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  • oh orange bird..please make me a strong pig killer:) *kathy climbs in boothh across from E-Star..stretches out* its gonna be a long night worried about rd...:)
    @ sunshine how that roast pig coming along...? you need.a break too!; why don't you sit and join us:) pleazee
  • Devious bunch aren't they, but we have the power of Nest, so they won't win!
    And even though they rigged your keyboard I understand what you are saying, so we will be fine :)
  • Did I miss something about rd? Is it his wife? hope not, don't want to see a fellow birdie having trouble :s
  • @sunshine...Thank you for the special dinner menu...Pork Chops and Applesauce sounds delish!!!
    @Kathy, I will find a picture of PorkChop...I remember I had a darling one of him in a red hat chillin' on the bed, that would be funny, maybe @E-Star could photo shop it and make the already red hat have a AB logo on it, lol
  • Btw...I am so glad to be here as I am as weary as they come...I have been trying to get settled in new house and the boxes are never ending!!! May I just say, I am NEVER moving again, lol...they're gonna have to peel me off the floor.I have been able to take a few breaks here and there and check in...I am done for the day and am gonna stay here for a bit and think I'm in need of one of those "special" Pig Killers" please, anyone care to join me?
  • Hi AA, Glad you could make it, sorry to say it's 2:00 AM and it's time for me to turn in for the night. The time difference makes a bit difficult for everyone to get here at one time. But great to have seen you tonight.
  • @rdnzlrips82 I just wanted to say I was very in "Aw" of your post saying you were sad you missed me yesterday...You are just so great, made me feel very happy and made my heart skip as @kathy would say...right when I needed it as it has been a very hard time for me with moving and I miss you guys when I can't check in...what you have started here is so creative and I am alot like you with these kind of things so I can truly appreciate know, we like to give great details in our strats and both have over active minds, lol;-)
  • @AA, I have to read back to check out the PorkChop story again, but send me a picture and I will see what I can do :)
  • @E-Star, thank you kindly my friend, and btw..I am already loving your creativity here. You go get some sleep and we'll chime tomorrow ;-)
  •'s gonna take ms some time to find it, lol!
  • @sunshine, what are you having? I have missed you...where are you playing lately?
  • the pic!!! You are so Awesome!!!
  • I agree, AA, that is a phenomenal pic. Anyway, I was stopping by, and I just love this city!
  • Well I'm glad you did, and if I may say, welcome...its a great place to be!!!
  • Ok ..I don't mean to be ignorant, but I can't seem to figure out how to to do a friend request? I have accepted lots and even requested 2 but can't seem to get back to how I did it? Can someone please help?
  • o.k. srry... I'm back my browser.keeps crashing..add wind × sprint = crash
  • Orange Bird...I need a strong Pig Killer! please...3-7 still killing me not to mention.mother in law and browser troubles!
  • @E-star.awesome pic of bomb bird
    @rdnzlrips82 did you see E-Stars pic of bomb bird? I think we found our artist:)
  • @E-Star...need to run it by rd..but I am sure he will enthusiactally say Yes ! we need an artist to make up a map of slingtown...pigham city... and the resort Aviary Falls we will have to consult with rd first if you are willing?"
  • Hey guys! Just checking in. I just got back home from eating cake and ice cream at my sister's house. We are all fine here, hopefully the last storm of the night is getting ready to roll through. These storms have had a while to build strength. Also, momma bird is having some mild pain in her hips and lower back. So my appearances might be a little less frequent. As soon as the storms move through, I'll hop on the laptop and comment on what has been happening in here.
    @kathy how late are you staying up? I don't know if I'll get the pig bios to you before you leave. So they will be awaiting you tomorrow morning. Also, if E-Star is up for being the artist, I say let's lock it down. We can have her wait to post anymore pics and premiere them all at the same time.
  • one more pig killer OB going back to 3-7 gonna try AA strat..wish me luck:)
  • @rdnzlrips82 I will be up for a while few don't worry take care at home:) I will hold down the fort! will try to close the deal with E-Star but will wait for you for locking itin:)
  • @E-Star what do you think? would you be willing to use your artistic skills to make a map of our fair. land/
  • @Kathy good luck In 3-7... Don't get discouraged but I actually liked this level...I got 145770 so give it a go!!!
  • Great except one thing... WHITE BIRD IS A GUY!
  • @AngryBirdsFanGuy438 Are you saying that there are no female birds in the Angry Birds universe? If that is possible, how do the Angry Birds have eggs? All species of birds require a male and a female to reproduce. Does that mean all of the Angry Birds are capable of Parthenogenesis? If that is true, the Angry Birds characters are based off of Turkeys. Turkeys are the only bird species known to be able to reproduce without a member of the opposite sex. Can you confirm the Angry Birds are based off of Turkeys?
    That being said, this is a Fictional story. We are enjoying ourselves here and you are more than welcome to join us. Pull up a chair and have a drink, it seems you might need something to calm your nerves. If you are having problems, feel free to let us help you.
  • @AngryBirdsFanGuy...we are just trying to have fun are welcome to pull up a stool have a. drink, relax and enjoy:) we will not tolerate criticism, hostility, or the like if in our world if we make white bird a female then that's what we made it! like I said you can bird will bring you a drink..@ shnshkne will.makeyou something to eat:) we are all just here to chill out after a hard day of pig slaying..I see you have been doing well:)
  • @sunshine srry about that typo on your name...maybe you could cook up something special for our new friend. AngryBirdsFansGuy?...
  • @kathy - it is getting really scary that we are starting to think alike.
    Our little 1 year old has been subject to what we believe are Night Terrors and he has them every night. That's where I have been this whole time. Trying to calm the little guy down. I am working on the pig bios as we speak, so they should be getting to you soon. I think you will be happy. I will be hanging around the office in the back for a little bit, so I will be able to see what's going on out here if you need a break.
  • @rdnzlrips82.. oh boy. not the night terror :( you just gotta let her/him sleep inyour bed. I know some say its bad. but it's not, believe me)

