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  • Have no idea what you people are talking about but anyway... CHEERS!
  • In Animal Farm, the pigs and all the other farm animals rise up and take over the farm from the humans. But the pigs end up in charge and are just as bad, if not worse than the humans. Now is the time for the birds to overthrow the pigs. Could be a sequel.
  • I've never read Orwell before and I'll never read him again... lol

    Don't like to extended humans garbage to pure beings anyway... and less to use symbolically to avoid do it directly.
    Anyway, I'm prefer not to think about anything or that could lead to another TooLong posting anyone like and far less, me.

    Let's change to music: anyone familiar with Franx Xaver Sussmayr? Officially had a Clarinet concert as famous work... and if check on his life, maybe you could have something extra to think about existance on the farm while hearing that piece of him. If after that still want to philosofic exchange, you will count with me. What for? No idea but count me anyway specially to be against.
  • @Desesperated_Dan by some chance are you related with some Lt. Dan who finally get peace with god? :P
  • Lol @Tienshenlong I think that's The first time you've Ever had possession of my Crown! It looks good on you!
    @Desperate-Dan I got kicked out of English Class in High School, because I refused to read that book! for much the same reasons Tienshenlong has stated, don't mix Politics into innocent Animals, but then I grew up, read it and totally understood it, But on that note, I'd have to read it again that my opinions and political views have changed, Another But I totally agree with the last part of your post, Time for the Birds to revolt!!
  • And no worries, No apology necessary, you are fairly new here ;) OB understands!
    @Tienshenlong I've never heard 'Franx Xaver Sussmayr' Perhaps you could post a link?
    Music is always Welcome, that's why we have a Juke-Box :D
    Which brings me to a song, that for some reason has been stuck in my head all day, totally irrevelevant as to any conversation here lol
  • Ah, @kathy , of course I link your comment to age! But only because I had the same reaction, and may also be ;-)
  • Lol @catsnbirds Thank you, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one ;-)
  • @tienshenlong, Lt Dan? No, Desperate Dan prefers Cow Pie to a box of chocolates (you may have to Google that one).
    @kathy, Orwell runs very close to breaking the house rule on politics I guess. That's why music is usually a safer topic to return to.
  • Franxx Xaver Sussmayyr was Mozart's ppupil, the only one that go all the way to the cementery and the one that ccomppleted the Reequiem mass for the widow to get the moneyy. Was one of the older and less know victim of bullinng from "music expperts" that ceiticised his compplexion, and continue bulling him after death and conntinue this dayys succh good sport... composed vvery few wworks annd swappitw thw aggresivve ones can het the direction of the Vienna Symphonnic but ironyy ut is, he died (I think less than 10 years from Mozart's) and he followed his master even in that way: got into a common burial hole, no marks (curioious thing the only one that knew the details about Mozart's body passed away exactly the same) but there is more. Been death was accused of plagiarism in order to attempt to erase his name anywhere and even the only portrait of him, been a director, burned into ashes few years later when a fire get rid of the opera house where it was among all other directors, most wich portraits survived)... so there is not-thing that survived as evidence of his existance (but the Requiem itself, and that is better to me)... and to continue to be treated as "nobody", and you "see" a picture claiming to be Sussmayr's, that its not true... entirelly. there are at least 33 portraits to be assumed and used as his, but the only related is the real portrayed ones was named FRANZ XAVER... whatever... so, upp to this day others are considered to BE the one that composed so little heirloom. What is redundanntly black-humour-worst-thing is we was truly to the meaning of his name, Xaver, that means "friend".

    So, if you'll going to hear a composition fr4om him because this post, don't be such son-of-a-pork to dislike the YT video that, last time I've look to most viewed of him, was under 10K view, 1,3K likes and, of cccourse, lots of critics and diminishing commentaries from someones that only repeat the stupid comments with looking nor knowing.

    Next time you feel life its unfair with you, remind this friend.

