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  • @kathy :( nighty night
  • Darnit. Did I miss the party again? D:
  • (testing this gravatar stuff...)
  • Happy "getting rid of us Brits" Day to everyone over the pond!
    Hi @kartflyer Nope you've not missed it,it's just us Europeans that are awake right now. @sunshine will probably be along soon. She's an early birdie ;)
    If it's a blank avy you're sporting @sglouk then it's working perfectly lol!
    Sorry I missed you @mumsie42 You sure did bring back some fun memories! That was 2012? Yikes!
    Poor @kathy What a time to be poorly :( Hope your meds have kicked in today and you can join your own party!
  • @kartflyer good morning!!! I have a cappuccino for you! ;D
    Good morning @jlz666 and @sglouk
  • @sunshine Hiya! As delicious as ever - I do love my evening brew :)

    Hey yall! It's been a while! How's everyone doing?
  • @kartflyer what's been happening in your world?
    @karen68 are you ready for coffe and pig muffin? Congrats on another puppy!! :D
  • @sunshine Oh gosh, I don't know where to start! I'm been really focusing on getting that degree, schedule's not as free as it used to be for flingin' birds. Guess that's just part of growing up haha. Whatchu up to?
  • @kartflyer not been flinging a lot either. Two years ago we added on to the house, and my mom lives there. Over the past year hubby's parent had health issues and are back from FL. In a nursing home and the other is in hospice care. Since January we had to go to Fl. 4 different times to handle all of their stuff, including packing up and closing their condo. A lot of work. Things are finally getting back to normal. The dogs and cat are doing great! :D good luck with your studies??
  • Good morning @jlz @sunshine @kartflyer (yawn). OB some coffee please? Thanks
  • @abcrazy Good mornin! Greetings from the night side of the world :)

    @sunshine Sounds like a rough 2 years. Nice to hear you and your folks are doing well after all this time though :)

    I'm taking up architecture - quite ironic considering AB's all about destroying structures :P Thanks for the well-wishes :)

    I'll probably be back later and/or tomorrow when everyone else is up. Nice seeing old familiar avatars again. Takes me back:D
  • @ABcrazy coffee for you, enjoy!
    @kartflyer see you later!
    @gumby are you ready for coffee?
  • @sglouk test failed. Try making sure your gravatar is set to PG rating. I had that problem.
    @sunshine good morning, I have a coffee already but will need another shortly
    @ABcrazy good morning
    @kartflyer welcome to the reunion celebration
    @jlz666 - counting the days until Metallica
  • @all TransPonders: Happy 4th of July!

    Princess @kathy: Eyes right! Soooooon!

    @mumsie Oh how super to see you! Not using dusters any more, I got swiffers (a boon to woman/mankind)..

    @jlz666 How about those Goth dresses? I like! So glad cats are OK, I didn't dare to ask!
    Yours too, @sunshine

    @rdnzlrips82 Happy, happy pictures, beautiful! That looks like a killer set-up you got there, just imagining the dB. . .

    @hunnybunny I'm much older than that!! It's not so bad. My advice - treat yourself often, even to little things, you deserve it -:)

    @bernersenn Still waiting to win the lottery so that I can move to our favourite country. . how do they manage to miss my numbers every week?? Unbelievable. . .

    @kimmiecv Thinking of the little cat you're looking after, she's lucky to have found you. For you and all catlovers, here's a funny ad for catfood for sterilized cats! Wife copes with fat cat and fat hubby (I'm assuming the latter isn't sterilized!):

    @birdleader Thank you for everything!

    You asked us to bring along some memories. Here's just a few out of many:

    First time into the BP and your lovely welcome.
    Playing Advent Calendars and Blossom River with you all, and AB Space with helpful advice from @rat9
    So much help from @estar
    @kelani's funny stories, especially the one about the traffic cop lol
    @kimmiecv snail rants
    @rat9's mordant sense of humour.. get well soon, Tom!
    @gumby So relieved to know that existence of little green men is a TRUE fact -:)
    @kathy for . . . being Kathy
    @all for everything we share, be it cats, dogs, family, music, jokes, airplanes, trains, food, drink, sports, the meaning of life and the universe in general (that just about covers everything I think!).

    The same guy (Chris Rea) as in the "Let's Dance" video, but a few decades earlier. Super guitar solo begins about halfway through:

    That's all folks!
  • @tompuss thanks for the Holiday wishes and yep little green men along with flying pink elephants exist.
  • @sunshine She helped me get this avatar up too, couldn't have managed it without her. That's a most beautiful one she made for you, great montage xx

