that, I've no objection to BL/Admin setting a 'list' up as you've suggested @mvnla2.
  • We would be more likely to simply add a "Country" entry to one's profile. I believe I responded to something like this in BP.
  • @mvnla2 Fine concept. Could have all the data fields as you stated above plus a few more(countries, states, cities, timezones, names, flags, etc.) and have it voluntary for any user to complete.

    Three required fields would be country, state and name.

    Countries listed first with states under USA.

    One sort for countries and states aligned with name (USA - IN - wrw01) would provide a nice reference for the members who want to participate. Other sorts can be added later, if desired.

    If you wanted to find anything else click on the name and it would only take you back to the entry that person voluntary inputed. Not to the profile or any other part of the ABN site.

    It could be made as a drop down item under Community in the yellow title bar above.

    It probably would function similar to the Bloated Pig. Those who want to participate, will.

    Just some thoughts...
  • I know how to do data sorts in Excel, but not sure how to implement on web page -- Any suggestions?
  • States should be expanded to include Canadian Provinces & Territories, and any similar large country's districts (China?, Russia?, etc.)
  • @sal9 -- Hate to be a pain, and it's well known that I'm blind, but could you be more specific about which page and which person starts discussion? There are 6 pages...
  • Great idea. Adding geographic info to profiles is on my to-do list (has been for awhile), but it not quite as simple as one might think. I would love to make this happen though.
  • sounds great
  • Awesome idea
  • Can't figure out from comments if people are interested in list of members by time zone, or more interested in eventual inclusion of country icon in profile? Also, if people are interested in list, I really need help on how to make it sortable on web page. Thanks
    @sal9 -- Who listens to that guy who commented on p 3, anyway?
  • Web page sortability is an incredibly difficult task. There's no "simple" way of doing it -- and there may be no way using basic HTML.
  • I would love to have it all haha. But if Slim says there is no simple way and BL wanted to implement this on the website and haven't managed to make this happen the easy way, I guess this one stays on the wish list. But I would love to see where everybody is coming from, in a form of a flag or in the profile. Also the time zone difference would be helpful, but that comes second for me.
  • Slight distinction here, E-Star. For normal HTML formatting, I don't think there's any easy way to sort data. However, this site is A LOT more than basic HTML.
  • @mvnla2 I think it sounds great..I am pretty. computer illiterate. so I would not even know how to help.with this! iz there anywhere there is a simple list ? so you a member can enter there location and time zone?
    ple I being geographically and computer iliterate would think uploading a map of the world..and then a list if you cllicked on a name a star could appear on.the map where that member is located. I am typing in the sun glare so please. excuse typos:)
  • Interesting idea.
  • @Kathy -- My first thought was a map, but when I started looking at maps of the world, it seemed that using a map was impractical. A non-sortable list would be easy. Sorting would need the help of someone who knows how to do "a lot more than basic HTML."
  • Apparently it can be done here on ABN because the leader boards are sortable. You can click on your rank, your difference from high, from average, etc. and sort the boards to see the view that is most useful to you.

    I would think having a location list that had username, their country, time zone, etc. would be very similar in theory.

    Looking at the "Bug List" I'd think you could use something very similar to have a list of user location and other characteristics that they'd want to share.
  • Yes, I know it can be done, but see comments from Slim. I don't know how to do it. Do you?
  • A sortable table (similar to the bug list or a leader board) would do the same thing for you, and be a lot easier to implement I'm guessing.
  • I think it's a great idea
  • Good idea!!! :)
  • 5/14 per BL, can't do sortable tables. If I create a table BL can probably make it sortable, once it becomes permanent
    Not sure if I can create a table within the forum, but will try.
  • @PlayDBird - the leaderboards are done in languages like Javascript/CSS, or xml, which is more complex than basic HTML, but made to be displayable within a web page.

    @mvnla2 - ran a search on about sortable data, and it mentioned several things, most notably, the creation of a Spry xml dataset using Dreamweaver, but I'm not read up on it. However, it sounds like a possibility.

    @BirdLeader - what do you think about the above idea...?
  • @TruckDriver Thanks. Will be interesting to see what BL says. First step for me will be making a static table, which I can do. Guess I need to try it on this site before I spend too much time.
  • Oh, one more thing, I am going to remove the comments from Mighty Hoax walkthrough page. This discussion is better had here.
  • @BirdLeader -- Thanks! This will keep me busy for a while, and prevent me from beating my head (or iPad) against a wall trying to play LOD.
  • Oh, is that what happened. OK with me.
  • @all -- Totally revised original post. Ready to try this; need your input.
  • Interesting idea.
  • @Burbman
    United States
    Washington State
    Greater Seattle Area
  • @wanda
    Southwestern Ohio
  • @rdnzlrips82
  • @AMslimfordy
    Massachusetts, USA (Eastern Time)
  • First attempt!!!
    Superceded by newer version.
  • @mvnla2

  • Kathy
  • @mvnla2. great idea! love the map..its gonna be quite full.of red dots!:)...
  • @mvnla2 how about using Google Earth and adding pins to each point? Not sure that would be very interactive though...
  • @lesleyg
  • By the way thank you to @mvnla2 and all others involved with your time spent on this great idea ;)
  • I really need more precise location info, if possible (both city and state for US, city and country elsewhere)
    Almost there:
    If you really don't want to share more specific info, and there are 2 or more people with same location, I will make locations up, since they need to be at least slightly different.
  • @Laurence Did you look at the map at link above? If you don't see pins, zoom in some.
    @all Let me know if you can't see this.
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