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  • @catsnbirds ty for keeping her safe:) I'm glad she could enjoy a little r&r after her flight..she has a busy life what with fighting piggies and her job here. she need to see the beach can be relaxing without piggies:)
  • @gfish - I already have the pig bios finished. I need to rework them a little and run them by my editor, @kathy, via private message before I post them. I appreciate your suggestions. I'm already working on a short story for these characters and I got genius idea for the Space story over my delicious breakfast @sunshine made.
    I will probably be slow posting these new ideas because my wife is sleeping and I have chores to do. I'll be checking in occasionally.
  • Hi there. I am looking for a guy called Orange Bird. @Kathy told me I should tell him that she sent me.
  • @trishohara, what can I get you to drink? The food menu is on page two, I will whip something up for you just let me know! :)

    @Kathy, @rd, I'm glad you both enjoyed your breakfast!! :)
  • @sunshine I could need something strong please. The piggies in Level 10 Danger Zone were extremely bad today.
  • @trishohara...welcome to The Bloated Pig glad you could stop in! :)
  • @trishohara, my pleasure, would you like a Sow Ear? I feel your pain, I remember it well!! :)

    Maybe we should give your Terence something!! :D I did what the video showed, and focused on the x and hollow block, got my score with six tries. I hope that helps!! :)
  • yum, the Sow Ear tastes delicious.
    Maybe a Mountain Dew for Terence? He seemed a bit less of energy today.
    As you know, I had to restart Space recently, because of the delete during synch. I try to get all my old scores back, Level 10 is not easy to master in second try.
  • Yes, I agree, I will confess, I seem to only get in the 110k. I think I was just very lucky the first time. How is the re-do going? That is just terrible that happened to you! :)
  • In Danger Zone the re-do is going pretty well actually. There are two or three levels, which just do not want to give me my high scores from first try again, but I guess with patience and the one or other drink in the Bloated Pig it will work.

    I three-star'd the other two epsiodes of Space too, but didn't care yet to get (or improve) my original scores.

    How is it going for you? Have you reached score addict in all three episodes?
  • Yes, welcome @trishohara! Sorry about your loss with the game. You came to the right place to relax and talk about it. We are here to provide positive support. Take a load off. If it gets really rough, Orange Bird recommends a Pig Killer. It's a shot he created to help you relax, while increasing your focus. It's very tasty.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome @rd. I already had a Sow Ear. Is it save to drink a Pig Killer afterwards? Not that the Piggies win because me having a hangover ;-)
  • @trishohara, yes I have, Fry me, I have all three stars, but need to improve!
  • Hey, everyone, just heard from E-Star! I think she will stop by later!!! :D
  • @rd, great idea!!!!! Congrats! :)
  • Thanks @sunshine! I was pretty stoked. How's the smoking of the pig going for the Pulled Pork?
  • This place is awesome :). I think I'll take a booth, so I can get comfy and recuperate. It's been stressful since my phone decided to go swimming! It is ok now- the old phone in a ziploc of rice did the trick. I think I'll just look at the menu for a minute, ok? Very creative, @Kathy and @rdnzlrips82 !!

  • @wanda..oh most definitley pull up a booth strecth.out and bird will mix up anything you like:) just wave down bluebird and one of her will take care if it all. I hear @ sunshine is cooking up something goood:) Welcome to The Bloated.Pig:) srry.about your phone mine doesn't know how to swim either...and they call it a " smart phone" HA!!
  • seems the only way I can get here to the current page is through. notifications? I have bookmarked the link but it brings me back to yesterday..same if I go through general discussion page..I don't get it..this is the first experience I've really had with forum..any ideas?
  • Thanks @wanda. We have been working pretty hard on it. Sit back, relax and let us take care of you. I plan on posting pig bios after I finish my family obligations tonight. Probably won't post them until about 10pm CST.
  • @kathy have you tried hitting refresh when you enter the discussion?
  • never mind lol...didn't realize we are 3 pages deep Wow!!
  • @sunshine I heard from E-Star as well did she say when she might drop in..I would hate to miss her...
  • @rd just saw your post. above congrats! that's a mighty big jump my friend:) awesome...I would like to buy you a drink for your accomplishment and all your hard work making this place happen!:)
  • @kathy We are pretty deep into this right now. We have done a good thing here. I'm really sad I missed AA yesterday.
  • Thanks @kathy! I'll have the usual.
  • @Kathy, E-Star just said she would drop by later, she got your message!!! :)
    @wanda, may I get you anything to eat? :)
    @rd the roast is going well!! ;)
  • @rd@Kathy, I thought I would put Pork Chops and Apple Sauce on the menu tomorrow in honor of AA's pet pig Porkchop!!! :)