    @gumby strange how some people think reality shows are real. .
  • @gumby Thanks! Nice to meetcha!
    @tompuss Heya! I'm pretty sure we've crossed paths before, but my dumb memory eludes me. Nice avatar you got there.
  • @kartflyer nice to meet you as well :)
    @tompuss WHHAAAAAATTTT reality shows aren't real LOL
  • Going to be heading out soon, I think we are going to Canobie Lake Park
  • @sunshine can I get that coffee to go?
  • @gumby here you go! Have fun at the park, be safe!
  • @sunshine thanks and enjoy your day. Doing any Fireworks or cookouts?
  • @gumby
    I went for a 4 mile walk this morning! :D we are going to watch fireworks on TV tonight and chill during the day. :)
  • @sunshine chillin sounds like a good plan
  • @gumby I agree!! Going to the store, then I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine! :)
  • @sunshine enjoy 2 or 3 but only if you aren't driving :)
  • @kartflyer I remember when I first came to the nest. You @kathy and @laurence reminded me of the three musketeers!!!! I had a lot of fun going through space with you and Laurence!!! I wonder how he is doing! :D
    @gumby I planned on that, and I will be parked on the couch! ;)
  • @kartflyer remember that day you, me and @lesleyg (AA) got in trouble by @sal9 in Rio for topping each other scores? That was so fun!!! He since deleted my comments on the walkthrough. I thought they were funny. :D
  • @kartflyer Avatar is by @spacemaster. Fell for it straightaway!
  • @tompuss I like both of you avatars.
  • Oh wow! @Kimmiecv @bird-addict @FujiToast @ABCrazy -- Long time no see! Of course, I haven't spent so much time in the BP in years either. Happy 4th to everyone!
    Hey @Kimmiecv -- Have you visited your castle in Scotland recently? I think it's still there, even though I gave up keeping up the map a couple of years ago.
  • @rdnzlrips82 -- Left some Chateau Montelena and Seghesio Old Vines Zinfandel with OB for you a few pages back. Glad all is well with you.
    @wrw01 -- Good to see you someplace other than AB Friends. I haven't been spending much time in the Nest or BP either.
    @jlz666 -- Who was it you saw in concert?
    @Hunnybunny -- If I didn't say hi in person before -- good to see you too. Did you watch the Federer game today? (7/4)
  • @surfcow -- Great to see you stop by!
    @mumsie42 -- Tuesday is my golf day, but not today. Our club isn't playing because it would be holiday rates. Can't imagine what a hassle it would be dunning the no-shows for holiday rates!
    @Kathy -- Hope your eye feels better soon.
  • @kartflyer @sglouk -- So good to see so many old friends! Looks like I'm the only one here right now. Hope I've sort of caught up. Been a long time since so many pages flew by so fast.
  • Thanks @Mvnla2
    I'm so bummed i missed yesterday,, today my eye is a little better but still can't strain it on this when: (But i am going to go behind the bar and mix up the Drink of the Day.
  • Happy Independence Day!
    To all my friends across the pond

    @kartflyer don't think we've met before, so hello
    @kathy hope your eye is improving
    @mvnla2 good to see you too
    @gumby little green men exist... look in the mirror and ((hugs)) I like green men

    Heard from @pellystar Flying to Hawaii today and onwards, I believe, to the South Pacific, to celebrate his 50th birthday Guess that's just far more important and exciting than virtual birdy life...
  • Tennis @catsnbirds @karen68 @jlz666
    (Look away now if you don't love tennis like us four)
    Djokovic game I watched. His opponent turned up for his 40,000 dollars knowing he couldn't finish the game. Shame on him. The rather wonderful John McEnroe rubbished him in the BBC commentary
    Didn't see Ferderer game. Did his opponent do the same?
  • @hunnybunny Didn't get home in time to see the match, but, yes, Fed's opponent also withdrew. I think six guys did so in the first round this year!
  • Hello guys,

    Lots of replies here, can't keep track of them.
    Happy 4th of July to all the Americans here.

    @tompuss good idea. Perhaps we could double our chances. When we win the lotery you get half of it. Same when you win. Then, move, move to the Bernese Oberland.

  • @catsnbirds both Federer and Djokovic agreed with John McEnroe
    They should have not have been allowed to play with on going injuries that mean they can only go one set. How many up and coming players would have loved that chance to play on Centre Court. Knowing they'd lose, but maybe take one set, and earn 40,000 dollars
  • Trivia time!!!

    @karen68 @hunnybunny @bernersenn @catsnbirds @kathy @rat @wrw01 @stocktoad @lesleyg @wanda @trishohara @iammighty @rdnzlrips82 @gumby @estar @kimmiecv @mumsie42 @jlz666 @birdadict @surfcow @kartflyer @PATz @annieleigh ( @tompuss ) @knichy @captrec @birdleader @mvnla2 @cosmo2503 @sparty83 @burbman @josephine @angermanagement @burpie @theemichelle @nacho18 @ccjolly @duffy @pourpete @truckdriver @sal9 @kelani @amslimfordy @xebic88 @abcrazy @bonneypattycat @windwalker @tienshenlong @fenikus

    1. Who is grasshopper ?

    2. What is Kimmiecv’s favorite pest?

    3. Why was the BP founded?

    4. Who is Queen/King page turner?

    5. What sport is most celebrated at the BP?

    6. Who’s favorite beverage starts with a C? And what is it?

    7. What is the significance of the golden flashlight?

    8. Who does OB have a crush on (or is it the other way around?)?

    9. Who has the most puppies?

    10. Who drinks iced coffee?
  • Ooohh ohhhh !!! lol I know the first one heeehee, but my lips are sealed ;)
  • Okay guys
    I have one to add

    Who has been Lurking since Page' 1 and should know all the answers heehee
  • and where the heck is @trishohara?!
  • @sunshine
    1-10: Chuck Norris,

    Nighy nighty guys
  • Beautiful view @hunnybunny
    @bernersenn Roflmao Heehee Chuck Norris!! heeheee! i didn't know he ever popped into the BP?
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