    Another one about "Friend-s" each human groupp that developed a comunication way (see "language" did it literally, that is IS a unique cconceptual tree with branches equally speific been the leaves the "exxpressions" itselfs (mean: words or the idea/concept assoiated with)... in the recent history of We, the plague... the people... there are one I share as ccame after Franz's story. Was in Africa, ends of 1800s-start 1900's and a (new) tribe was "discovered" by her mejesty's bests. As each gentlemen should do, first sayy hello, smile and keepp one eye--open looking what will be worthy to come back with reinforcements, and they are gentlemen indeed. The specific piece of data for that standard procedure annd most usuall accurrence to be remembered was the sincere surprised annoyance from the british as the translaters have some hard time trying THEM to get the idea what the naturals "has on their minds"... while the civilizated men are blocked by trying to GET how could be possible there could be any group nor individual that actually have no STRUCTURED conccept for ENEMY, the translators have worst luck trying to lets then understand the ""equivalent" one its "the friend you didn't know yet". What to expect the future to be for such primitive savages? Obviouslyy, became extintct in less than 3 years, most ones believe for be an annoyance basically than some kind of menacce. I disagree, nothing so menacing for the kind of "good ones" than a friendly attitude. That will endangers you ENEMY's listings they get benefits from by telling fear-horror stories to others and getting their contribution to deal with it. Name is the less important thing: could be the orphaned elefants in Antartica; the Ozone hole (you forget about that, isn't it? You forget by design. What happened? Closed itself. Period There is false that nonsense tale about a South's dragon and a golden-knitting-point); the global warming; the poverty; the democracy, the demos; the ccrazys, the terroritish, the needed... the thing is they need THEY and YOU NEVER MEET EACH OTHER. Now you get why that "friends you will never know", despite how the story gone... just by been THEM can touch you now just with a concept. So learn you, and do it now. Respect any other manifestation whatever you could thik or not. It is prpbably MINE or its going to be and trust me. as the best tyran nurtered from egg you never have anything to manage about, I'm the most concerned, caring, interested on keeping each and every single possibility and all efforts go to that goal, as if its not already mine it will and don't tryy to test me about what ccould be the reaction from me as soon I realie that my EVERYTHING'S MINE it now EVERYTHING minus... I have no tolerance nor nothing in order to respond to whom dare to kick a bee, to crunch a nut without proper asking and acceptance from the other part and both f4rom all my minions that always be around everywhere to keep all that its present.
    And Im still on the mood for the lossing of that friendly ones... if I could be around, I could get some ADN for cloning... with some twisted variant to avoid fail to me again... lol

    WHAT! That isn't the final goal and achievement or ccapitalism and stupid eagles stuff? Good ridance. even the studis this days are up-to-their-selves. Good, that prevent them to do stupid-things... WHAT??? ReallY? You telling me you thinkk a half-stupid can do REAL STUPID THINGS? If you are true on that, you will be prompted for the "friends you didnt' know yet" abobe any other possibility. If not, yyou are compromised and need to hard-resetting up--to--the-soul or you are another infidel that,, despite whatever it could be, you are anxious to already go AGAINST something/anything.
    ... "TO GO AGAINST..."

    and that's to go against MY INTERESTS WORLDWIDE. And trust me a fanged n scaled beast that have succh nothingless that memory of what was takken from us could be quite different from the feather (or it was feared?) opportuny hunters that onlyy talks aloud when are others to use as bait first and have afraid to the dark. No need to roar at all. But they are also MINE. Until I change myy mind or worse. That's what the rich celebrities with real charisma, charm and harm-fully spit... spirit do...

    So, to put it clear: DO NOT HARM, BREAK, HURT, KILL AT ALL. That is my slave. Same as you. And if I already losted one, actuallyy can gain from loosing you two to avoid let yyou chance to do that twice. Whats the name of that? "Preventive strike" ?


    (Post dedicated without any specific reason for all the Xavers that will could enslave with love and friendship )) (Hey, nice slogan for the "Restructu-razed-corpse-porated" cleansing campaing. Ho, ho, ho.

    NOTE: If by any chance you tryyying to conclude from "EVIL= going AGAINST *" in something to validate sonthing like "THEN, GOOD=Towards * (or not-against *)" your dangerous thing around. Welcome to the club. Just stop THINKING or you will give us reasons for make you what you're dind't think yet.