  • Mornin' all! (At least in UK!) I think I'll have a one of those amazing breakfasts that @sunshine devised before heading off to some pig popping! :)
  • Good Morning. Hope it was a calm night in every corner of Sling Town.
    Hey @rd I heard you pick a random level every day and improve your score. That sounds like fun. *looking around in the Bloated Pig* What do you think of the idea that we randomly pick a level for every day and hang it on the wall near the dart, so that everyone who wants, can play it, and then we talk about our scores while sipping at various (but not more than 5) Pig Killers?
    @AngryAdvisor, @E-Star - WELCOME! Great you two found the way into Sling Town.
  • @Laurence, enjoy your breakfast! Too bad about the hour time difference between your part of Sling Town and mine, I already had breakfast. But may I join you with a coffee and an orange juice?
  • ah, EE Level 1-8. It's a fun level. I think the important part is to get Yellow to destroy the vertical wood in front of the red egg. That makes the whole structure fall and gives a lot of destruction points
  • @trishohara I probably should have done, but I had a lie in today, lol! I must say it was a good breakfast, how was your coffee and juice? :)
  • Menu Sunday April 29, 2012:

    Green eggs & Ham
    Bacon, sausage, pancakes

    BBQ Pulled Pork
    Pork Chops and Apple Sauce (in honor of AA's pet pig)
    Pigs in a blanket

  • Sorry I missed all of the action last night, I was out in the smoke house working on the pigs!!!! ;) I hope everyone likes what I have made. @ Laurence and @trishohara, how is the coffee and o.j.? :)
  • Good morning, @sunshine! I hope this day finds you well. It all sounds delicious. I believe I will have the green eggs & ham again, please. They were so delicious yesterday. I can't wait to try the BBQ later.
  • @rd, one order of green eggs & ham coming up! I know they are a family favorite! :). I made the BBQ Pulled just for you as well! :)
  • @trishohara - I've been working on the level and have jumped 90 spots on the leaderboard already. The worst part of the level is making sure all of the ice falls to the left enough to get out of yellow's way.
  • @sunshine what is Pigs in a blanket?
  • @trishohara, I know two ways to make pig in a blanket:
    1. Hotdog wrapped in a bisque and baked.
    2. Ground seasoned ground pork wrapped with cabbage, slow cooked in a tomato sauce.

    I just improved on EE 1-8! :)
  • Morning everybody! Glad to see you all here! :)

    @sunshine Make that two please! :)
  • I've been off improving as well, started out at 95.5k, just jumped to an even 100k! This is shaping up to be a good day!
  • Good morning, @kartflyer! How's it going?
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