    E-Star may have fallen asleep after her quest for DZ addict badge and videos, we must remember to give thumbs up on her videos we watch!!!!!!! :D
  • Pork chops and applesauce sounds Awesome ty @sunshine:) would it be too much trouble to ask for biscuits? and definitley we will give E-Star a high five and very warm welcome after all she has done for us all!:)
  • @rdnzlrips82... I wish you had a shorter name Lol...just kidding I love orange bird doing o.k. its been crazy busy all you think he may need a break? maybe oneof the blues could try for a bit..good learning experience...whatcha think?
  • well I gues rd taking care of kids now...great ill make the call * orange bird take half hour break... blue split and take turns covering bar...if anyone needs anything just give lilblue a chance. first time behind the bar..think shell manage fine...
  • Sorry guys. I had to get the home nest buckled down for a Tornado Warning in our county. @sunshine you make up the menus and make whatever you are comfortable with. @kathy I think Orange has everything down. It looks like the Blues are pitching in well. I'm gonna have to leave shortly for family time. Give E-Star a drink on me.
  • Hi everybody!! What a GREAT place, thanks kathy and rd, you just gave my mind a great boost with your imagination. I was so excited to be here, I haven't read a conversation yet, but I feel right at home here :)

    Ow my... my head is spinning with a the pictures my mind is creating of our new home town.

    I was told the first drink is on the house, I would love a bloody-piggy and some pigs-in-a-blanket!
    **pulls up a bar stool and sits down** **looks around and admires the place** Yes this is a good place to unwind after a days worth of killing the minions.
  • Just pressed the star button for follow up, didn't know it was there, thanks for the tip... ehhhh... shoot, the alcohol is getting to me :S
  • Thanks for the drink rd!

    I got back from checking on White Vail and sure enough she was off to get a BaconBurger at FlyDonalds. Shot some minions in the mean time. So luckily the little ones are okay for know.
  • @E-Star...Welcome to The BloatedPig your arrival has been verymuch anticipated :) orange. ird is on a well deserved. break lill blue will take care of anything you need...we recommend the Pig killer its a shot orange bird dreamed up..takes care of your struggles of the day
  • @rd. np you take care of things at home..hope you are all safe and sound...oh my need to keerp wife relaxed and comfortable ...we here are all praying for ya:)
  • Thanks Kathy, saw my name a couple of times, it made me blush. Didn't think someone would notice my absents :)

    To bad I missed orange bird, but I can see he had been a busy bird today. A well, I will meet him another day I guess.

    at Lill B: "Barkeep, could you hook me up with a Pig Killer? It's highly recommended and I a game for new stuff!"
  • @ E-Star... thanks for checking on white vail...she just can't keep leaving the nest like tha...I know. she's hungry but...cmon!
  • @rd: I'm sending you some Dutch tulips for the wife. Hope it brings a little color and brightness to the day.
  • I know!! She still had some ketchup on her cheek! Hope Joker Pig is taking the night off, so Bomb bird can relieve the stress and pay a visit to this lovely establishment.
  • well, I guess I am going to take a seat in that comfortable arm chair in the corner and read the SlingTownTimes.
  • actually orange birds break is over srry OB you gotta come back we have a special guest reqesting a pig killer and noone can make 'em like you:) make E-Star a special;)you will be well rewarded:
  • srry that took so long my internet went down...drinks on me!:)
  • *takes a zip* ahhhh that's nice, great job OB. Thanks Kathy for the drink, join me and have one yourself. Btw, whats the currency in SlingTown? Stars? If thats the case, the next round is on me :)
  • I heard a rumor the Joker and PigGuin are plaining an attack on the WorldWeb servers. they are trying to take down the internet, so we birdies from all over the world can't shoot into action when the signal is shown.
  • Die piggies
  • ooh that's probably what happened they see we are all gathering here and trying to draw us out one by one..sooo they shut me down as soon as you came in..didn't want us to talk lol...can't stop us We Will.Win..:) oh my I just saw.the tornado warning for missouri.. hope everyone.)is well
    e in

  • y keyboard stinks since I got update ssry all.everytime I say that it works perfect..go figure:)
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