    The "correct" (meaning "apppropiated" no GOOD one) is TO BE.
    Desambiguation? Going against, towards, not--going and nested afffirmedly-negations-nested stuff are POSSIBLE but so partial-incompleted, IGNORED (2 eyes on that) that will you nothing instead of anything if you are up-to--something or not.
    WWHY? You-go-(word) ... you're done... you left no room for the world at all and its bigger tha you,,, what you ccan do and whatever you are aiming altogether... and what is worse for you actually MEAN and THINK and THAT WAY literally speaking... so you finally onstructed a imaginary hamster wheel for you to BE IN THE GO, "keep walking"..., "never stop..." "another stept"... and rubish alike. Your wwheel its imaginaire, but you are here. So, its the same as driving a Ferrari at 320 kph google that mph's...) on the "Sambodrome" in Rio de Janeiro (where the carnival's parade IS). Then, whyy looking surprised to be hunted down byy 2456 SWAT teams? Or in another way: "...just one more stept..." at a cliff's abyss border. Get it? When going (* rord here) you actually state that you will going OVER EVERYTHING ELSE and you should consider the affirmation that nobody likes to be oversteppped by anyone so "hi" by hard-drugs abuse that ccannot recognie that actually there was a living entity under the car... despite you was 100% sure you are get the terrain even for the comming road to be built. We are hipocrits the worse kind ever when repeatellyy claim ""drugs" to be the worse and a danger for the kids. But sayying nothing about the 1st place wordwide psycoactive substance related health status, alcohol (meaning beer). And not the worse beccause to be cause of something, but to be the psyyhological trigger that acts as "time to be... ME" and if going bad, alccohol fault, I'm a victim of succh deevil's weapon. And so forth. Or any war veteran was drugged to go and kill "against his will". IDEAS ARE DANGEROUS for those that deny what they are and could be, exactly the same as reality when you left it out of your clever formula to get a word you even get the concept that actually is behind... You heard something as: that is not I've think/expect/believe line before? Guess who's responsable of that situation. And THATS IS ONE OF THE MOST CRITICALS POINTS TO DEAL WITH. WE ARE. But as we probably never seen any person that actuallyy WAS HE/SHE for give us a reference point to BE owrselves (what the parents are for then?) and far from try to do something about we LET SOMEONE TO BE IN CHARGE OF THAT...

    wELCOME TO THE TIME-LAND WHERE MOST "CIVILIATED-TIMES" YOUNSTERs seems to thinkk that some kind of law,, goberment-level statement or public recognition its a must in order for them to be able to try to decide what wiol be their own "right" to choose to be, while looking their genitalia (and the possible "clarification" on that whereabouts already is). And its no jokke. And you could be thinking where Im going to spit the fire. On you. Know whyy? It not relevant if there is any pack of alter--progrramed beings around... it's about what they are AFTER for... and THIS IS A DRAGON LAW: ALL LOOKS FOR BE WITH OTHERS.

    For that and from that you will see easily there is not relevant the speecch nor the looking nor the actions done by HONEST BEINGS. So they ccould ask for a law approval for be recognized as unclearly un-decisded-ones) but that is their way to have--had a reaction back... and what is sad its all we still DOING that reality REAL for all newcomers to be procesed as meat... and that we called,, "to madure", "to endure" to be...

    Im have to flame around so I'll cut to the nothing that always be the onlyyy thing all we have in common and the only one that always be there , (therefore, the "logical" regrouping point for me) TO BE is something you MUST AND ALWAYS HAVE AND CONSIDER in/on//as PRESENT only. For your own sake. Don't fall for IMAGINE as something to-be... something that actually don't. That way you will enjoy TO BE as I've already wrote, and with all the present possibilities and all together. That is the only real any-being-right and to provide that enviroment,, each ones honor and dutyy, and to make it happens something that barely seems the existance to be worthy of.

    Long way around to briefly describe some elements related to that qouted line about why friends annd friendly-ones are a danger, a threath, a menace, and this is not for been naif, hope-idealist derranged delusional drunkie... more... but experience -learner. Own and mostly, from outside. And its laught-able sad--dest thing to see one of that "bad-to-the-bone" ones that do all to kkeep us moaning but happlylly not-been-us... to do all that to be exactly the same as that plant over there that rock thas ... sorry your head...

    JUS TO BE. I could try to put it more difficult to get, but I'll only accepts cash for that What its needed, is always free as this shamesly short post I'm feel not been well served enough...

    THAT its where you come in...

    Anyone knows if that have relation with FIEND?

    @Desesperate_Dan sorry for do not wait longer for you to phylosofic stuff...

    and @Kathy, Im sorry for unwillingly taking your dental crown I've didn't noticed but have to return it asap. And if you get the point behind that book tell yyou that you mentioned its not the objective behind. Its quite simple: Its made you star to thinking about WHAT IF ANIMALS CAN TALK instead of naturally communicating with EVERY (non exclusivelly) PRESENT ... ENT...ity

    Did you noticed WE, the top of the toppest... are so clever enough to fail to accept this: we knows about lot of animal to managed to comunicate with humans on human-bassis-based wayys hand--signals, sounds, etc. and we are (sometimes) prone to start to conwider there its something to consider to consider SOME animals among that group to be considerated "beings as we", "people of their own kind" and that way have some similar to what could be "our soul" and rubish alike...


