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  • @PlayDBirds, I was hoping for video games we could play against each other!! :)
  • @Harrystar6, bring home the bacon, we will have a menu!! :)
  • Wow..I'm so impressed...@kathy, thanks for the invite...You weren't kidding!!! it is happenin' up in here! Great idea rd and Kathy;-)
  • @sunshine I will take a Crown and Diet, please...Kathy said the first one's on the house...Can you hook me up?
  • @rdnzlrips82 Great story so far..I love it.

    I actually had a pet pot belly pig before, His name was PORKCHOP, lol !!! He was sooo cute and well trained. He lived in our first home and was trained to go snort at the sliding glass door when he needed to go to the bathroom, lol...He also balanced his fat body up on his two hind legs to get treats, lol...So many stories with Porkchop ;-)
  • Of course, she told me the same thing!!!! :)I have a heavy hand!! Lol:)

    Porkchop, great name! Lol:)
  • mmm beacon yummy!
  • @PlayDBird ...I like the idea of a chat room..but not the virtual drinks we don't want Orange bird & bluebird kn unemmployment lol:)
  • @sunshine..I was thinking billiards:)
  • AA maybe porkchop coulx be our virtual mascot':) do you have a pic?
  • @Kathy, I had thought of billiards as well, I was waiting for Laurence to show up and challenge him to a game..
    Can we smoke cigars???? ;)
  • @Kathy, the uniform wouldn't be boxer and a red t-shirt by chance? :)
  • Wow!! I was out celebrating my nephew's birthday this evening. I came back home and checked my email to find this place is hopping. I wasn't expecting this big of a turnout, but I am super excited!! If you guys don't mind, I would like to say a couple of things:
    1. @amslimfordy, @birdleader and @fujitoast - If you guys find any ramblings of the Birdman story on any of the walkthroughs, go ahead and take care of them. We here at The Bloated Pig appreciate you guys allowing us a venue to have fun and relax. Orange Bird is so pleased with your great leasing deal on the property, he has decided that you guys have an open tab here. So when you guys stop in, it's all on the house!! You guys are awesome! Cheers to the admins!!
    2. I just updated the main post for this discussion and am glad to introduce you guys to the heroes of our story. I know I left out the Space Birds, but they will be introduced in a later story line.
    3. I am so overwhelmed with the response to this discussion and can not thank you all enough for your feedback and ideas. This is our place to relax and wind down, so if you want to shoot pool, smoke cigars, etc. Go right ahead! I only ask that we keep this clean and not mention any sort of illicit behavior. If you are of legal drinking age, Orange Bird will gladly serve you a drink. If you are under age, I'm sure he has plenty of soda, Kool-Aid and other things for you to drink. Have a good night guys!! It's been a long day for me, so I am going to be chilling on my stool, sipping a nice, big White Russian and working on character development for our villain pigs.
  • Man, oh man! Orange Bird is making these Russians really well. I think I'm going to turn on the Jukebox. *walks to jukebox and plays some Radiohead* Sorry guys, It's just that kind of night. Feel free to change the music selection. I'm going to take the night off from story development and relax. Cheers!
  • Oh my!! That was a great introduction rd!!! You explained everything perfectly:) Thank you!! For your creativity and time spent to make this a fun, relaxing, place to come and hang out after a hard dday slingi
  • Thanks @kathy!! I just finished tightening up my averages for Fry. I'm considering picking a level from any version at random and providing a "Precise Aiming Technique" for that level. I don't know. I'm only 60 points away from Slinger. I figure if I'm actually providing help for other players, it won't be considered spamming.
    On another note, I've noticed that the "winds of change" Slim was referring to, along with the awarding of a rare badge, have still not been announced. I'm on the edge of my stool in anticipation.
  • If and when I ever(not likely) make average in 3-7 then I will visit Aviary Falls :) need a vacation after that one
  • I'm 100% sure you will get average on that 3-7. I was below average on it as of this morning, spent about 30 minutes on it and came up with 142k. I understand with your lagging device, it might be difficult, but you can do it.
  • @rdndlrips82 sorry I have been trying to reach you don't worry helping iz not spamming!
  • srry not respo.ding newnkeyboard sux"! there i said it!