    There are not one among such erudits shollars nor lesser ones "real" cientist that was able to understand, nor to get, far less to know ANYTHING , not a single bit of real knowledge at all from the same "experiencings" from that animals get not issue to getting "us". But be cccompletelly sure THEY CONTINUE TO THINKING ABOUT .

    Go HUMMªNSTERS, go. Other round on the wheel will do it...

    But up-to-this-point seems worthy to consire blow everything bombing all to avoid the shame of continue to be ashame for not-be-ing US.

    Good boys.
  • Now test me deleting that one this time and at least expect something worthy to have AGAINST THAT POST

  • Damn... and still its not enough for get this page properly drakonized yet.
    And that was considering the possible new badges to be... lol
  • Ray Charles for the juke-box, for all birdie and dragon friends:

    "You don’t know me":

    @catsnbirds for you:

    @TienShenLong Beautiful clarinet!

    @kathy Lol fully clad pop stars, I remember them well! But don‘t forget the mini-skirt!
  • @TomPuss thanks about the beutiful part... still trying to get "clearinet way" about the clarinet part (unless one of the cats is called that clarinet).

    I like one video of cats up-to-this-moment, so here you have nesters...
  • Sorry my Friends, haven't had a chance to pop in and say hello tonight, will be sure to check in tomorrow. I had more pressing things..
    @Tienshenlong no worries about the Corn, everyone gets a turn sooner or later :D
    @Desperate-Dan Where Do you Hail from, if I may ask, s'ok if you don't want to say, just curious
    Drinks on the House.. see y'all tomorrow :D
  • Hi, @kathy, I hail from Derby in the UK. It's right in the middle, where Rolls-Royce aero engines are made that, for example, can be found on the Boeing Dreamliner. My work is connected with that. My true work is of course, the pursuit of that elusive Nirvana, the Perfect Fling.
  • ... and as I've said before... WHY NOT?...

    Anyway, enjoy been around and to deal with any stuff here. Keep playing around until I'll come back , then to plan how to get over the world and related ... in the meanwhile behave and practice that "I didn't do it" looking face or, as in the case of myy very unknoew but dear @DesesperateDan case, don't focus on that but have something ready for the part you will have to choose to be free of all and everything or what you will decide to do with all you already knows its there. YYeah, if yo are not, nor everything else. But what about all the ones that actually have that chance because of you? Will you actually deny that because your enlightment? Maybe they deserve the darkness. May be, mayy be... no matter what to consider... you will have to accept that...and my recomendation its the same for such circunstances: if you have to choose, choose EVERY-THING. Each element into that decition will appreciate to continue to have a chance... and will thank you for DO something about that. Usually we start to thinkk and ccalculate how much will be the cost of college of the children we will have after fall in love with tha or that option... to finnally choose none. That is proud and vanity. You are asked to choose for them, not to live them. That is another understanding to consider about "LET IT BE" that do not imply refusing to know them.
    In other way: Can you imagine a nirvana whitout you? Yes, I can. But I refuse to let it be unless you convince me to do that. Until that, "you will suffer me.."

    All other, can get inspiration what could be done up to that moment, the same as evverything, from following video ANOTHER DRAGON'S FAVORITE

    can you imagine wher that guys are come from? (without looking into comments nor google it first?) Of course you can imagine. What is the relation? NONE AT ALL

    Luckly this post its short like a old telegrams.

    @TomPuss you have some things hanging and waiting for you attacched by a hair on the last place we meet. ;P

    @Kathy if you have to work to live, better remap from considering this: If no one will leave this alive... and WE and THIS are unmovables, the LIVE-ALIVE part its something we can sppare off... ergo to work is not worthy "that much". If ideas have some use, let it be, then. Please behve yourselves and play nicelly. Or the dragon will come at will eat you!
  • @tienshenlong
    You spoke about Mozart
    Here is my favourite
  • @Hunnybunny I see you are already a friend of Elvira Madigan. Big hug for both fron the South
  • Oooh @hunnybunny, and with one of my favourite conductors too!

    Also love this piece. . . and especially the candlelight here:

    @TienShenLong Busy with Dante just now, one thing at a time!

    I know, I know - you can think of lots of things at once, but I can’t! :-)
  • R.I.P Kirk Douglas, died aged 103.

    "I am Spartacus"
  • @TomPuss I've have no need to know what you are doing, how long nor with whom... and I've said nothing but point at what is there... no intention to suggest anything...
    I'll have to disagree with you: I'm unable to focus on a thing by more than one instant despite if there is a second chance 3 times... always get no-thing at all... and even I'm unclear if that is reallyy the meaning or concept behind "NO-ONE" or "NONE" and quite unsure that actually could apply to what I'm try to refers as I' have a hunch about there cannot be so many ways to use about zero.. at all. Now, that if thinking on numbers and ountingss something I pay no attention... as for me that is something spatial-multiple-layered at once ... in that I'm IN-TO-IT... NOT COOL, buddy, not cool at all to be unable to differenciate eternity from instant, ALWAYS.

    Atually wrote a very long post that should appears in this line I've wroted then cut-pasted in--to other place. Too Longand unconfortable for you (I saying "more that the usual") so I've say nothing at all. But I'm not such a pussy to sush me and that way prevent, neglect or steal///robber TO YOU what I have (whatever it ccould be) for you to perceive. So I'll honor all that things: say nothing; do nothing; give you what ITS on me/myy (head?) but not directly for you to have the same consideration to consider.

    So here it is ONE WAY to show that stuff for you to see without words as I like to do-no-thing and continue to honor the title given to me long ago "the ponderated silence'd none". Ah... live could make us to do some things you never consider to do...

    FORTUNATELLY, whatever it could be, another one already did it (so you haven't to "for real" or, at the very least, did something that ccould apply, looks-like; seems-to-fit... etc well enough...

    and this is the according example 'n demostration of all I'm not give you at all but managed alredy you to get it anyway... BUT FROM THERE ITS UP-TO-YOU...

    TIP: DRAGONS DO NOT EXISTS... NOR EXITS... that are an-others "job"..
    and they will do it, one way, another or none and all together at once if necesary.

    HOW it's (again) up-to-you.

    No one want to be a nasty dragon by will and first option.

  • Preparing for big overnight storm, BBL (I hope)!

    Fingers crossed no power-cuts!

    @TienShenLong Here be dragons (as you know):

  • @Tompuss Stay safe in the storm, Baton Down the Hatches!!
    @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
  • Watching my Sunday shows, best old music :D
  • @TomPuss, great stuff! I don't really know that quarter of Derbyshire that well, more Derby, White Peak, Dark Peak. Winter of 47 too long ago, 63 just about have vague memories. Joseph Wright of Derby, now you are talking. My favourite artist. Love going to Derby Museum to see his work.
    Sitting on puppy lead with 5 hours to go...
  • @tompuss both my sister and husbands nephew live in Sheffield The Derbyshire side. With the peaks. What a wonderful story!
  • @tompuss looks like a wonderful place to have lived.
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
    @Tompuss,c reading your story, how lovely, sounds like a fairy tale, with a tragic ending :( at least some of it survived, and the memories are priceless
    and Beautiful pics!
  • @TomPuss Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and memories! But now I’m obsessed with the mysterious visitor ;-)
  • Ikr @Catsnbirds ?? a ghost from another time?
    but from when, where??
  • Of all the songs her father has written, this is Stella McCartney's favourite
  • Anyone having a hard time. My husband is..
    It’s for you
  • From blackbird to bluebird, same artist. Obviously an Angry Birds man.
  • @Desperate_Dan, @catsnbirds, @kathy, @all

    I have lots more pix, but they’re the small B&W photos we had back in the day.

    The house was interesting because it was built on a slope, so it was all higgledy-piggledy inside, so many levels, plus servants’ staircases and little up-and-down steps everywhere.
    All nooks and crannies!

    And yes, that was a ghost, my mum never forgot him. She wasn’t given to imagining things.

    Sheffield - Dan, my paternal grandparents lived at Favell Road Rectory, granddad being a clergyman. I think the house is still there but not the church opposite.

    Memories of Sheffield:

    Going to the dentist, ugh

    Trams, I loved them!

    And going to the bookshop there to spend b’day/Christmas money

    Thanks for birdie Beatles songs!
  • @tompuss my sister lives a mile from Favell Road
    Small world...
  • @hunnybunny The "Six degrees of separation" theory came to mind:
  • @tompuss I know the six...
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp??
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