  • Roast pig anyone?
  • Hi all, this is nice. I'm a bit late to the party - mind if I pop in anyway, lol! :)
  • Does Orange also have non-alcoholic beer?
  • Orange made those Russians a little strong last night. I am hurting today.
    @laurence - we are always here and you are always welcome to join us. Orange is a great conversationalist if you are ever here by yourself.
    @gfish - we have every N/A beer you could think of!
    @harrystar6 - I will take a little taste of that. I need food in my stomach.
  • I love to cook, so I put a menu together.

    Green eggs & Ham
    Crispy Pig's Ears with Pickled veggie
    Braised Pork Belly
    Pig Cheek Chili

    Drink Special

    Sow Ear
  • @sunshine you are using egg substitutes, right? :)
  • @rdnzlrips82. I hear ya on those strong drinks..I had a couple of pig russian specials...oh head is foggy this morning...looking forwars to.the breakfast @sunshine cooked up:)
  • @harrystar6.. I see you did a great job yesterday defending the city..thanks for the pig meat:)
  • Good morning, @kathy. How's it going for you today?
  • @sunshine Pretty good menu you put up! What are you guys orderin'? :)
  • I feel if @sunshine wants to be the cook, Orange would appreciate the help. What do you think? We could make her the cook.
  • @kartflyer I'm having the green eggs & ham. It's my 3yr olds favorite book. It was his bedtime story for a week straight. We let him pick the book we read to him before bed and that week that's all he wanted.
  • Has anyone told E-Star about this place?
  • @laurence ..welcome I am happy you could join us..I waa trying to send. the word out to all but there isn't a way to send a general all inclusive invite...glad you made it:) The. Bloated Pig never closes
    @ rdnzlrips82 on that note do you think orange bird needs a back- up and did little blue make hit home safely from mexico?
    @ gfish the same I am h
  • The eggs are substitute, that's why they are green! ;)
  • @rdnzlrips82 oh no! haven't told E-Star!:(
  • @kathy yes, blue checked in early this morning. We could make @sunshine a guest celebrity chef. Not all the time, just whenever she feels like it.
    On another note, I'm hoping to post some pig villain bios later today. I havent heard any complaints about the bird bios. The pig bios should be fun.
  • To all the other patrons that stop in, feel free to invite whomever you would like. Orange likes the business. Plus he needs to save up in case the admins come in and take advantage of their open tab.
  • So @sunshine, are up to being celebrity chef here at "The Pig?"
  • @rdnzlrips82 glad lil blue is safe..I don't know what I was thinking. too many russians in me...looking forward to.the pig villians...also don't know what keeps happenings to my page it keeps dissapearing. half of it?
  • I like how you put orange birds in it.but isnt he still a baby....???
  • @sunshine the breakfast was yummy we would love for you to take the spot of celebrity chef:)
  • It would be my honor!!!!! :D

    I forgot dessert:

    Chocolate Truffles!
  • orange bird...could I please have a bloody mary..make it strong thanks:)
  • @bowchiala The birds are all of mature age in this story.
    @kathy you are co-manager of this facility, your decisions are acceptable. We weren't too busy when you sent her.
    @sunshine I can't wait to try your pulled pork.
  • @rdnzlrips82 here are some pig bios

    Joker Pig — the leader of the evil. Always has a evil smile on his face/mask, except when his minions made another crappy building that was destroyed easily.
    Pigwoman — the evil sidekick of Joker. She's very skilled, but usually suffers from the Minions' buildings.
    Messeger — the unlucky pig who gets to talk with Joker after another fail from the Minions.
    Minions — Joker's clumsy, dumb helpers. Things done correct by them are rare.

    These bios are far from done, but it's a good start!
  • I'm cooking up a storm!!!!! Request are always appreciated!! :D
  • @rdnzlrips82 ty:) funny how you keep responding to my questions before I ask them...hmm
  • Yes, lil blue streamed through the magic transporter (I believe that some humans refer to it as the Internet) to Mexico, enjoyed the sun and sea, delivered my Piña Colada and headed back home. This was a test, we now know that service is available around the world. I'm sure blue will be visiting our other friends soon!
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